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Through my personal experience with pain, and with others clinically, I have learned that most people believe that where they feel pain is where treatment is needed. This is not the complete long or short term reality. Immediate treatment on an injured area is necessary and makes sense. Stepping on glass, an oven burn, bitten my an insect, or worse. Still, those situations involve much deeper nerve responses linked to Axions, Dendrites and much more. The smartest people I know do not seem to understand this concept of the origin of physical pain. “Mommy, make the pain go away” ain’t just for children. It takes an adult in pretty bad straights to call out loud for their Mother. War is one example. Advertisers, Big Pharma, and the AMA really understand this. They know our weaknesses better than we do. They know deep down most everyone wants  to be mothered, whatever that means to the individual. Please, just make the pain go away.


Welcome to the world of drugs, also known as Medications. Here in the USA Oxycontin was just approved to be okay to prescribe to children as young as 11 years of age by the FDA. No comment on the FDA from me. They sadly speak for themselves. Okay, incredulous is what I am feeling.

BTW, Pharmacies are often called Drug Stores in the USA. You have to have a sense of humor.

If you have been following some kind of Parasite or Bowel Cleansing Protocol and have intuitive concerns about detoxing Heavy Metals, you may find the Klinghardt Mercury Detox Protocol of great interest. I received this information about this protocol from someone involved with the creation of the Austism CD Program. Some of the ingredients may be familiar to you, and some may not. DO NOT DISCOUNT THE SIMPLICITY OF THESE INGREDIENTS. Especially in conjunction with the CD Austism Parasite Protocol, any other Parasite Protocol, or Bowel Cleansing. The effects of this Klinghardt Protocol can be powerful.


Clay is not THE primary Heavy Metal Detox agent. Other ingredients are necessary for detox. This is especially the case for people who can not tolerate clay, and for those who can. So what does that mean exactly? Well, I am not only referring to those who presently have Mercury / Amalgam fillings remaining in their mouths. This goes for those who have had them removed with the proper safeguards, and those that were not removed with those safeguards. Why? Because most people do not follow, or are not advised to take short and long term steps to detox from toxic substance that enter the bloodstream after the removal of these fillings. These toxic substances are released into our blood, cells, tissues, etcetera during the removal of the Mercury/Amalgam fillings, no matter how well the job was done. Toxins that leach out run the gamut. This, of course, includes bacteria surrounding the Amalgam filings. We can also be effected by other dental work materials (other than Mercury) remaining in our mouths. Just in case you may not know this, chewing, eating hot foods and other ingredients that enter our mouths often cause toxic materials to leach. This means that there is a constant exposure to these toxic materials daily. The real story is that we are all being exposed, on a daily basis, to Mercury and other Heavy Metals within our environment. With this information it would seem that everyone would benefit from some kind of Heavy Metal Detox. I am soft pedaling this warning.

There is so much more to say on this subject. It is complex for a myriad of reasons. One of those reasons is because parasites seem to be drawn to places in the body where fat is located. An example would be the Myelin Sheath surrounding our nerves. When a person does a Parasite Protocol they can often feel more nerve pain. The reason being that the parasites, virus, infectious material is drawn away from where the fatty Myelin Sheath is, or should be. Exposed sensitive tissue is what is left after the infections material is gone, or in the process of leaving. So, often what is left is partially or completely exposed nerve endings where the Myelin Sheath once was, or is in decline. A person may feel edgy, grumpy, easily startled, sharp pain, shooting pain, kind of dull – toothache, numb pain in extremities, etcetera.


Companies such as Remedy Link that make EDTA Suppositories, LL’s Magnetic Clay [ now called EnvironMedica] recommend taking some kind of Calcium Supplement when detoxing from Heavy Metals while using their products. I know there are people who do not look favorably upon taking Calcium Citrate and other inorganic minerals. For decades I was one of these people. Taking them while detoxing from Heavy Metals is a different story. I learned this first hand. This is one of the areas where Donna Pessin and her Unique Healing Program  had some helpful information. Donna has a direct clinical understanding of how Calcium Citrate can work while healing. Donna Pessin understands that Cal Cit and other inorganic minerals do not have to be life long companions to people. For those that it works for, Cal Cit and some of the other “Crutches” Donna Pessin talks about, are way better than using anti inflammatory prescribed and over the counter medications. N’est pas? Let me know.


Eating Sardines, Dulse, Using Sea Mineral, Sea Water, Celtic Sea Salt, Superfood Powders, homeopathics, Blended Salads, etcetera help replenish minerals. Taking HCL with Pepsin for better digestion is very helpful to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. These are  just a few things a person can do to rebuild and remineralize while detoxing.



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In order to get well it is helpful, maybe necessary, to have an open mind. For people who are currently under the care of a physician, but want other support, there are options that can be of great help. The first step is to be willing to consider – believe the idea that real help exists outside the medical paradigm. The second is to be confident in your choice by doing thorough research. Did you do that kind of research with your current western medical treatment? That may be something you did or did not do. Often people feel they have no choices. Getting a second opinion within the medical world is part of that equation. Something to seriously reflect upon.

Western medicine can be supported by treatment that exists outside of their everyday experience. A doctor that is not willing to do any research on supplemental help, I believe, should be considered suspect. Do not be afraid of authority. This is a hard one for most people.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is something to THOROUGHLY research if you are looking for healing while under the care of a physician. Having an appointment with Donna Pessin is an absolute necessity in this situation. Taking sodium bentonite clay with allopathic drugs and treatments is something that people do. It needs to be specifically addressed, in this case, by Donna Pessin.

If you are just sick and tired of being sick and tired The Unique Healing Program can be a great healing force. It renews the GI tract and draws out long time toxic elements that reside within our cells and tissues. IT IS NOT A QUICK FIX. The Unique Healing Program, when broken down and and analyzed, is just plain common sense.

Healing involves soul searching. For me it has brought up sadness for all the years that  I “wasted”. Of course that is not really true, but it is  how I feel at times. I do know there is hope and healing is possible.

There are people who are part of The Unique Healing Program that take prescribed medications. It is really imperative to consult with Donna Pessin if you want to begin The Unique Healing Program and are under the care of a physician. She has vast experience with people of all ages and health concerns.


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Do you now or have  you ever had  mercury fillings in your mouth?  Do you  now wear some kind of full or partial denture? Have you had your mercury fillings removed and replaced with non- mercury fillings? Are you concerned about toxic materials that you have been exposed to because of your dental history? Have you had root canals and dental implants?

Here are some links to a few websites. Straight forward and helpful information for all kinds of health issues that include teeth and dental work.

LL’s Magnetic Clay: features the use of clay externally to remove heavy metals. I would investigate using Sodium  Bentonite Clay internally as a primary way of detoxing….

The Unique Healing Program: features the use of clay internally to remove  all kinds of toxic build up and improve overall health.

Dr. Andrew Zakarian, DDS and Natural Dental Arts: based in Southern California area, I highly recommend him. He is a Hal Huggins, DDS dentist.

Who is Hal Huggins? Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS: The information here will explain the view point of Dr. Huggins.

Nadine Artimus Living Libations: organic products designed to help you keep the teeth you  have and improve overall health. High quality face and body products, as well.


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Do we really know much, if anything, about our gut, bowel, intestines or whatever other word we use to refer to that  most deeply visceral part of our body? I know for a fact most people absolutely do not. Well, here is a book, The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, that is written to educate its readers. The Unique Healing Program is  written from a place of personal knowledge and blatant honesty. The contents is not only her own experience, but her clinical experience with many, many clients over the past 18 years.

What is said in this book is not something that I would argue with or doubt for one very profound reason: it just made sense to me.  I completely relate to the confusion of how to create a healthy bowel. And I am not alone! Just look at all the products sold  and advertised that are touted to cure indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. I am talking about products sold in Health Food Stores as well as pharmacies. The author, Donna Pessin, has a really confident handle on this subject and can back it up with her own success and that of many of her clients. That is impressive.

The author defines so much of what is sold to help people feel better as crutches. Substance that mask and give quick relief to situations that plague most people. These substances and practices are often unknowingly used by people as crutches. This is  partially due to the skewed definition of  the word normal is as it applies to health in general.

What seems to many as healthy are explained as being crutches when they do not ultimately lead to no longer needing these substances and tools. Building intestinal fortitude, in the physical sense, is what is needed to experience true stamina and health freedom.

Order the book. It will answer many questions in deep detail. There is a sequel that I did not order, but I probably will after  I finish reading the first one. The book most definitely educates  the reader about how to build true health. It will also challenge many of the archaic ideas about health that are constantly reinforced by all sectors of mainstream and alternative health providers. Don’t be surprised if what she says, at first, gets under your skin a bit. Why? She puts into question all the time and money spent on things that really do not work, but on the surface, do no harm.

For more information about The  Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here.


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The largest organ of the body is the skin. Whatever we put on our skin is absorbed into our cells. Products that contain chemicals and  carcinogens  place an unnecessary burden on our liver and every other system of  our body.


It would seem to be quite obvious, but it most not be. Why? Because the products are composed of ingredients we can not pronounce or spell. They are listed on the labels of all the best selling products. In fact, just the smell is enough of a warning. Two prime examples are hair relaxers and permanent solution. If you have been in a mainstream hair salon you know what I am talking about. Breathing it in is bad enough! Placing it on the skin and  scalp is mainlining it. Why do we do it? Real and imagined pressure from our peers, ingrained images from the media, agism, lack of self confidence at any age, distorted self perception of appearance.

Since women have, in some ways, come far in achieving rights and power, why do we put our health in jeopardy so easily and often?  More of us need to begin by doing research, and not being dictated to by another industry. I am not against women looking their best, I just want more women and men to question why, how and for whom they are doing it.

A professor of Anthropology and president of a top east coast women’s college once told me that the entire beauty industry is based on the selling of ritual. This is something that has been handed down throughout the ages. Of course the use of clay, henna and dyes made from flowers in the days of the Egyptian culture is a much healthier way to create beauty and ritual. I am very sure they used  toxic materials back then, but their choices were not fueled by huge corporate industry greed. Also, there was no scientific research. The odor at most every nail and hair salon says it all.

Many women and men are unconsciously angry that in order to feel good about themselves they need to be attractive to others. Doing things that ultimately put our health at risk in order to achieve that is sad, empty and insane. Applying hair color or make-up to ourselves that is filled with chemicals is self destructive. Aside form doing injury to ourselves, we are also hurting the environment. We are saying that it is okay to create cheap and toxic products, and we will buy them. We are also agreeing that how we look is more important than how we feel. Worst of all, we are agreeing to risk our health for appearance sake. That is true disempowerment.

Unplugging from the media is not so easy, but taking time to question what we see, read and hear is essential to living a healthier life. Especially in this world that has many free floating toxins in our entire ecosystem and environment. Why we purposefully administer toxins into our bodies for the sake of appearance, on a daily basis, is a question more people need to ask.

Make-up and hair product sell like crack to the vast majority of women in the USA. People who use crack don’t ask what is in it. They are too desperate to care. I would like to think women are way smarter than that.


John Masters Organic Hair Care. link here.

LL’s Magnetic Clay. link here.


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Digestive health is imperative to be able to efficiently utilize all food based dietary supplements and superfood concentrates. My personal and clinical experience is that it is imperative to use food base supplements whenever possible. It helps to chew them or at least break them up in your mouth. There are probiotics that  are designed to withstand the stomach acids and make it to the small intestines unscathed, these should definitely not be chewed. Digestive enzymes and HCL pills do not need to be chewed.

Food based supplements have been helpful to me in improving my overall health. I have studied, worked with clients and experienced results with my own body. My experience is clear: improving overall health helps the healing of injuries and reduces pain. Digestion, circulation and healing the small and large intestines are necessary. Shockingly, the premise that improving general health can lead to healing joint pain and injury is not a common belief among both traditional and holistic medical practitioners. This also includes all kinds of people in the healing arts.

Supplements and Super foods that I have used for myself scaled down:

Green powder super foods are high in minerals and are alkaline.

MSM and vitamin C. These two substances have been useful to me. They are advised to be taken together.

Mega Foods and New Chapter are food based supplements. Easier to assimilate. The need for magnesium and silica are overlooked for calcium from questionable sources. D3 and vitamin K are in these companies supplements to encourage strength and healing.

A good quality Multi Vitamin especially designed for your specific age  and sex can be helpful. I would go with Mega Foods and New Chapter.


Health Force Vitamineral Greens and Amazing Grasses are two I take and can recommend.

MSM comes from a petroleum and wood source. The wood source is more expensive. Do some research. Buy the best quality of either of these sources. Click here for some info on non petroleum MSM. Doctor’s Best is one to check out click here.

Mega Food and New Chapter are easily found in many stores. I buy mine from MY NATURAL MARKET  online store click here. Excellent prices. Free shipping deal offered.

LivOn Labs Lypospheric Vitamin C is a product to research click here. Easy to absorb, No digestive reverb.

Synergy Vitamin C  and Health Force Vitamin C are both available from MY NATURAL MARKET.

Healing is a ongoing process that occurs on many levels. I do believe in spontaneous healing. Funny though, I think spontaneous is a result of many incidents and factors that  get us to what seems like a spontaneous outcome.

As a postscript 9/2013: Since writing this post I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. This program provide the framework for healing the body in all ways. Go to her website, watch the videos, buy the books, decide for yourself. I did those things and am currently on her program. click here.


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The one statement that has inspired me to juice fast, relayed to me by nutritional coach Ron Strauss, comes from Dr. Richard Schulze. I am paraphrasing:

“Juice fasting works, if you can just get people to do it.”


Eating, digesting and processing food expends cellular energy. The more the body can use that energy for regeneration, daily functioning and cleansing the better. Cleansing can lead to healing. When we stop eating solids or limit our intake the entire body starts to release toxins. Absorption and a  timely exit of these toxins is essential. Why? So they do not become reabsorbed. Ingesting an edible clay, enemas or colonics are essential. Sodium Bentonite Clay is an excellent choice for this purpose.


Juice Feasting can be a great alternative to juice fasting.  If these two options are somewhat daunting, there are simple Macrobiotic Diet plans that are very effective. Why is that? Just cutting out flours, fats, refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, etcetera give all our systems a rest. Also, Ayurveda has many cleansing approaches that work well.

The paraphrased qoute by Dr. Schulze can be applied to many situations in life. Do something! In order to create change action is involved. Change comes from believing we can and do make a difference with our decisions and  actions.

Here is the something to consider: Do I want to enter the current predominate consciousness about aging?  The consciousness that says our bodies belong to doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies. Sadly, for many people today, nursing homes and assisted living are the accepted end points for their lives. I encourage people of all ages to question this way of thinking, living and treatment of ourselves and others.

As a postscript 11/2013: Since writing this post I have found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, Healing the gut and digestive woes is the key to health. This program is not a magic bullet, but I do know it can work. You just have to do it! Do something.

Dr. Richard Schulze link here . Ron Strauss link here.

Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle link here. William Spear Macrobiotic Counselor link here

Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle link here. A concise article that explains some Ayurvedic precepts.

Juice Feasting a great way to experience many of the benefits of fasting [link here] and still be able to function in your daily life. You can Juice Feast for a day or for much longer periods of time.

If you are new to all of this, then begin by simplifying your diet, eliminating refined carbs and sugar to start. Increase the amount of steamed leafy greens and low sugar fruits, such as berries and Granny Smith apples. Check out the Macrobiotic route and Donna Pessin’s Unique Healing Program.