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I have used Health Force  Intestinal Drawing Formula at times over the past 12 or more years. Until working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD I found it clogging. I also used Sodium Bentonite Clay while doing The Unique Healing Program. I can not compare the use of Clay with The Health Force Intestinal Drawing Formula. Also the use of Dr. Daniels Vitality Capsules are very effective and, for me, better working than The Unique Healing Herbal Bowel Formula. The Drawing Formula has many ingredients that are specifically designed to heal digestion and elimination.

If you have been making your own Powder Formula for absorption of toxins, candida, parasites, etcetera the Health Force Intestinal Drawing Formula could be a good back up, or replacement. It is worth giving it a try.





Like cockroaches and jelly fish, internal pathogens [aka parasites] know no boundaries. They simply take over. There is a desperation in their actions to stay alive and reproduce. The age, social standing, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity often makes little difference. Parasites are internal “terrorists”.  They have no empathy, they just want to proliferate. Very often people have similar personality traits of the pathogens that hold court in their bodies. Mass numbers of people unconsciously reproduce. They do this without considering their personal capabilities, or that of our belabored planet. These words may make sense to you. They may piss you off. For me, these observations have helped to create a deeper understanding of others. However, it is not so easy for me to feel empathy and compassion for people who are in denial about their personal situations and the highly tenuous condition of this beloved planet Earth.


When people have a inner terrain that is in balance and NOT overly populated by pathogens, they most likely have a greater sense of acceptance toward the world and others. However, even the most aware have limitations. Feeling defensive and closed minded is a sign of poor health. To recognize the poor health of those we see as our enemy is a sign of wisdom and maturity. I recently heard someone say that the world “needs” villains and heroes. Simply put, most of us need someone to be wrong so we can be right. We need someone to dislike. Why? Well, often to feel good about ourselves. Time is running out on this planet for immature behavior like that. Hot headed people of any kind culture, from any nation, using Chemical Weapons of any kind is one example. Powerful nations all over the globe are culpable.


More than ever I truly admire people who write about what is going on with themselves in very personal ways. In a way that seems like they do not care what anyone else thinks. At this time in the world they face the opinions of others as never before. A time when mean spiritedness has a a platform like no other. That platform is the internet. People of all ages and sexual orientation are expressing their ugly words  [often anonymously]. These words   are often justified in the mind of the speaker  by their own sexual, social, racial, economic fears and prejudices.


I began writing these blog posts in an effort to reach out and possibly meet others who were on a similar search. Looking for solutions to a dwindling feeling of vitality and all the repercussions that go with it.  Meeting people and conversing outside this blog post has been a great help at times. It has also forced me to look at how I am influenced by the opinions of others. Getting to know people who have contacted me through this blog has at times curtailed what I say here to a certain degree. I am determined to not let this continue.


On a similar note, writing these blog posts I am again facing how the words of others  effect my own self expression. This is not something I like to admit.Why? Sadly, for similar reasons. From what people tell me, it appears that what others think is of little consequence to me. This is  due to my health and other lifestyle decisions. I must admit that, at times,  it has taken great effort to go against the norm. Decisions that, in my opinion, only effect others by their perception of my decisions. How it may cause them to question their own decisions. What kind of decisions? One example is keeping my family surname after marrying. A total nothing burger in my book.

Besides myself I have seen the concern of what others think determine the actions and decisions of people I know very intimately, to those I only know by what I have read, and what others say. Reflecting on this has forced me to make some uncomfortable choices over and over again. Choices that challenge the decisions of others that are blatantly not in their best interest, or that of those around them. Like what? How about daily  red wine consumption. I know CNN tells us it is good for our hearts. See how awkward things become when when you decline wine in the company of  people who consume daily.


When pathogens rule, people are easily manipulated, even if they do not think they are. We are all sold products and helped to make decisions based on what is best for the economy to keep growing. What our family, our tribe finds acceptable. Our jobs and investments, of all kinds, greatly shape these decisions. Shaming people into conformity is Advertising 101.  How we look and feel needs to be acceptable in the eyes of others, or this is what we are deeply encouraged to believe. I have felt this. Have you? Maybe it is something you have never even questioned. Understandably so, because it could mean the end of  marriages, other relationships, a job, and lifestyle. Several of the people I have met through The Unique Healing, CD Autism, etcetera want to “get better” so they can fit right back in. May work for some, but for many they will always have the feeling of being the outsider. Coming to peace with who we are is not so easy in a society that, for the most part, does not like change.

Advertisers know the psychological profile of most consumers. They know that the downfall of others peaks the interest of others. Understatement. Ever hear of The Enquirer Magazine [USA]?  The media pressure distracts us from facing our own lives. In the similar sense people like to see their “team” win, and when it does they think  so have they.To be a fan of a “team” that is not related to the tribes [aka families, country, schools, etc.] we come from is frowned upon. Trying to get members of our own family to change their philosophy can be a real uphill battle. I have learned after  many years that leading by example is way more effective. In the end, you may not have converts, but they will respect you.


A great deal. Questioning what pathogens, viruses and bacterial infections really are, and getting an honest answer can start an avalanche of changes that can rock our world and those of the world around us. I do believe there is a connection here to everything I have said previously about parasites and patterns of unconscious and addictive behavior. Somethings we all witness and participate in on some level. Connecting poor health with combative behavior has helped me to be more compassionate toward myself and others. It is way easier to have compassion toward others when we like them. Not so easy when we dislike someone, when their actions have hurt us. When their actions have hurt someone we care for.

So, if we have a sister, brother – in – law, neighbor, politician, etcetera whom we can not tolerate, it helps to pause and reflect. To see them as ill and not just “a crazy” can encourage compassion and understanding. It is a decision that can assist us in our own healing by not being reactionary and condemning. I have to laugh when I hear people say they do not judge others. I think we all do. Checking ourselves when we do is our most realistic plan of action.


One intention I have in writing these blog posts is to make the world a better place one blog post at a time. Words do matter, they have a vibration. Words touch others and set actions into motion. To be greater than these pathogens that CAN determine so much of our lives is the beginning of a movement toward greatness and compassion for ourselves and others. To turn our backs on hateful judgement is moving against a tide that is overwhelmingly encouraged today by the media. A major example is the uber – coverage of Donald Trump  and his run for the Presidency of the USA. Two other examples is the media coverage of  Boris Johnson in the UK and the late mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. Johnson and Ford are two other Uber personalities that have received lots of media coverage for having little to no filter on their mouths.

During this endless primary season here in the USA, I have had people tell me they like the way Donald Trump “thinks”. Well, if that is thinking then sign me up for “Pet Rock” – inanimate object status. To think before we speak is something we could all do more of. Count to 10, or higher, before responding. The conscious use of words is a challenge we are all facing in this time of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etcetera. A time when every verbal fart has a platform for expression. Donald Trump is presently well known, here in the USA, as a middle to late night Tweeter. An out of control need to respond to all his critics. Whatever the outcome of this USA election is, this kind of hair-trigger reaction is not to his or anyone else advantage in the long run.

I am currently working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD on recovering my health. I have experienced major differences on all levels. I appreciate her honesty and patience. I am also grateful to the other healing modalities that I have participated in over the last 30 years, many of which I have written about in past blog posts. Some I have written more in depth than others.

Without compassion and understanding no true healing can take hold on a personal, or global level. Seeing what joins us [the essence of Yoga] and not what separates us is the only path to peace and true freedom.



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A short response to some feedback I have received from the few posts I have written about my experience with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD.

I do not think Dr. Daniels is the answer for everyone.  I can not stress this enough. I am just relaying my experience.

It does disturb me that the cost of consulting with Dr. Daniels is prohibitive for most people. I do have to say that there are people I know who would benefit greatly from what Dr. Daniels has to offer. Most of them cannot in any way afford her services. What I also need to say is that even if they could they would not be interested in the protocols that she recommends. Look over her website and you will understand why. No quick fixes for most conditions. She does have remedies to help the process of healing be less uncomfortable that often work remarkably well.

For others it is a pedestal issue that I have observed over the years. I have witnessed people put practitioners, in most recent years Donna Pessin and Kerri Rivera on a pedestal. It has been a hard fall for all involved, especially Donn Pessin and her Unique Healing Program. Compassion for others is a sign of healing. The late Donna Pessin is someone to have compassion for.

Experience things for yourself first before telling friends and family that you have found the Holy Grail. I am very fortunate that none of the friends and family I told about The Unique Healing [ about 5 ] were at all interested. I knew it was a bad idea and stopped myself early on. I did write many posts about Donna Pessin and The UHP. I did compose them from the most honest and straight forward place. I was often critical and mentioned my need to augment The Unique  Healing Program with colonics, enemas and my own dietary knowledge that was not at all inline with Donna Pessin and her program.

One person has written me more than once about Dr. Robert Morse and her positive results with his protocol. He is someone I have done a small amount of research on. I think he is worth investigating.

Please do not put anyone on a pedestal. There is often pressure from family, clients and friends to come up with THE answer. There is not ONE. This can be especially true when people have followed your advice and things did not work out.

Everything I say here is meant whole heartedly. I am having my own struggles while working with Dr. Daniels. Part of what has helped me have success with her has been my own knowledge. There are things that she has come up with that have probably saved me from an Emergency Room visit. The Emergency Room is something I have done only once before, and was due to a bike collision 30 years ago.

I am a compassionate person, but what I have been through recently has made me more aware of why there is such a need for perscription pain medication in order to be functional. How I have managed to not use any is something I will try to write about in the near future. Please do not be hard on yourself for using drugs for pain. Please be relentless in your search to find other ways to minimize, or irradiate the use of these substances.

Again, Dr. Daniels in NOT for everyone. No one person is. Any issues I have had with her treatment has been more on a personal communication level and not on her demeanor, or expertise. Things that are truly not worth writing about in this forum. And I am NOT referring to her availability to her patients . She is there for those who are her patients.

Please excuse any typos. Corrections and links will come later today. : )








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Before reading any further, I invite you to imagine yourself walking. Walking in a way that engages both your upper and lower body. Shoulders, Arms, Hips and Legs. A Gait that has an alternating motion of shoulders and hips. A Gait  that looks easy going, that has a natural, understated swagger. This IS a Gait that is ageless. A Gait that is driven by confidence and  curiosity. A Gait that is NOT driven by fear and pain. Fear, when it is an everyday response to life, not spurred on by any real circumstance, needs to be recognized a a precursor, or outcome of poor health. This kind of behavior is often mistaken as a attribute of old age. It is really an attribute of declining health, and can occur at any age.


Are you a person that has had a dalliance with digestive ills, joint pain, depression – lack of excitement about life, skin rashes, migraines, just feeling tired all the time? The list of symptoms is very long all encompassing. Maybe you would consider that chances are you walk without a whole lot of elegance. Otherwise known as loosing your MOJO. Maybe you never thought about how you and others walk, get up out of a chair, have restrictions in joint range of motion.  A less than fluid Gait often goes undressed because it is masked by youth and lack of awareness. An awkward Gait can eventually evolve into a Limp.

Do some observing and you will notice how many people walk in a stiff and uncomfortable looking way. Also, you do not need to be over 50 to have this issue. However, Posture and Gait do create a vibe of  premature aging. How we walk is a unsolicited and unconscious comment we make about ourselves. A comment that needs no words. Actions, especially in the case of walking, do speak louder.


I  would begin by researching the causes of inflammation and how to deal with pain without the use of numbing drugs, injections and surgery. In my view medications open the door for further inflammation and structural damage to those taking them. Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has an approach that may work for people who have an open mind. Her use of Turpentine – Pine Oil  and Vitality Capsules, in my opinion, are the lynch pins that make everything else she recommends work. Many of her other recommendations may not be new to some. Her approach does have a deeper impact due to her Candida Cleaner Protocol. Dr. Daniels understanding of the use of Pine Oil / Turpentine joined with her clinical experience is undeniable. All of this accompanied by her own personal healing process, that seems to be constantly evolving, deepens her success with her patients.


Over the past decades I have observed the Walking Movement / Gait of my clients and people in general. Back when living in NYC, I personally worked with a Structural Integration Therapist on my own Gait Retraining. Due to the influence of Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies on Medical Education on all levels, many PT’s have low expectations for most people, especially those over 50. Even lower ones for those with diagnosed “Degenerative” Illnesses. With that information stated, one thing that I can generally recommend is to begin walking in a way that engages the upper and lower body. This means synchronizing the movement of the upper body [shoulders  and arms ]with the hips and legs. This is  an approach to walking that takes conscious effort. The benefits are many

To summarize, the upper body needs to move in opposition to the lower body when walking. When the upper and lower torso are held in a rigid way it does NOT transmit a feeling of confidence. A confidence that is most deeply connected to a strong Immune System. A walking pattern that lacks fluidity puts a great strain on the entire nervous system – spine. It looks robotic. A robotic Gait is not attractive. The age of the person, under these circumstances is almost inconsequential. However, one thing  reasonable people may agree upon is that moving in a rigid way contributes to appearing  less than confident. How we think and move often reflect one another. Are there exceptions? The spirit of an individual is powerful and can override what is lacking physically. This is becoming less and less in this world of exposure to environmental toxins, and other factors that compromise the health of each one of us.

In the past few years I have shared my experience with The Unique Healing Program / Donna Pessin and The Kalcker Parasite Protocol, and a long history before that.  Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is a practitioner who has provided a great deal of information that is well worth checking out. I have found further help from her Vitality Capsules Site after hitting a wall with the long time use of CD / MMS. Maybe you  will, too.


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When I asked the late Donna Pessin, as well as some other health practitioners, about how whom we live, exchange body fluids with, where we live, where we work, what we do all day (work) effects us there were some notable reactions. All of which I could completely relate to. With Donna it was a sigh and some nervous laughter. As though I was a five year old asking her where babies come from. In fact, it was that I was hitting a topic of confrontation where no one really wants to tread. Let’s face it, we can only change ourselves, and that is not so easy. If a person is not single and unattached, it is a very difficult task, in some cases not possible, or sensible, to immediately uproot everyone, end a relationship, change work. I am not just talking inconvenience. In most situations behind all this are basic survival issues. Finances are often at the core. The role money plays in our decision making needs to be acknowledged. That is a whole other story onto itself and depends on how honest one is willing to be. Money, and the impact it has on our lives, is something that deeply touches us all.


For any healthcare practitioner, in this case Donna Pessin, this uncomfortable confrontation about sex, money and work is similar to the walking of a fine tightrope. One thing at a time, or you loose a client. You loose the chance to help them, and the income from that client. So, when people are dragging physically – mentally it is easy to perceive everything as a stress. The premise that we see life as we are (feel), and not as it is, speaks volumes of truth. When people are in love, and or are experiencing the initial euphoria of financial success, the world usually appears much rosier. Stress can feel lessened at these times. Our Immune Systems may feel less impinged upon. Life changes are easier when our immune systems are strong. This is not so when we have persistent annoying symptoms, just plain feel lousy, or have been diagnosed with an Autoimmune Illness, Cancer, or a something else.


So, if we are in a relationship with someone who is, or is not, on the same page with us concerning strengthening their Immune System, it is especially imperative to have a plan for ourselves. What to do, and how to move forward. That plan is as individual as each one of us is. I do not have THE answer. I was sadly amused when watching the video with Kerri Rivera, Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Dr. Ruggiero, no one asked them these pivotal question. Not one of them addressed these personal issues. Maybe amusing is not the right word. More like, I guess none of you are going there. However, in all fairness, that video is primarily about Austism at an Autism Conference (2014). The primary audience being addressed concern children, teens and young adults. With all that said, it is an applecart very few practitioners, I don’t know any, are willing to upset. David Wolfe obliquely addresses these issues in his first edition Longevity Now Book, CD’s, and DVD.


Change of relationship, living environment, work are very, very difficult areas of our lives to initiate change. Especially true when energy is needed to heal. Unless the situation is dire, it is hard to make a clear decision when we are not well. On the other hand, loosening – breaking ties and doing something unfamiliar can feel and be a huge unloading of toxic baggage. This feeling of standing up for oneself is sometimes scary, but can be highly emancipating. Finances are often THE deciding factor, at least for awhile concerning change. When people start feeling better, being around other people who are not on the same wavelength can become a their healing and personal growth. Also, you just don’t have much to share on an equal level anymore.

We all make decisions based on fear, loyalty, economics, family, and well being. That is the short list. Probably, the biggest “Aha” moment born from this process is to not judge others for their choices. That alone is one big stress off of our Immune Systems. As unusual an idea as this may sound to some, judging others is stressful. Some people say that there are only two emotions: Love and Fear. Everything else is a spin off of those two. Love is not stressful, but Fear is for sure. Judging others comes under the fear category. I wish I could say I do not judge others. What I can say is that I question my judgements and, when I am conscious, just let them go.  Okay, try to let them go. When life is happening at full speed it is easy to be more reactionary.


I salute, and downright adore the feeling of carefree abandon and freedom. The image of the wind blowing in our hair while riding down that open road in a convertible, or a Harley. That is what the phrase Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll represents in Western culture, and in the hearts and minds of many. So, let the healing begin. With the right intensions good things can happen down the line. The future does seem brighter when we are healthy. When our Immune System has not been delivered a blow that can not be self – treated away, either naturally or through over the counter meds. Still, improvement of health is possible, and it begins with believing that it is possible. Surrounding ourselves with people who also believe it is possible is more than helpful.

Happy Healing to everyone this Holiday Season!





I keep receiving, completely understandable, email questions concerning how Donna Pessin died. Just for now, I want to say two things that may or may not help people who regularly read, or come upon this blog looking for some clarity:

First off, Donna Pessin, in her book generously admitted to her bouts with, and healing from, food (eating disorder), alcohol, and drug addiction. All three of these are big drains on health and weaken – clog up all body functions. Today, everyone’s Liver  is under constant pressure. This is mostly due to environmental toxins that most of us are exposed to. Cleansing the liver and all organs regularly,  even after one has overcome great odds is very necessary. Even more so for those who have had their dance with food, drug and alcohol abuse. Which leads me to….

Secondly, Donna Pessin is very clear in her book that after completing her program one never has to take supplements again. This was something I was not in agreement with, but thought a lessening of supplements might be a possibility. So, if this is what Donna preached it is clear to me that she did not do, what I am sure needs to be done, with  her own health as years went by. Donna did flat out tell me that she did not need her own products. She said this because she had healed herself years ago. I think it is highly understandable that she would feel this way. I also was told by other clients Donna on The Unique Healing Program, through my contact with them via email, texts, and phone calls.


Lastly, just for now, if you look at the later videos of Donna Pessin, she was not looking her best. Drained was more how I saw it. Drained is the open door, or buddy for illness.  Donna’s family has not, as far as I know, made a statement as to how Donna died. She could have had a car accident, or something of that nature. Being highly stressed compromises our instincts and reactions to what is going on around us.

It is a sad and shocking loss. Donna helped many people. I did her program for two years with the help of MMS/CD, and colonics. Donna did not subscribe to colonics. She felt they do not heal. Alone colonics do not heal, but can be a great adjunct to healing. For some colonics are very necessary. Also MMS/CD enemas are of great help to many. They may be necessary for many. I highly recommend looking into them.  Dr. Andreas Kalcker and Kerri Rivera talk about this in length in the book by Kerri Rivera. A link to the PDF is available click here. This PDF was free, but it looks like it may not be any longer.

You are brave if you are looking for alternative answers outside Western Medical box. There is not a whole lot of visible support in the mainstream. Why? A myriad of reasons, but mostly because the alternative to Western Medicine challenges the food, alcohol, drug misuse that is so common today. The new normal. Please know one thing, there are other people like you. They are flawed like everyone else, just trying to find their way. Donna Pessin was one of those flawed people. Thank you, Donna.

I will write more about this. Just wanted to get this out there – please excuse any typos. The Holidays can be a challenge for all of us.


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It can be very easy to use family, friends, job, lifesyle, etcetera as an excuse to avoid the initially difficult changes that are necessary to heal. These changes are ongoing, and impact us in every way. Our belief systems and those around us are greatly challenged. My observation over the years with myself, clients, friends and family is that some people make changes in their lives unconsciously knowing that their relationships may not survive their decisions. On the other side, there are the select few that are able to be  in a completely different “lane” than the people around them. This may be a possible scenario for some to live and thrive in. As observers we think we know why people make the decisions they do. This is a pretty arrogant assumption. I have been more than guilty of this. What I am writing here are repeated observations of myself, and of others. Experiences that people have shared with me over a period of 30 years or more in clinical and non-clinical situations.

Author Carolyn Myss is a great storyteller in her books and lectures. I listened many times to at least one of her books on recording. I strongly remember her sharing one observation about change. A encapsulated version: When a person is presented with a possible lifestyle change both eyes either both go left, right or up. Then they run that change past their “tribe”. They then decide whether they can or can not make that change accordingly. This is the same tribe that supports all our addictions and deep seated patterns. Going against our tribe will cause a whole lot of disruption. The backside of these decisions is often break – up, divorce, loss of friends, relocation of residence. Change of job and career. This may sound scary, but is often extremely emancipating. It is all how we view it.


Do the people making the changes always do the leaving? No. Sometimes people leave those who are knocking over the applecart. They do this by not being willing to open their minds to new ways of living. Remarkably, there are those that are not interested in participating, but are willing to be a silent support. That kind of relationship may be able to withstand just about anything. People have such different needs. Not everyone needs to be surrounded by like minded people. What has saddened me the most personally is the making wrong tendency others have of something that threatens their addictions. By the way, this works on both sides. Understanding fear of change, and of loosing control, can make it easier to accept others choices and move on. Moving on does not necessarily mean leaving, but letting go of expectations that they will join you in the pursuit of healing.

The bottom line, if there is one, is to not see others as being in our way. It is really our fear about changte that creates stumbling blocks. Those fears are legitimate, and facing them is part of the healing process. At least that has been my experience. What is yours?

If you are on a search for information about the subject of improving overall health through healing the gut, there are some posts at this blog site that you may find interesting and helpful.