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One of the most confusing aspects of The Unique Healing Program, for many participants, is whether the Body Bentonite Clay and Bowel Strength are causing symptoms. The answer from me, and others I am in contact on The Unique Healing Program, is an ambiguous no. And you know what Donna Pessin says, “NO!!!!!!!”  And put a clap of thunder behind it.


I really do not  “know – know” an answer to appease everyone here. What I can tell you is that the Body Bentonite [Sodium Bentonite Clay] and Bowel Strength act on what is already going on inside our bodies and what comes to the surface is not their fault. How is that one? The clay and herbs are our allies and here to help.

Next, no one loves feeling uncomfortable, but many, many people do. Hello, drugs to the rescue. Some of those uncomfortable people seek out or stumble upon The Unique Healing Program. No one I know wakes up feeling great and then decides to get on board to drink 3 to 24 tablespoons of clay a day, take herbs, and the whole other nine yards of this protocol for a year or more. Emphasis on the “or more” part. If a year seems long, how about feeling sick the rest of your life? Okay, it helps if you believe that The Unique Healing Program works. If people are willing to believe that the poisons of Chemo and Radiation heal… I hope you get my  point here.


Here is another ambiguous answer. Yes and no. For some people it really does work to take large doses. Maybe especially for those who tend to be on the loose stool side. For those who are more blocked and tend toward constipation, I think finding the right dose is the key. If you have a medical diagnosis it is really, really important to seek the guidance of Donna Pessin. Often what definitively works on The Unique Healing Program is counter intuitive to what we already know. More clay can create more regular bowels for the constipated, more clay can help end constipation. More clay is often the answer. If you have any doubts about that while on The Unique Healing Program, don’t be afraid to lessen the amount or stop for a day or two to see what happens. How else are we going to learn?


Some people read about Berberine and some of the other ingredients in Bowel Strength and get worried that taking it for long periods is dangerous. I think people need to have concern about are all the toxic substances embedded in organs, tissues, and bone that are festering. A quantum amount of those toxic substances festering in our bodies can lead to a fearful mindset that keeps many from taking action. I have seen this over and over again, people  paralyzed in a state of “managed sickness’. Not doing anything except focusing on what is wrong with the air, water , soil, food, government, western medical world, health – sickness insurance. This is a dead end that leads directly to  the place where all that lives, the hospital. Next stop assisted living and the dreaded  nursing home. You know I was going to mention the nursing home.


No, what we just ate is probably acting as a catalyst to trigger all the existing acidic build up from the past festering inside us. One more straw on the camel’s back. All that matter just recycling due to not being absorbed and escorted out in a timely with  Sodium Bentonite Clay . Like me, you may probably continue to ask yourself this same question over and over again. So, don’t eat crappy on The Unique Healing Program if you want to feel your best, whatever that means. Eating high carb, refined foods, etcetera will, especially in the first year, not be such a good idea for most everyone. Understatement. We each have our levels of tolerance and those levels are different for each one of us.


Do I, you, we really feel worse than we did before starting The UHP? Or is it all just coming to a head as “it” exits? The difference here is between managed sickness and facing what is going on and taking action on The Unique Healing Program. This build up and feeling unwell occurs because over our lifetimes we have not had a healthy enough gut to process the amount of toxins we have been exposed to. Read The Unique Healing Books and watch the videos. It really is all there.


The latest video Donna Pessin released uses the word effortless in her presentation. If you listen closely she is saying that when you are well things will be effortless. Seriously, watch it once again, even if you have already seen it.

Bottom line: If you feel really crappy at times while on The Unique Healing Program you need to make some adjustments. Lessening or increasing different crutches on The UHP is the answer. That takes time to learn. Also, you may be going through a more difficult period that some people call a healing crisis. Donna Pessin does not like the expression “die off”. Leave that one up to you all, and say that I DO understand her objection to the phrase. Why? Because it can keep some people cleansing forever. I have experienced this first hand with other cleansing protocols. Many other long and short term programs  are missing something to absorb the toxic matter. People end up  basically cellular bathing in their own waste. This is dangerous. Colonics are not the answer, because they do not heal the gut. They DO alleviate the toxic load. Colonics, enemas and colema’s are not the long term solution. They are crutches.

As far as I can see so far, The Unique Healing Program is a solution that leads to better health. Mine is greatly improved and I started about 16 months ago. You need to try it for yourself. Read The Unique Healing books, watch the videos and come to your own conclusions. Oh yeah, and  that thing called patience. You will inadvertently learn patience on this program in order to stay the course. Some hair pulling may come and go in between, and hopefully, it will be your own. : )





3/2014: I originally wrote this post in October of 2013. It may seem out of sync with some other more recent things I have shared.

Here is a incomplete list of some of the other healing therapies I have researched explored, and tried [most] before finding The Unique Healing Program:

Dietary upgrades [the basics], complete dietary turnarounds, whole food supplements, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, herbal elixirs, herbal formulas, digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, colon cleanses, juice fasts, Juice Feasting, water fasting, urine therapy, enemas, coffee enemas, colonics, EDTA suppositories, raw food diet, macrobiotic diet, being a vegan, grounding technology, zappers, parasite cleanses, DNA telomere therapy, acupuncture, gallbladder flushes, natural hygiene diet. chiropractic adjustment, structural integration therapy, rolfing. Wow, this is a long list of therapies and I hardly made a dent!


Only if healthy digestion is restored. They may work depending on the condition of the person using them. The more depleted the digestion and elimination process in an individual the less likely  any of these other therapies are to contribute to a complete restoration of health. Most do not center around restoring gut health.


Many people who seek healing are ill, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, have not received healing from traditional medicine, have friends and family that are ill, just have an intuition to look outside the box of allopathic – western medicine. The bar is pretty low for determining what health is today. Normal is not a good guideline. Just look around. Today’s normal is not for me.

Sodium Bentonite Clay ingested is one very specific way to sop up, draw out and revitalize the tissues, organs and blood of our body. Changing diet and some of the before mentioned  therapies will usually temporarily lighted the toxic load, buffer the toxic condition, or unintentionally make it worse for those with really weak digestive health. Why? Because they are cleansing and when digestion is weak the toxins overwhelm the immune system and get reabsorbed. A simplified answer. That is where the Sodium Bentonite Clay is deeply needed.

Many of the listed therapies may, in conjunction with one another, work to reverse illness depending on the individuals exposure to environmental toxins, dietary history, ancestral health history, sexual history and other specifics. Still I think they are lacking the one lynch pin, which is healing the gut.

Healing the gut results in not being afraid of our environment and all that that means. There is so much paranoia in the raw food and other communties. It does not speak well of the communities overall health.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin brilliantly uses Sodium Bentonite Clay with a few other specifically designed products to detoxify the body and restore digestion and dietary health and freedom. Check it out.


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After hearing about The Unique Healing Program, I took in the website, watched the videos and ordered one of two books. I then tried doing my own version of Donna Pessin’s protocol. I had zeolite clay, antiparasitic herbs, grapefruit seed extract, progesterone cream, B12 and some of the other things she recommends. I got some results and instinctively knew, after a couple of weeks, that I would get much more with the Unique Healing Products and Donna Pessin’s personal help. BTW, it is not a must to have personal consultations with Donna, but it does help in the beginning.

As a colon therapist I have treated many people and was at times bewildered. Bewildered by what I heard clients tell me, and  what I saw come out of them. Sometimes I thought I had a theory going and then someone would blow the lid right off of it. A very brief list of what I experienced goes like this:

A person has approximately three bowel movements a day for 35 – 50 years, does not overeat and has a huge gut. They do not drink alcohol and they have a very unhealthy seeming liver. Male and female. You can have cirrhosis without being a heavy drinker, that usually surfaces much later on in life

Rail [social x-ray] thin individual, eats all the time, pretty much whatever they want. Is chronically constipated with a very, very flat stomach. No, they are not eating and purging.  Have known several of these people. Where is it going? Mostly female. Crazy to me at the time that hardly anything came out during the colonic. Dangerous situation and confusing to everyone involved. I am sure parasites were a big player in these situtations. Try telling someone of that description that they have parasites! Would not go over well.

Eats no yellow or orange foods and everything is coming out orange and yellow. I mostly connected that to a pancreatic, liver, gallbladder, bile restraint issue.

Eats no green superfoods, many vegetables. Fecal matter is very dark green or black. M/F.

Eats lots of beets and nothing is red. Mostly females.

Eats a very small amount of beets and when they do everything is red and remains so for a few days after… Not blood.

Eats a raw food – vegan diet, they say low in sugar [probably not]. Their system is so acidic it is hard to insert the speculum. This made more sense to me then the others. Punched some holes in eating a mostly raw food diet. Why? Without absorbing all the acids from this cleansing diet the toxins do not get eliminated and are reabsorbed. Very dangerous and a widespread situation that is not just among raw food eaters, both M / F.

This group eats fish, chicken, eggs, sometimes cheese and or a bit of red meat. Lots and lots of salads and vegetables, no carbs, no junk food. With all that they are very constipated. They take probiotics, exercise, drink water. Okay, so they are just wound up so tight they can not poop. That is a dismissive and sarcastic diagnosis. Most people who eat that way for some very specific reasons. Number one, because if they eat carbs they gain weight. Secondly, they have better energy. Thirdly, they can think clearly. Whatever you feel about people eating animal meat, this diet should not yield constipation, yet it often does.

Tip of the iceberg. The above list is not at all complete. My mind was always full of ideas and question marks as to why these people were so contradictory to me. Why I was so contradictory to me! Candida, dehydration, pancreatic disease / diabetes approaching, obviously poor digestion, hormone imbalances, heavy metal overwhelm, some very sluggish livers, parasite infestation, etcetera. An occasional colonic was not going to solve their problems, nor were dietary adjustments or even a complete dietary overhaul.

If you have read any of my other blog posts you will understand the many cleansing and healing modalities I am personally familiar with. My experience lead me, toward the end of my time giving colonics, to encourage some clients to buy their own home colonic unit. I really did not know what else to tell them. Eating a very cleansing diet, juicing, juice feasting, fasting on any level was, in my opinion and experience, dredges up way more toxins than their already very overwhelmed organs of elimination could deal with. All their organs.

Donna Pessin The Unique Healing Program. Do the research and see if it resonates with you. The body needs something, lots of something, to sop up the huge amounts of environmental toxins we are all exposed to. Not to mention the other chemicals, antibiotics, pesticides. There are many circulating in our air, water and earth. Sodium Bentonite Clay is that element of absorption and ONE essential part of The Unique Healing Program.

The Unique Healing Program is not a magic bullet. It does take time, effort, patience and a sense of determination. It is not a lifetime program or way of life, but the results can be life changing.


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In order to get well it is helpful, maybe necessary, to have an open mind. For people who are currently under the care of a physician, but want other support, there are options that can be of great help. The first step is to be willing to consider – believe the idea that real help exists outside the medical paradigm. The second is to be confident in your choice by doing thorough research. Did you do that kind of research with your current western medical treatment? That may be something you did or did not do. Often people feel they have no choices. Getting a second opinion within the medical world is part of that equation. Something to seriously reflect upon.

Western medicine can be supported by treatment that exists outside of their everyday experience. A doctor that is not willing to do any research on supplemental help, I believe, should be considered suspect. Do not be afraid of authority. This is a hard one for most people.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is something to THOROUGHLY research if you are looking for healing while under the care of a physician. Having an appointment with Donna Pessin is an absolute necessity in this situation. Taking sodium bentonite clay with allopathic drugs and treatments is something that people do. It needs to be specifically addressed, in this case, by Donna Pessin.

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired The Unique Healing Program can be a great healing force. It renews the GI tract and draws out long time toxic elements that reside within our cells and tissues. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX. The Unique Healing Program, when broken down and and analyzed, is just plain common sense.

Healing involves soul searching. For me it has brought up sadness for all the years that  I “wasted”. Of course that is not really true, but it is  how I feel at times. I do know there is hope and healing is possible.

There are people who are part of The Unique Healing Program that take prescribed medications. It is really imperative to consult with Donna Pessin if you want to begin The Unique Healing Program and are under the care of a physician. She has vast experience with people of all ages and health concerns.


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Do you now or have  you ever had  mercury fillings in your mouth?  Do you  now wear some kind of full or partial denture? Have you had your mercury fillings removed and replaced with non- mercury fillings? Are you concerned about toxic materials that you have been exposed to because of your dental history? Have you had root canals and dental implants?

Here are some links to a few websites. Straight forward and helpful information for all kinds of health issues that include teeth and dental work.

LL’s Magnetic Clay: features the use of clay externally to remove heavy metals. I would investigate using Sodium  Bentonite Clay internally as a primary way of detoxing….

The Unique Healing Program: features the use of clay internally to remove  all kinds of toxic build up and improve overall health.

Dr. Andrew Zakarian, DDS and Natural Dental Arts: based in Southern California area, I highly recommend him. He is a Hal Huggins, DDS dentist.

Who is Hal Huggins? Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS: The information here will explain the view point of Dr. Huggins.

Nadine Artimus Living Libations: organic products designed to help you keep the teeth you  have and improve overall health. High quality face and body products, as well.




This is going to be one of several posts concerning my experience with The Unique Healing Program. For this one, I want to  share a brief history of why I sought it out this program devised by Donna Pessin. I want to share some of my gut woes that brought me to my 30 some odd year search for better digestive health.

For this post I want to stress one point, and that is my quest to understand how my parental and ancestral health has directly effected me and what to do about it. I am most directly addressing my digestive woes from a really early age, specifically constipation. Here are just a few things I had found to be major parts of the puzzle that contributed to this health issue:

The house I grew up in had mold stemming from a damp crawl space. The detrimental effects on heath was not understood or just ignored by my parents. Not understanding the ramifications of mold is part of it. Not wanting to know is the other….

A long history of family with constipation issues. Both my parents had childhood medical intervention which definitely exposed them to antibiotics and other very strong medications. My mother, in her mid thirties, had a large dose of  terramycin for a long period of time.

My own exposure to some antibiotics, chlorinated water, refined foods, second hand smoke in public, restaurants. As crazy as it sounds, many of my ballet teachers smoked while teaching class. From Irene Fokine to Melissa Hayden. All the dancers that smoked during rehearsals. Later on my involvement in theater, it was the same thing: Coffee and Cigarettes. I think Jim Jarmusch made a film by that title. An aside, the lungs and large intestines have a very specific  effect on each other. This is a chinese medical diagnostic concept. A link to more info about their relationship at the end of this post.

Both my grandparents on my dad’s side had colon cancer in their late 70’s. Both recovered from wearing a colostomy bag. They could have had amazing health. One lived into their late eighties, the other into their early 90’s.

I grew up in a house with one bathroom and was often not able to use it when I needed. I was sent to a Catholic school that did not allow the students to use the lavatory when necessary. Just wait… Many feelings of embarrassment and unpleasant odors around using the bathroom in public and at home.

I was a trained classical dancer, ran track and participated in other sports where a bathroom was not always easily accessible. Dehydration and poor diet choices was more of the norm back in the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and early 90’s in all levels of society.  Pull in your gut was the advise, not breathe.

I grew up in New York City and New Jersey and was exposed to a whole lot of pollutants. Maybe a more concentrated amount than other parts of the country. Similar to many and just as bad, if not worse than others.

I have distinct memories of feelings of being bloated and uncomfortable at a very young age. I remember taking Swiss Kriss herbal tea in my early teens. Not a good sign.

On an energetic level, a whole lot of emotional holding in my gut. Feelings of a  knot in my stomach very often. As a performer and athlete this is not unusual. Stress was a normal and everyday occurrence. This is a whole other subject…

There are so many other factors, but I tried to list some that  people might relate to. I have a habit of wanting these posts to be perfect, whatever that means. More to come and I hope what I shared is of help.

More information on the lung and large intestine relationship click here.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here. I think this program has the capacity, if followed consistently at ones own pace, to heal the digestive system and create better overall health. It is not a quick process and will most likely take the kind of patience that people, these days especially, often do not have. I hope more and more people rise to the occasion and prove me wrong.


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Do we really know much, if anything, about our gut, bowel, intestines or whatever other word we use to refer to that  most deeply visceral part of our body? I know for a fact most people absolutely do not. Well, here is a book, The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, that is written to educate its readers. The Unique Healing Program is  written from a place of personal knowledge and blatant honesty. The contents is not only her own experience, but her clinical experience with many, many clients over the past 18 years.

What is said in this book is not something that I would argue with or doubt for one very profound reason: it just made sense to me.  I completely relate to the confusion of how to create a healthy bowel. And I am not alone! Just look at all the products sold  and advertised that are touted to cure indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. I am talking about products sold in Health Food Stores as well as pharmacies. The author, Donna Pessin, has a really confident handle on this subject and can back it up with her own success and that of many of her clients. That is impressive.

The author defines so much of what is sold to help people feel better as crutches. Substance that mask and give quick relief to situations that plague most people. These substances and practices are often unknowingly used by people as crutches. This is  partially due to the skewed definition of  the word normal is as it applies to health in general.

What seems to many as healthy are explained as being crutches when they do not ultimately lead to no longer needing these substances and tools. Building intestinal fortitude, in the physical sense, is what is needed to experience true stamina and health freedom.

Order the book. It will answer many questions in deep detail. There is a sequel that I did not order, but I probably will after  I finish reading the first one. The book most definitely educates  the reader about how to build true health. It will also challenge many of the archaic ideas about health that are constantly reinforced by all sectors of mainstream and alternative health providers. Don’t be surprised if what she says, at first, gets under your skin a bit. Why? She puts into question all the time and money spent on things that really do not work, but on the surface, do no harm.

For more information about The  Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here.