Thinking for oneself is often what most people believe they are doing. From my own experience, with myself and others, this is often not the case. Not the case at all. I am not even sure many of of us know what it means to think independently. If you were [ or still are ] a participant in The Unique Healing Program, and are now part of some other kind of healing program, here is some advice: do yourself a favor and stay conscious. What does that mean? Don’t replace Donna Pessin with Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Kerri Rivera, Donna Gates, or Fred Bisci, or anyone else. How did that work out the first time? With Donna Pessin, or someone else? Develop your intuition and think for yourself. This is not always easy when we are are all entrained to follow instructions. We are the good student if we follow instructions well. Especially true in the case of Kalcker, or anyone else with the title of Doctor in front of their names.  After all, he is a doctor! When convenient the doctor, in the eyes of the patient or student, is  either a genius or a moron.


Large segments of people seem unknowingly convinced that the body is a machine. Yes, even people who are part  of Alternative Healing Programs. I have experienced this directly due to being in contact with other people participating in The Unique Healing Program.  I have also experienced this as a practitioner for many years. When convenient people believe in the one-size- fits all concept of heath.  Accent on WHEN CONVENIENT. That is TRULY not possible. I have learned it is better for me to not share my experiences, too liberally, on a one-on-one basis. Why? Numbers of people I have met are competitive. A competitive mentality can be, very destructive to healing. It can be destructive in general. Also, shockingly, some people have very little compassion for others. This has been hard for me to understand. I have found it to be true. Why is it hard to believe? I would think those that need compassion would want to give compassion to others.  This is often not the case : (


Here is one tip: Be a better listener. Let people talk when they are not feeling well. Do not interject unless it is supportive, or you are asked to. People who are involved in “fringe” healing therapies NEED TO TALK and BE HEARD. They probably do not have anyone in their social / family realm to talk with about how they feel. Also, when someone tells you they feel tired from not sleeping [one example] just listen. Boasting that you sleep great is not supportive. How does that help them? Tell them at another moment in the conversation, or in another conversation how they may improve their sleep. Be there for others in the most complete way you are able. It might help to give to others what you need. You may well need to take a break. It may be time to actively let go of those that are not able to be there for you.  Also, some people can not be there for others, especially if they are not well. Slowly lessening contact with these people seems more humane than just cutting the cord in one full swoop. Sometimes you may need to clip it pronto. Take action with as much compassion as you can muster.


There are many ways to attain health and heal. If you think your way is the only one, stop and reassess. That attitude comes off very arrogant. If this post seems like I am writing it directly to you, then it may just be your reminder. You definitely do not need this read as much as someone who can not figure out what anything I have written here means. That person is very likely thinking this post applies to someone else and not them : (


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This post is something I began in October of 2013, about 8 months into the program. It has now been one year since I began The UHP 3/2014.

The Unique Healing Program is not for everyone. That is for damn sure. There are moments, not days, when I wonder if it is for me. Because of my own extensive experience with other systems of healing, I understand the value of The Unique Healing Program. However, it was and is not an immediate slam dunk, feel better now, skip down the lane with a rainbow at the end. I wish it was! PS 3/2014: I am seeing some light at this point. No rainbow,but I have great hope.

Here were my main stumbling blocks when I first heard about this program:

How much clay? How do you get that out? I never had any luck with colon cleansing programs. I would feel so blocked and more bloated doing them. I had to do colonics with them in order to see any positive effects. Anyway, as someone who had a great deal of experience with colon therapy, I could not understand how taking clay would work with people who are already constipated. Wouldn’t that be dehydrating? And the amounts! Three to six tablespoons! Ha! Now that doesn’t seem like an big deal.

Cheese? Cheese is “known” to be constipating and undigestible. Eating cheese made no sense to me. Now I find cheese to be exactly what Donna Pessin says, easy to digest and a good source of protein. I eat organic cheese and often times it is from raw milk sources. It is not in large quantities, but you eat what you need to while doing this program.

Black tea? Come on! That really did not make sense to me. I already had trouble with caffeine. Loved the smell of coffee, but agitated me and did not drink it. I have come to realize that the acid condition that I was trying to heal with a more alkaline diet was not entirely working for me. The reason being that it was very cleansing and my gut was not healthy enough to transmute those toxins and escort them out of my system. I was taking one to three table spoons of Zeolite Clay a day and eating fermented foods, as recommended by Donna Gates / Body Ecology Diet. That was the tip of the iceberg of things I was using to, I believed, heal my body and restore peristalsis.

Your Diet Will Not Heal You. Yeah, well that was painfully hard to hear, but I was coming to recognize that it was true years before I found Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program. I thought “that diet” or “that other diet” would not heal, but there was one out there that would. What we eat heals us, right? What we do not eat heals us, right? For most people a change in diet will give an initial boost, but long term healing of the digestive system and GI tract needs much, much more.

Oh yeah, and not eating will really heal? Long term juice fasting and Juice Feasting did not heal my digestion either. I really thought those would be the tickets out of constipation hell.

The Unique Healing Program initially looked like a weight loss program, or  I thought it was being sold that way. I soon realized that the bloat and blocked up feeling many people have makes them feel fat. Of course, healing inferior digestion is the cornerstone to looking and feeling good. In the end it all made sense why there were many references to loosing weight in The Unique Healing Books and videos. The Biggest Looser is a very popular television show here in the states. Okay, the USA is full of fatties and  being very overweight is frighteningly looking like the new norm.


It is a wild goose chase trying to figure out what substances cause what, when it is “probably” something deep inside that was not recently ingested. The videos Donna Pessin has on her website, her books really help clarify these points. In all honesty, it is an unlearning process for most of us. I am still grappling with this new-ish way of thinking. Needing to watch the videos over and over again does not mean you are  thick headed. You are not alone.

Looking back on this unfinished post I have become, at times, more confused about all my understanding about health and sickness. If you decide to do The Unique Healing Program, I would suggest doing it for a complete year before telling the world. It does work, but it is not for everyone and being on The UHP for one year has helped give me a deeper understanding of what exactly is entailed. Although I am still amazed and confused by some of the process and temporary set backs.

My experience and observation is that most everyone I have known that is a long term practitioner in other fields of healing, that do not include prescribed medications and medical intervention, eventually end up seeking out traditional medical care for ailments they said they could cure without that help. They are obviously doing something that is not working. What is that? For many that I personally know and have treated, they never healed their gut. I am sure of this.

I really applaud David Wolfe questioning this missing element of healing in his  first Longevity Now Course. He definitely covers many aspects of what Donna Pessin says in The Unique Healing Program. He also clearly questions why people who are living a healthier lifestyle [not just raw food people] are not living any longer than the general population. Gut health!  One thing he clearly gets into is absorbing toxins and escorting them out of the body in a timely fashion. The Longevity Now Program is very complex and much less specific than The Unique Healing Program. So much more expensive [no, I am not kidding] and the use of products [ he does not sell them through his program] has no end point.

The more you know the more empowered you may feel in doing The Unique Healing Program, sharing it with others or finding something else.





The Unique Healing Program essentially is calling out all other nutritional – healing programs for not addressing the primary reason for poor health, which is a weak gut. That is it pretty much in a nutshell. Here is some more…

Most every healing program that I know of, and there are many, are based around long term dependency on supplements. For me, and many others, these programs are unrealistic commitments leading to nowhere. In my personal and clinical experience most healing programs are not designed specifically to heal the gut. They do not get to the very root of the problem which is to restore the digestion an elimination of our bodies. This is a tall order that The Unique Healing Program, in my opinion, can deliver. It is not a quick process for anyone I have communicated with via this blog. Donna Pessin makes it crystal clear in her materials that The Unique Healing Program is AT LEAST a one year commitment. Today, more than ever before, most people have big problems with focus and commitment.

The protocol that Donna Pessin has created is designed to emancipate the participants from relying on supplements after finishing The Unique Healing Program. You may want and feel the need for some. That is a personal choice, but I have a feeling there will not be that many supplements on that list.

The UHP is a true healing program that is designed to awaken the ability of our own bodies to heal themselves. In order for this to happen there has to be a glimmer of belief from the participant that it is possible. Why? Because this is not a quick fix, there will be peaks and valleys while on The Unique Healing Program. To weather those times reading The Unique Healing books, watching The UHP videos, and a willingness to trust in our own healing is beyond helpful and necessary.

One more primary reason is that many health practitioners are consciously or unconsciously protective of their identity with their present way of treating their patients and clients. Sad to say, that many health practitioners are invested in those they treat continuing to buy products and need services that would be eliminated, in the long term, by the kind of healing that The Unique Healing Program is capable of  awakening in people. Again, this is level of health that one earns on this program. I mean this in the best and most pragmatic sense. For most it does not come easy. Ego can really blind people an many practitioners CAN have over blown, weak egos.

Check out Dr. Mercola, David Wolfe, The Raw Food World, Gary Null, Daniel Vitalis. This is a very, very short list.These people often provide important and enlightening information, but their existence is pretty much completely based on selling products. As far as I can see there is no real end in sight for the taking most of the stuff they are selling. Why would David Wolfe have Donna Pessin on his Longevity Now Conference panel when what she is selling does not support the other participants values and views? I would be MORE than glad to be proven wrong by David Wolfe.

What is very sad to me is that, in essence, many alternative -holistic practitioners are not that much different in how they operate than their western medical doctors – practitioner counterparts. A revolving door that never stops. Very sadly, some people-patients like it that way or it would have changed more by now. Yep, I said it.

I have had  so many people tell me how broken the mainstream medical system is. Well, if people would stop using it like a crutch and take responsibility for their health things would change. I am not talking about the poor and indigent. A hardcore statement that is not completely fair. I admit it.

In rereading what I wrote here I realize that I am reiterating a few thing, but I think they are worth driving home.


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Gary Craog, the founder of EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique, has said that in order to know what the market will bear all is needed is a little research. Does product listing of prices of product, product sales  constitute   a movement – diet?  In the market place there are more products being sold that mention the words Raw and Raw Food then ever before. Not just the things that are obviously raw, like fruits and vegetables, but the packaged / dehydrated stuff, the nut butters, supplements, super foods and more. Eating raw foods is  great adjunct to any kind of diet, or as the largest percentage of food intake for many. It is also being sold as a complete way of eating and lifestyle.

To eat only raw foods is not a guaranteed road to better health. It is an indicator of the quality of health of each persons digestion who embarks upon it. What does that mean?  To have some or an increase of  burping, farting, loose bowels, constipation,  hemorrhoids, rectal itching, vaginal itching, ear itching, bad breath, skin rashes and skin break outs can be early signs that the raw food diet is releasing too many toxins – acids into the blood stream. Notice that the immediate and unpleasant symptoms very often occur at the orifices of the body.


Temporarily slowing down the cleansing symptoms can occur with more vegetables, much less fruit and some steamed foods. It is important to understand acid and alkaline forming food balancing. Notice the kind of foods you crave and let that be a barometer for what you may need to avoid or greatly limit. The truth often hurts. The things we most like are often not so good for us. Recognizing that opens the door for things do get better.

There is much information about the raw food diet on the internet. On the surface it sounds like a great idea. One thing I can caution people about is that the proponents of the diet are often sales persons for  products that are on their websites. Some of these people have basic good intentions, but they can have another agenda that blurs their original intention to help people. Making money and helping others can be, when done in earnest, very profitable.

Here are some thought about the raw food business:

1) Raw food business owners / gurus are very often extremists who sell to other extremists– and they really know that psychology. Eating all fruit, juicing or juice feasting for 90 days, 100 raw, water fasting, etcetera. This may, at first and for short periods of time, work for some people. For most, depending on age, health history, exposure to environmental pollutants, family home, city living, etcetera, it is probably way too cleansing. It takes way, way, way more than 90 days, a colon cleanse or two to deeply improve the health of most people. It is a great door opener and it could, for a limited few, have a deep effect on their cellular health. For real healthy people this would not be the case. What do I mean by real healthy? Well formed bowels, that are very regular, do not have a bad odor, digestive complaints are none to few, have not been exposed to a bevy of environmental toxins. Get the idea? Very few people meet this description. If  you do, you are part of a very small percentage of our populatin and probably would not seek out a raw food diet in the first place!

2) Raw food entrepreneurs are younger, may have less toxins to clear and  do not know the long term repercussions of their diet choices. They may have a much lower load of heavy metal related toxins, drugs, antibiotics, and other environmental toxins to clear. Their knowledge is limited because of their years on the planet. They ARE great spokes people for selling the Raw Food Lifestyle because people feel inspired by their energy, healthy look and promise of eternal youth.

3) Many of the raw food spokes people are men and are not qualified to give advice to women of any age. Case closed. Recommending a high fruit diet to women is usually not going to work for the vast majority. It may take longer for younger women to figure this out. Yeast infections usually come with sugar addiction. These powerful cravings are a real draw to a raw diet high in fruit. The  80 /10 /10 diet  of mostly fruit is one example.  Again, it might work for some, but for how long? The addiction to sugar can really blind our choices.

4) People who define themselves Raw Food-ists and make a living from that definition, have an image to maintain. Why? Because their business is based on that identity. Most importantly this is how they make a living, and in some cases a very, very good one. Ironically, they often tell people that being 100% raw is not the best plan for most everyone. Matt Monarch is one person who says this, but implies that to be completely raw is something virtuous. Is it? He would probably deny that he implies this. See for yourself if you choose to view his many youtube videos.

There is a lot more to say here, but improving digestion is the primary component for really good health. Period. Removing heavy metals, controlling and eliminating parasites, fungal  and bacterial infections by strengthening the immune systen [aka, improving gut health] is the answer.


Here are some ideas:

The Best Day Ever has some really good information on Candida. You can find lectures by Truth Calkins and information from other people. Interviews with David Wolfe are available. His Longevity Now first edition is something I am familiar with and can personally recommend as a good resource for some ideas on how to improve digestive health and begin to eliminate acidity and toxins throughout the body.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin truly sums up what is necessary for better digestion and health. Ms. Pessin personally designed The Unique Healing Program over the past 25 years. Her personal journey to find better health created her program. The Unique Healing Program is an investment of time, money that is worth every minute and buck. I am in the beginning stages of learning about what she does and implementing some of her products. She has 70 + videos on Youtube.

Postscript 12/2012: Have been on The Unique Healing Program since March of 2012 and have never looked back. Investigate it and if it makes any sense to you, do yourself a favor and get on board.

Donna Gates and her Body Ecology Diet are worth checking out. Creating better digestive health and understanding Candida overgrowth is her main emphasis. The Unique Healing Program is the most complet answer for healing bowel and digestive problems. Hands down, this is my experience.

Get some colonics, do some enemas, look into home colonic units. Do some research. It is all for our benefit to know more.

EFT / Gary Craig / Tapping is a helpful adjunct to improve health and life in general.

Depending where you are  on your quest for better health you may want to check out EDTA suppositories by Remedy Link and a seller of their products Peak Health Now. Lots of information on this PHN website. Ellen Landauer, founder of PHN, offers one on one sessions for guidance on these products and others that she sells. Have not spoken with her personally. Look at her website and let that inform you as to whether you want to go down that road.

Is there a raw food movement? There is a market place for the products. I know one thing, incorporating the knowledge of raw foods, super foods, etcetera into your life is embarking on a road of self discovery and better living. The thing it is missing is how to absorb all the toxins the diet loosens up. That is where The Unique Healing Program comes in.

I hope this information will help.


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Herbs can be a great aid in helping our organs and all our body systems release accumulated waste and rebuild. It is important not to overwhelm the excretory pathways of the body with the release of  built up waste.


Consider this: Herbs are loosing and dredging up old waste matter in all parts of the body. Absorbing and escorting this sludge out of the body is essential. Sodium Bentonite Clay, taken orally, is something to research. Note the healing capabilities of this clay. The quality of clay needs to be specifically processed for internal use. Why? Because clay will absorb toxic materials that it comes in contact with during processing.

Most people, taking herbs on their own, should start with a small amount. Even though larger amounts are usually needed, it is important to start slowly. Again, unless  you are under the guidance of a ND, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, etcetera, stay with the guideline that, especially in the beginning, less is more.

Drinking fresh spring, distilled or filtered water, fresh vegetable juices and broths are needed to  help dilute impurities. Again, how do these impurities get absorbed and escorted out of the body? Consider Sodium Bentonite Clay.

A Clean simple diet helps herbs do their job more easily. Proper food combining as mentioned in past posts is a good idea to give our digestive systems a break and heal.

Colonics and enemas are a great assist. See previous blog on Colonics and Enemas.

Sodium Bentonite Clay is often included in colon cleanses. Ejuva, one reputable colon cleanse, is  worth looking into.

David Wolfe [Longevity Now] goes into great detail in the first release of his book, dvd’s and cd’s about all types of  herbs, supperfoods and  supplements to increase our life span along with quality of life.

An informative book by Rehmannia Dean Thomas about Chinese Herbal Medicine really entertains while being educational. [click here]. Healing Thresholds is the name of the book.

As a postscript: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is truly worth investigating. I am currently doing this program. Sodium Bentonite Clay is a mainstay of her program. It is used to not only absorb toxins, but most effectively to heal the entire digestive tract  [link here].