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Healing can be messy. Toxins leave our bodies through our bowels, urine, breath and skin. If this does not happen health is disrupted and illnesses arise. It is really that simple. I have come to realize that many people will do just about anything to not confront their shit, both physically and emotionally. When that is the case, Pharmaceutical Companies to the rescue. Why people choose drugs is something I can understand. Healing my own long term gut problem is, and has been, a great opportunity to develop empathy for others, and myself. To feel the reasons why people turn to pharmaceuticals for help. It takes conscious effort and sometimes sacrifice to heal without pharmaceuticals. Healing without meds has also taught me the depth of gut problems. Also, I have come to more fully understand why masking symptoms with drugs,  especially long term, only leads to much more serious health issues down the line.


Have you ever specifically noticed that “dirty” words such as shit and fuck are about body parts and actions below the waist? Functions we all learn to feel ashamed of, or uncomfortable with. I have known people who have told me they  never look in the toilet to see what comes out of themselves. That alone says volumes about the person, our society, and how confused and unhealthy people can be both physically and emotionally.

Today, here in the USA, there are numerous ads and commercials online and on television for meds like Humira. Humira  is a doctor prescribed pharmaceutical designed  to treat gut, skin and joint inflammation. Television commercials and ads online for Pharmaceuticals are abundant.  Commercial time on US networks is not cheap. There is obviously a deep need for these products. If these Anti-Inflammatory  products were not sought after the manufacturers would not be making them.

People spend most of their lives uncomfortable physically and emotionally around their waste matter. In our later years many of us end up wearing diapers, needing someone to help us to the toilet, or change a diaper. Taking charge of our digestive health before things get to that point is imperative. If this issue is not addressed the problems worsen as we age. Some of the lowest paid workers, aids in nursing homes and hospitals, deal with the bodily waste that other members of a patient’s family do not want to deal with. Digestive and bowel issues that, most often, the patient themselves did not deal with. These are daily issues that did not begin in the bathroom. Issues that began with food and lifestyle choices. There are environmental exposures to toxins and other situations that are sometimes out of our control, as in Flint, Michigan

If any of this resonates with you, as it has with me, there are actions you can take. Our choices in life are all very different, but with the internet there are many ways to find answers to how to improve our gut health and be independent throughout our entire lives.

So, if you find the thought of your fecal matter, poop, shit something you just want to ignore, but can not any longer, you probably have a good reason to feel that way. Sorry, but what we avoid all our lives is often the thing that haunts us until we may not be able to run, walk, limp, or shuffle away from any longer.

Some resources for improving overall, digestive, and gut health:

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD Vitality Capsules

Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet

Dr. Robert Morse, ND I have not done this program, but I have heard some good things about Dr. Morse from more than one person.





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Sometimes those crutches don’t work as well as they did yesterday, or a week ago. The reasons are very subjective. Whatever is being released from the body in terms of acidity, toxic matter may outweigh the crutches ability to nullify the symptoms. Some fancy language there : ) More clay can help. But if you are like me and tend more toward constipation, before and while on The Unique Healing Program, more clay can sometimes end up making me feel more bound up and stressed. Donna may say use Magnesium Citrate as a solution and that does help. How much Mag Cit to use is another story. Experiment, videos and books, or ask Donna if you hit a wall.

I often take a much larger dose of some of the crutches than I originally considered a large dose when I began the program, and much later down the line. Much larger doses started  after being on The UHP 9 months to one year into it. Recently I discovered L-Theanine and that it seems to make the GABA I am taking more effective. L -Theanine, for me, has been effective on its own-I took it the  first time without GABA. How do I experience that? I feel more centered, focused, upbeat, relaxed. However, as with all the crutches, I often hit a wall and I am never exactly sure why. The past few weeks I have some symptoms that come and go. The last few days they have parked themselves in my joints.


I have had some injury to my body from athletic and dance pursuits that were compounded by other choices. This all has added up to accumulated acidity. Acidity that got worse from cleansing diets that I was under the impression would lead to healing. They  would have been way more  healing if I had found The Unique Healing Program to partner with them. A substance like Sodium Bentonite Clay is necessary to help absorb the acids from a diet that helps break down toxins, but does not help them exit out. Finding the right amount of clay is crucial. A cleansing diet + nothing to absorb the toxins + an unhealthy gut =’s a recipe for pain. One example of a cleansing diet meeting that description would be The Body Ecology Diet – Donna Gates. Or a raw food diet that Dr. Fred Bisci might recommend to a patient. They may heal some people with constipation, etcetera- they did not heal mine.


So, finding the right amount of the “crutch” dosage is crucial. The amounts change, and I have needed more and less and more and and a little less as I have gone along. Also, sometimes when I am experiencing an outbreak of symptoms, eating way more simply, without a whole lot of cleansing foods helps. Donna’s one definition of more mainstream cleansing foods- high carb diet, sugar, refined foods vs the  other version, which is juice fasting [even on green juices], lots of lemon, garlic, spicy, Kombucha, fermented coconut water are a few examples. I remember once reading a comment  below one of Donna’s videos. The person wanted to know if they should drink more clay if doing The Master Cleanse. Her answer was an emphatic YES! The Master Cleanse is prime example of how the word cleanse is used today. When I first came upon Donna Pessin and her videos I was sort of confused by her use of the term cleanse. I had never thought of the outbreak of symptoms from refined carbs as being cleansing. Interesting.

I know it is important to reread The Unique Healing Program Books, especially the first one and watch the videos. I have interpreted what is said differently each time. It is easy for me to hear things the way I want or need to depending on my state of my health and mind.

Try that and see if it helps. Sometimes doing The Unique Healing Program can feel like wheels spinning. Watching Donna Pessin’s videos can be very consoling and remind me of why I am doing her program. Some days, weeks, months are harder than others. Just being honest.


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Around mid January of this year I started feeling an ambivalence toward eating that,from past experience on UHP, told me mild nausea may be in my future. I knew Spring might be tough for me and things were starting to come to the surface for spring. Spring Cleaning Post here.

So, I have a pretty unpredictable time since mid- January. I am not presently using UHP Colloidal Silver. I did in the beginning and have written about that in other posts.UHP CS is more potent in smaller doses than the home brewed CS.  I had some idea that if I was not using UHP CS, the stuff we made was a waste of time and I began to use MMS. I have some past posts on MMS and CS.  We do make our own Colloidal Silver and I am sorry I did not start drinking it sooner. But who knows? I feel like a 24 / 7 personal health detective most days. This has been going on for many, many years. Anyway, MMS is effective, but sometimes hard to tolerate.

To get to the point, I am finding some repeat of  symptoms from last spring[other springs] at this time, with many improvements. What is hard is that I so want to feel better. I want to have some kind of  daily pattern of feeling well that I can count on. What I have to remind myself is that before Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I was searching for this pattern, for most of my life, and my gut was worse than it is now. Hard to believe and remember.

I am not good with feeling blocked up. I am learning as I go through this process that many people are just better at dealing with feeling bloated, stuck and trudging on.I am talking mostly about people not on UHP. Prior to UHP I had to eat a very simple diet and rely on other tricks to feel able to be in the world. I knew I just could not cope any longer with the way things were. This was an epiphany I came to  way more than a decade ago, but never found anything that healed my gut. I do write about The Body Ecology Diet in many other posts. BED was one of my hopes to work before finding The UHP. I did BED for three years and it did not heal my gut. Still some good info on The BED site.

It is easy to feel fed up doing The Unique Healing Program. I feel that way and have to give myself a reality check. I felt fed up before The UHP. Why else would I be doing it?  I moved from NYC and stopped at the town of Patagonia, Az.- Tree of Life Center thinking that would be a real helpful jumpstart for my health. I hoped to find a health balance that I could not reach living in NYC my entire life. My path is very, very long and circuitous [decades]. It lead me to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin. I just have to learn to be more patient and that is truly not my strong point.

I have thought I feel really worse at times, but I have to ask myself since when? I did not feel well before UHP. Complaining is not hard to do and I think as the bacteria, fungi, parasites, Candida get pushed out of their homes there is a whole lot of kicking and screaming going on. So, more complaining on my end due to the nasty symptoms. Just a supposition. Sure it is true.

Sick of hearing myself bitch, but understanding why I do. Looking to feel  more grateful. Not easy when I am in the middle of some icky symptoms. If you are reading this post you probably know what I am talking about, whether you are on The UHP or just scoping it out.


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This post is something I began in October of 2013, about 8 months into the program. It has now been one year since I began The UHP 3/2014.

The Unique Healing Program is not for everyone. That is for damn sure. There are moments, not days, when I wonder if it is for me. Because of my own extensive experience with other systems of healing, I understand the value of The Unique Healing Program. However, it was and is not an immediate slam dunk, feel better now, skip down the lane with a rainbow at the end. I wish it was! PS 3/2014: I am seeing some light at this point. No rainbow,but I have great hope.

Here were my main stumbling blocks when I first heard about this program:

How much clay? How do you get that out? I never had any luck with colon cleansing programs. I would feel so blocked and more bloated doing them. I had to do colonics with them in order to see any positive effects. Anyway, as someone who had a great deal of experience with colon therapy, I could not understand how taking clay would work with people who are already constipated. Wouldn’t that be dehydrating? And the amounts! Three to six tablespoons! Ha! Now that doesn’t seem like an big deal.

Cheese? Cheese is “known” to be constipating and undigestible. Eating cheese made no sense to me. Now I find cheese to be exactly what Donna Pessin says, easy to digest and a good source of protein. I eat organic cheese and often times it is from raw milk sources. It is not in large quantities, but you eat what you need to while doing this program.

Black tea? Come on! That really did not make sense to me. I already had trouble with caffeine. Loved the smell of coffee, but agitated me and did not drink it. I have come to realize that the acid condition that I was trying to heal with a more alkaline diet was not entirely working for me. The reason being that it was very cleansing and my gut was not healthy enough to transmute those toxins and escort them out of my system. I was taking one to three table spoons of Zeolite Clay a day and eating fermented foods, as recommended by Donna Gates / Body Ecology Diet. That was the tip of the iceberg of things I was using to, I believed, heal my body and restore peristalsis.

Your Diet Will Not Heal You. Yeah, well that was painfully hard to hear, but I was coming to recognize that it was true years before I found Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program. I thought “that diet” or “that other diet” would not heal, but there was one out there that would. What we eat heals us, right? What we do not eat heals us, right? For most people a change in diet will give an initial boost, but long term healing of the digestive system and GI tract needs much, much more.

Oh yeah, and not eating will really heal? Long term juice fasting and Juice Feasting did not heal my digestion either. I really thought those would be the tickets out of constipation hell.

The Unique Healing Program initially looked like a weight loss program, or  I thought it was being sold that way. I soon realized that the bloat and blocked up feeling many people have makes them feel fat. Of course, healing inferior digestion is the cornerstone to looking and feeling good. In the end it all made sense why there were many references to loosing weight in The Unique Healing Books and videos. The Biggest Looser is a very popular television show here in the states. Okay, the USA is full of fatties and  being very overweight is frighteningly looking like the new norm.


It is a wild goose chase trying to figure out what substances cause what, when it is “probably” something deep inside that was not recently ingested. The videos Donna Pessin has on her website, her books really help clarify these points. In all honesty, it is an unlearning process for most of us. I am still grappling with this new-ish way of thinking. Needing to watch the videos over and over again does not mean you are  thick headed. You are not alone.

Looking back on this unfinished post I have become, at times, more confused about all my understanding about health and sickness. If you decide to do The Unique Healing Program, I would suggest doing it for a complete year before telling the world. It does work, but it is not for everyone and being on The UHP for one year has helped give me a deeper understanding of what exactly is entailed. Although I am still amazed and confused by some of the process and temporary set backs.

My experience and observation is that most everyone I have known that is a long term practitioner in other fields of healing, that do not include prescribed medications and medical intervention, eventually end up seeking out traditional medical care for ailments they said they could cure without that help. They are obviously doing something that is not working. What is that? For many that I personally know and have treated, they never healed their gut. I am sure of this.

I really applaud David Wolfe questioning this missing element of healing in his  first Longevity Now Course. He definitely covers many aspects of what Donna Pessin says in The Unique Healing Program. He also clearly questions why people who are living a healthier lifestyle [not just raw food people] are not living any longer than the general population. Gut health!  One thing he clearly gets into is absorbing toxins and escorting them out of the body in a timely fashion. The Longevity Now Program is very complex and much less specific than The Unique Healing Program. So much more expensive [no, I am not kidding] and the use of products [ he does not sell them through his program] has no end point.

The more you know the more empowered you may feel in doing The Unique Healing Program, sharing it with others or finding something else.


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I have had a few parents contact me wanting to know of experiences of other parents and children who are on, tried, or completed The Unique Healing Program. If you are a parent that meets any of that criteria with your child, please send me a comment and I will respond to your email address.

I KNOW it can be hard to break a bacterial infection with a child. It has been very challenging for me and other adults on The Unique Healing Program who have bacterial gut infections. The constant exposure to all surfaces for both bare hands and feet leave us all vulnerable to ring and thread -worms and other infectious substances. It is almost mpossible to avoid. No, I think it is impossible. Playgrounds, homes of others, birthday parties, public bathrooms, any bathroom, door knobs, light switches. It is called living.

Also, having any kind of pet introduces a whole other aspect of exposure to bacterial infection and parasites. Putting pets on some aspects of The Unique Healing Program, cleaning their bowls in a separate area, using tea tree oil in all soaps and even a small amount of clorox. I have some other ideas if anyone wants to contact me.

In NO WAY want to encourage people to give up their pets! I want to make that clear.

Hope someone on The Unique Healing Program  with children or child experience reaches out. Also, if you have done Body Ecology or anything similar with your child and have some feedback this would be great to know about.


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I started this blog in late fall of 2011 and discovered The Unique Healing Program in December of 2012. I have found The Unique Healing Program to be an experience that I feel and know could benefit so many. I deeply recognize that, like everything, The UHP is not for everyone. This is a huge understatement, for many reasons. One being the level of commitment involved on several levels. Anyway, writing about The Unique Healing Program has been my way of expressing myself, reaching out to others, supporting those who are on the program and encouraging those considering doing it to give it a try.

As a Postscript 5/2014: I think doing The Unique Healing Program on any level is a good idea and worth pursuing. The amounts of clay recommended by Donna Pessin in her books and video may overwhelm some. It is a reason to feel that UHP is not worth doing unless large amounts of clay are being ingested. Start somewhere and if you are not getting results make an appointment with Donna Pessin. If that is not possible you probably need to start increasing or decreasing what you are taking in terms of all the UHP “ingredients” and get a better handle on the crutches she talks about in her videos and books.

I have had readers and people who know I am on The Unique Healing Program ask: Why is there no forum and support set up by Donna Pessin? Obviously, I can not answer that question for Donna Pessin, but I can stipulate from my experience within The UHP, my work in the past as a bodyworker-shiatsu therapist, colon therapist-nutritional coach and yoga teacher. Here are a few reasons:

The Unique Healing Program has a broad audience of people of many different health concerns. Some people on the program have been medically diagnosed with a chronic illness, while others are just sick of feeling sick. Some have tried both allopathic and alternative approaches to heal and have hit a wall. Amazingly, not all people need to be deeply convinced that Donna Pessin’s approach will work and just get on board. I am one of those people, but I had a long, long history of searching for better digestion. I chronicle my exerience in other blog posts.

My experiences that I mentioned in the first paragraph of this post, and my phone appointments with Donna Pessin have taught me how vulnerable and confused we can all be. Feeling less than well can intensify these feelings. I feel Donna Pessin is legitimately protective of her clients and has a deep understanding of the emotional and physical fragility that many people are dealing with [in general] while on The UHP. She may  not want advice given from the blind leading the blind. I really understand that. People can also say things in a flip and unconscious way. This can easily be problematic and unintentionally hurtful. When people are healing they are more agitated and fragile.  Look, this is my own experience in life coming to the surface here.

Another important point is that Donna Pessin has painstakingly made over 75 videos, written two books to help answer questions. She has done this so people can have their basic questions answered. Anything in more detail is really in need of a session with her. The private phone sessions are more than handholding. The feeling that someone gets what I am going through really helped me. Some of what I just wrote is why I started writing about my experience on The UHP.

People sharing their experience on The Unique Healing Program without the understanding that not everyone feels what they are feeling can be confusing to some and off putting to others. Not everyone understands that the road is rockier for some in the beginning, middle, on and off, more than less. It could take someone months to feel better and others a whole year or more.  It is truly as arbitrary as is our personal stories, family health, environmental factors and so much more.

I have a couple of other thoughts on this that I do not want to share in this blog. They are not about Donna Pessin or any fault of hers. If you want to email me I would be glad to share what these observations are. I would be glad to hear yours.

As a Postscript 5/2014: I think a forum could be a great asset to The Unique Healing Program. It takes time and energy to set this up and many people on the program are too busy healing to do this. Secondly, they are afraid of upsetting Donna Pessin by doing this and feel it is not worth it. This is sort of a shame, but the other things I mention above explain Donna Pessin’s possible resistance to having a forum she does not have time to oversee. These are all stipulations. Love to hear what you think.

I highly suggest giving The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin a try at whatever level you are able and willing. Healing our digestion is, in my very long road of research and personal experience, the only way to improve health and prevent illness. Yes, I do believe preventing illness is possible.

If The Unique Healing Program does not appeal to you, then consider and investigate  The Body Ecology Diet. I followed The Body Ecology Diet for three years and it did not improve my gut. However, it may work for you. I do appreciate the information that Donna Gates has compiled. Some people do find it to be helpful. It is well written and will definitely educate you about other alternatives to healing. Check it out.


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My advice concerning telling family and friends about The Unique Healing Program, in hopes that they will join in is, DON’T. Like myself, if you realize you need this program, then put your energy into healing, not convincing. Or, tell people without any expectations. Yeah, right.

Many people, mostly women, tend to put others first. Generalizations aside, this is my experience as a female. More importantly, this program is not easy to do. Those who choose to do it need to find supportive influences. With that said, the program has an element of truth to it that anyone who is willing will see. However, The Unique Healing Program can be threatening to the way most people live. It will bring into question some very deep seated food, lifestyle, and behavioral patterns – addictions.  Intimate relationships, other family ties, and friendships will be effected in some way. Change is uncomfortable for most everyone.

I have fallen into this desire of wanting to share The Unique Healing Program with people I care about. Some have health issues that could greatly benefit.  I have done this with a velvet glove and still felt the thorns. Learning to know when not to push things has been part of my journey. Looking back The Unique Healing Program is probably one in 50 or more things I have shared with people over the past 30 years. I have some experience with this subject of sharing.

In summary, if you do feel the desire to share this program with people [one on one]  be aware of your attachment to the outcome. That is, for most individuals. very hard to do. All the power to you, if you can. The other thing is to do the program for one year, go through all four seasons so you know what you are talking about.

I sent links for Donna Pessin’s website to about 5 people over a period of six month. I did this twice during that time frame and never heard back via email or was it mentioned when I spoke to these same people over the phone. I attached a communication with the emails saying how the program has helped me. Fortunately, at this point in my life, I know not to go there again. Did they get the emails? Probably.

PS: These are some of  the same people I had told about The Body Ecology Diet, a much more palatable approach to improving gut health. I was not met with the warmest reception for that one either.

If you do the program and the results will eventually speak for themselves. It is going to take some time and effort to reap the rewards.