The Klinghardt Mercury Detox Protocol, as described in this link, succinctly spells out the steps for Mercury Detox. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reading this protocol can help reduce that feeling. Overwhelm is the feeling associated with one more thing to do, often when a person is not in good health. The lightening of this feeling may not happen the first time you read it. The second on third going over will unveil The Klinghardt simplicity. Also, more and more people are realizing that creating better health is a lifetime process. With that acknowledged, the steps in the Klinghardt Protocol have definitley helped me feel less overwhelmed.  Some of the ingredients involved in this Mercury Detox Protocol may be familiar. It is the quality and amounts of the prescribed ingredients that make a difference. All one can do is experiment. The other option is to confer with a Klinghardt Practitioner. Ultimately, we are pretty much on our own, no matter what kind of healthcare or sick-care we choose. If you trust your intuition you are never really alone in any decision making process. I have to remind myself of this often. Anyway, as of right now I am using the Chlorella, Cilantro and Omega 3 aspects of the Klinghardt Program.


I have been aware of using Chlorella and Cilantro for years. I like Cilantro, but I always disliked the taste of  Chlorella. My experience tells me we often do not like what we need, especially in a therapeutic situation. Other programs that I have been involved with do discuss Heavy Metal Detoxification. The Longevity Now Program by David Wolfe centers around it. Some others are the Body Ecology Diet, Andreas Moritz’s Liver Flushes, Dr. David Jubb and Dr Fred Bisci,  and The Unique Healing Program. The Program I am presently involved in is The Kalcker Parasite Protocol. The Kalcker Protocol is presented by Kerri Rivera in her book CD: Austism. As a current participant in the Kalcker Parasite Protocol Program, I am finding that the Kalcker Program has helped enhance the ingredients used in the Klinghardt Mercury Detox Program. I feel less turned off by the use of Chlorella.  Also, the Liver / Gallbladder flushes have never been as effective for me since doing the Kalcker Parasite Protocol. For me it is about 5 months of doing the Kalcker Program as presented in Kerri Rivera’s book. I have done many Liver – GB Flushes beginning back in 1999.


My deduction is that parasites, bacteria, viruses hang out in the Gallbladder and Liver. How do they end up there? The Liver can be described as #The Buck Stops Here Organ. The Liver is a filter for toxins, and it is a protector for the rest of the body. Until those pathogens exit in a way that does not compromise overall health, the “unwanted guests” will remain congesting the Gallbladder and Liver. These stored Gallbladder / Liver toxins will make it hard for other Detox Programs to  be of any real help. These other cleansing modalities may be effective in the beginning, but then that often wanes or comes to a dead halt. Please read about the Kalcker Protocol [CD : Austism]  to understand what is involved.


Biopure and Health Force, from my experience and research, sell a very clean Chlorella. Biopure Cilantro also looks like it is top notch. I am using Herb Pharm Cilantro Tincture. I would greatly question the Chlorella that Mike Adams gushes over. From his website it looks like he is selling it and that could greatly corrupt his opinion. Judge for yourself.

Directions to apply the Cilantro tincture to the wrists, ankles and groin should NOT be discounted. I think it can have a positive detoxing effect. Applying the Cilantro on these areas is part of the Klinghardt recommendations.

A Zeolite Product is often recommended as an absorber of Heavy Metal toxicity. I am using Health Force Drawing Formula. Health Force has a Zeolite Powder, as well. BioPure does, too.

It is easy to discount the power of Chlorella and Cilantro. I have cut my dosage in half, still three times a day. Sometimes only two depending on the day. I did that because I felt the cleansing reation was picking up. A slight metallic taste in my mouth at times. The Chlorella and Cilantro have added to a slight decrease in appetite. This seems to be improving the longer I use Cilantro Tincture and Chlorella Tablets. As I mentioned before, I am presently using Herb Pharm Cilantro.  Health Force Chlorella Tablets is my present choice.

Environmedica [once LL’s Magnetic Clay] has a Mercury Detox Clay that I use and find helpful. How? I feel lighter, more energy, can think more clearly. Do some research on their site to understand what is involved in using their effective products.

Mercury and other Heavy Metals are substances that we are all constantly coming into contact with through our earth, water, and air. Taking action is imperative for better health, for healing. Is the Klinghardt Program the only way to go? No, but aspects of it are time honored with many testimonials. Do some research and find out for yourself.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no one is going to spoon feed us what to do. It is easy to not fully understand this because if the unhealthy relationship that has been encouraged with “The Doctor”. There is no one to tell us what and when to do things exactly the right way to regain or improve our health. Again, isn’t that what the Western Medical Paradigm claims to do? That was part of the sales pitch for The Unique Healing Program. The UHP had many contradictions. Everything will be just fine if you just follow the instructions was one of them. Even if it takes 5 years of drinking copious amounts of clay.

There are many notyourrawmama posts that discuss The UHP. I have written from my point of view, and from what I have heard from other participants of The UHP.



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Begin by watching Donna Pessin’s videos and reading her books. I did this over two years ago. The answer from doing those two things, for me, was a NO. A no for many others I have corresponded with doing The UHP. On occasion I have heard from some who say they have watched “all” her videos and read her books [ doubt they did]. From that they got a “crazy” vibe from her. I know any person can find, or project crazy onto anyone whose message they do not want to hear.  I am not completely discrediting what her critics are saying. Hold on, and keep reading. This post is not written by the President of the Donna Pessin Fan Club. I would be lying if I told you that nothing about Donna Pessin’s presence in her videos was a trigger for me. I was looking at content, and  her message made sense and had me questioning things I thought were true. Her composure and down to earth delivery was refreshing to me.


Are Western Medical Doctors and other Western Medical Practitioners, people who dole out meds and therapies with a laundry list of caveats, ever asked this question about them? Treatments and Meds that have a history of lawsuits attached to them. Has anyone ever asked you if  your Traditional Medical Doctor is a Quack? That is assuming you have a Western Medical Doctor! Quack and popular Prescribed / used Conventional Medicine protocols? In the same sentence? I have rarely to never seen or heard  it. If one does a search on Chemotherapy [one example] as Quackery there is close to zilch from Western Medicine itself that surfaces. The suffering  that many withstand and tolerate from, during and after Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments is accepted as normal. This is the treatment that is prescribed by Doctors and the Pharmaceutical Companies they do business with. Big Pharma has a heavy hand within the Medical Community. As if you did not know.

Both Western Medical Doctors and Big Pharma help to keep patients in the dark about what is really wrong with them. However, many patients want it that way, or it would change. Why? One reason is that they can continue to live as they always  have. The ” Doctor” will take care of it all. Hello, everyone!  There is the internet today and information, both accurate and fear based is abundant. No one, especially those who have access to a computer, need be clueless around the risks of Allopathic / Traditional Western Medial Treatment. I am, for this post, targeting Chemotherapy and Radiation. Listen, if you think Chemo and Radiation saved your life, I am not going to argue with you. It probably did. However, who wants to repeat that? No one I know, so Western Medicine as a long term plan? You can do better.


Dear Traditional Medical Doctor – Practitioner,

Please define cancer, in plain language,  and tell us what the word Cancer really means. Define it in understandable biological terms. Not the terms that you and your friends at the Pharmaceutical Companies have come up with.

Thank you.

PS There are people who deserve and want to know. Some may not want to. Don’t worry, you will always have some takers. More than enough to please your shareholders.


Yes, Cancer and other Western Medical patients need to do their own research. Many are often afraid to do anything other than what “The Doctor” says. It is easy when a person has a medical diagnosis, such as Cancer to give up control in that way. There is usually pressure from friends and family to go the Western Medical Protocol/Big Pharma route. If you have ever felt ill enough to consider going to an emergency room, you may be able to understand their line of thinking and decision making. People who are ill are often very vulnerable.


One way to help decide what to do is watching a video of the surgery or medical procedure that has been recommended for you, such as a  hip replacement operation. Last time I checked is available on youtube. Then allowing that information to help you decide whether to have the surgery or not. Why don’t more people watch a video of a surgery they are considering? Clue: With a hip replacement there is usually a saw involved. When you use a saw on the human body there is lots and lots of blood. Same for any animal carcass. In other words, it is not pretty.

The alternative to an operation, such as a hip replacement, requires some deep self reflection. Then the energy and focus to find another solution.  Then you need the energy and drive to put it into action. This is no easy road for an ill person, for any person. So, if someone is in oodles of pain they are looking for relief. Reducing inflammation for a person in dire pain, the natural way, is a no easy fix. Not by a long shot.


When private consults were possible with Ms. Pessin she was very dogmatic about her protocol. More clay, herbs and colloidal silver were her solutions. This did not work for me after three months. It has not worked for the tens of others I have corresponded with via this blog. It did not work for many I have “met” on the FB UHPSG Forum. If a patient can not talk to their practitioner and problem solve that does not make for a good long term relationship. Is that Quackery? It most definitley is a relationship gone bad. Many of Donna Pessin’s clients have felt left high and dry with a protocol that worked for awhile, sort of worked, was getting some results and stopped. Sound familiar?

Part two: Presently there is a lack of solutions to the problems that numbers of people are having within The Unique Healing Program. Donna Pessin has stopped one on one consults. Okay, so people feel bloated, nauseated and achy. Add to that there is no one to call for help. Hitting a wall, feeling frustrated, alone and just plain sick is not conducive to healing. Is that Quackery? Sounds like many Doctor/ Patient relationships. A relationship many feel they have no other alternative but to put up with it. This is not healing. This is a practitioner / client /  patient  situation gone bad. All this only adds more obstacles to healing.

Western Medical Practices often lack a supportive and nurturing staff. Office situations that do not have creative solutions to the problems of their patients. Is this the experience for everyone? No, but enough people feel this way. That is why people seek out alternative protocols like The Unique Healing Program. They want to find some answers. They need someone with experience to talk to about their progress, or lack there of.  Doctors are usually the ones that tell the public that this is THE way “we” do things. What goes unsaid is that if you decide not to go along with the protocol you can hit the road. By the way, that road is usually scary and lonely. You NEED us more than we need you is what they are inferring.”Us” are Western Medical Practitioners and their Prescription Pads.  Point being is that it is unnecessary to be a doctor, or play one on TV to behave like a Western Medical Doctor or Practitioner. And what does that behavior look like? Meet Donna Pessin. BTW, she would angrily scoff at that notion or completely not acknowledge it, giving my premise even more credibility.


So, I have written many posts saying that I found something called The Unique Healing Program, and  that it helped me. I did say that, and also stated, from the beginning,  that there were always caveats attached to doing UHP. I made it clear that I needed Colon Therapy during my time on UHP to deal with lessening my symptoms. I mentioned that I had to, on my own, tweak The UHP to make it work for me. I pointed out that Ms. Pessin’s advocating the use of Sodium Bentonite Clay to absorb toxins was her strong point. Sadly, the major weak point is that Donna Pessin boldly promotes her program as One Stop shopping. Does she really believe that? I do not know. However, when speaking to Donna Pessin, any inference that UHP does not work creates a whole lot of defensiveness on her part. That or a complete shut down of communication.  Now that is mature! Her video that states Die Off does not exist on The Unique Healing Program, is a prime example. You can feel better on her program while cleansing by using her “Crutches”. Okay, the big problemo is that this is not true for anyone I know doing The Unique Healing Program some of the time, most of the time, or after awhile.


Why? One major reason is that her program is lacking a strong enough anti viral and anti bacterial agent. Her recommendations of more clay, CS and Bowel Strength are not a long term solution. Long term? Well, she makes it clear her program can go on for 1 – 5 years. That is a whole lot of clay to drink. Remember some are drinking up to 24 tablespoons a day. For how many years? How long can one take Berberine and Colloidal Silver and it still be effective. When do you transfer to lesser amounts, Probiotics, etcetera. Well, if it is not in her books, and she swears it is, you are screwed. Is that Quackery? You tell me. It is disappointing and just plain unprofessional.


If you are looking for another step in the healing of Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhea and any other indicators of the underpinnings of poor health, then  I suggest you read a book by Kerri Rivera that has some challenging and very helpful information about healing the bowel, body and brain. Also, David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Program. Dr. Fred Bisci, PHD has a website, book and 80 some odd years of educating people to heal themselves. There is Donna Gates, creator of the Body Ecology Diet. Of course, there are others, but those I just mentioned are ones I am most familiar with. These authors and practitioners place creating Bowel Health at the top of their list for creating better health. Each of their methods are in several ways different. What they have in common is that they can help you, in some way, with or without The Unique Healing Program. On the other hand, they may help you appreciate what Donna Pessin has to say in her books and videos. Her use of Sodium Bentonite Clay and Berberine Herbs. Do your research, comparing, and intuition. If you do try The Unique Healing Program, keep in mind what I have written here, in more recent post, and those beginning in late 2012.

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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Why would someone have an Inguinal Hernia? Below I get into more detail of the location of the Inguinal Hernia. Also, bodily fluids and waste that gather there because of a complex maze these substances have to rise up [on the right side] and exit [on the left]. So, depending on the family health history and individuals health history, the body may not be that inherently strong. Then repetitive movement done under stress in sports, work outs, lifting for work, an activity done to release anger [exercise and sports are often used to vent, and this is not always done consciously] adds to creating a Hernia in this particular area. Sometimes when people love to do something they overdo it. Many sports today often stress one side. Dance is very often that way. Often dancers and choreographers have a stronger side and favor it. Using one leg over and over again in fencing, soccer, kicking in football, stance in baseball, high jump, skateboarding, and dance are some easily identifiable examples. I hope this makes sense in explaining how an Inguinal Hernia can begin.


When the PH of our blood, urine, lymph, and other bodily fluids and waste measures highly acidic for years it is easier for health problems to become more frequent. Why? Because that acidic fluid that all our tissues are bathing in aids in breaking down the body and putting it in a position of defensiveness. We are always irritated. Our Immune System is then always in a defensive mode. This will also be reflected in our personality. It will influence how we see the world. We can feel attacked, paranoid and easily angered. Depending on how frequently a person sees a doctor, blood tests are taken, fear about being sick pervades. This knowingly or unknowingly determines the future of our health. One Physician  treating my father, after my dad had a stroke, took me aside and gave me advice I will never forget. He told me to keep my dad away from doctors that always want to run tests. Some people would cringe at this advice, but I knew exactly what he was saying. I do have to interject here that many doctors do run tests to protect themselves from lawsuits and create a paper trail that shows they were on top of things in case of a malpractice suit.


A hernia is a weakening of the facial and deep layers of body tissue. I know first hand that strain or overuse is not the primary reason hernias form in the groin area. An Inguinal Hernia is located in the lower quadrant of the loins. It is an area on men and women where there are strong physiological and functional demands, not just structural. A gathering point for waste matter and other bodily fluids. On the right there is the Cecum and Appendix. Waste matter has to move up against gravity and when it does not, becomes impacted, the PH of the entire body, eventually takes a big hit. That right corner tissue becomes a weak spot. The Appendix has a similar reason for becoming stuck and sluggish. The rest of the GI Tract, Cecum and Appendix greatly effect one another due to location and function. When things are not moving, often beginning in childhood, a person is more inclined to have a hernia. I have treated two males under the age of 18 who were developing an Inguinal Hernia. They were both Olympic Trial Fencers, lunging on one leg repetitively. Their diet was poor and their stress level was great. Their coach was not interested in addressing the enormous difference in thigh circumference that was beyond apparent on the overworked lunging leg. It was criminal in my mind. All these kids wanted to do was please their coach and get to the  US Fencing Team Trials. In doing that they were creating some serious imbalances in their tissue.


The left side of the loins is where the exit point of waste is located and it is a complex maze. If a person is aware of  problems with Digestion or Elimination  it will often be experienced in this lower left area. From Chronic Constipation to Loose Stools, all will show a build up of toxic waste that weakens the tissue. How can it be any other way? The waste sitting there, unable to exit, creates acidity that weakens the tissue. Also, the location of the Bladder puts an added pressure on the whole pelvic – groin area of the body in terms of Uric Acid building. If the rest of the body can not let go of waste in a timely way, the Bladder will be a highly stressed organ for helping to create some kind of Homeostasis. Not forgetting the involvement of the Kidneys here, but any means.


If you have an Inguinal Hernia and want to heal it without a surgical procedure, have had a surgery or are planning to have a surgery it will only help to balance out your body’s PH. The time to start is now. It will not happen overnight. You can begin to do this by eating a diet that is more alkaline while taking something that absorbs old waste throughout the entire body. Yes, I am talking about Sodium Bentonite Clay and or Zeolite Clay. There are other clays that may help and here is one source to do some research. However, is is imperative to come up with a long term plan to absorb acidy body fluids and waste. Again, they have accumulated due to sitting around stagnating and  are very irritating and weakening to the entire organism.

Our body has an internal  protection plan to buffer an overly acidic PH. One part of that is taking minerals from our bones [Calcium is one] to buffer and balance out the building acids. This is not a long term plan for buffering for obvious reasons. Without intervention deep sickness occurs. An Inguinal Hernia is a cry for help. Things are just too acidic. irritated and breaking down.


Taking a substances such as Sodium Bentonite Clay and Calcium Citrate along with dietary changes keeps all our cells in a less acidic environment. A more Acid Bath is what eventually leads to Auto Immune Illnesses and all Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Illness and Discomfort. A balanced PH is the only way to heal. Adhesions that form throughout the body, especially in the Groin, deeply involve the Psoas. These are areas where Inguinal Hernia Surgery has placed screening material and often needs serious help. Adhesions can be made more flexible with Rolfing or other Structural Integration work, but it does hurt. The released acids [ Lactic and others] will just be reabsorbed if there is nothing to sop them up with. Also, these Adhesions will reform without the absorption of these acids and change in diet and lifestyle. Adhesions are a way for the body to protect itself and try to shore up the area, but in the end it causes more pain and stiffness. A kind of  mending that is not a long term plan.

I have been in contact with a few people who are grappling with an Inguinal Hernia. A Hernia in the groin area can be painful due to the pressure of waste build up, and the pressure that is put on this core area to stand, walk and bend. Annoying and painful, it is an undeniable wake up call. There is not much more medicine can do years after an Inguinal Hernia surgery to ease the pain, stiffness and inflexibility. More of the same mounts as waste builds. It is amazing what people are willing to accept from a Physician that would get an Alternative Practitioner the boot or worse. Lawsuit….


The Body Ecology Diet. A book worth reading and a diet with MANY aspects worth exploring. The downside of The BED is that it is high in fermented foods and liquids that are very cleansing and tend to add to the acid load. No Sodium Bentonite Clay in this Protocol. Accompanied by SBC or some other clay, The BED could be the missing link and better vehicle for healing.

Ejuva Cleanse is one more balanced colon and whole body cleanse that can help absorb acids and create healing in the body. It can be done at a slow pace. The quality when I used it was very high. Worth checking out. Do not discount this product because of David Wolfe, spokesperson for the faulty Nutribullet, endorses it.

Dr. Fred Bisci PHD  has some very well earned wisdom during his 82 + years on the planet. His focus on creating whole body health by healing the GI Tract is solid.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. No, I do not get a dime for recommending The UHP. I have been on The Unique Healing Program for almost two years. Decades of searching brought me to try this program and it is most definitely, for me, been the missing link to healing my digestion and elimination woes. Lots of videos and free info on The UHP site.

Will add more as I think of it.




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If you are following The Unique Healing Program and working on better digestive and overall health on any level, taking digestive aids can be very helpful. When I started The UHP I spoke with Donna Pessin and asked her about continuing  taking Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin. She concurred that this would be a good idea. I have always benefitted from HCL and would have continued taking it no matter what Donna Pessin had said.

Why take HCL with Pepsin or any Digestive Enzyme? A weak digestive system creates more acidity for parasites, candida, and other bacteria to grow and flourish in our bodies. Indigestion, undigested food sitting in the stomach and gut equals gas and bloating. This is a breeding ground for poor health that expresses itself as lethargy or irritation, mental confusion, unpleasant attitude, skin conditions, headaches, constipation, and ALL other health imbalances, cleansing reactions, and down the line serious medical diagnosis.

I am not sure why Donna Pessin does not include taking HCL and other digestive aids in her books and videos. I am beyond sure that if you have a sluggish gut your digestion can use all the help it can get. Just the other day I read that Ms. Pessin had recommended to one person that they use Digestive Enzymes and Beano as an adjunct to The Unique Healing Program. Digestion takes a long time to heal and will be in flux for all people healing. Digestive Enzymes can only make that healing easier. Taking them a few minutes before meals greatly helps the enzymes be more effective. I also find drinking a cup of boiled water can help indigestion that occurs at any time during the day. Chewing a little bit of  ginger, cardamon, clove fennel has helped me. Just one of these can help alleviate indigestion. Good to chew on an empty stomach or between meals.

Here is one page I found that gives a personal experience explanation of the need for digestive enzymes, low stomach acid and the autoimmune connection. It is a blog written by an person who is currently exploring healing through a Paleo type diet. I am not endorsing the Paleo Diet, but do understand why people choose it when suffering from Candida overgrowth and other digestive and GI tract disturbances. I think Paleo done with lots of vegetables small portions of organic fish and other animal proteins, green  supefoods and other low glycemic grains, fruits and some nut butters is a diet worth trying out. We become our own best advisors the longer we are on the healing path, learning new things and trying them out.

I use Solaray HCL with Pepsin. I have also used thousands of dollars worth of digestive and systemic enzymes from Dr. Fred Bisci and other purchased from Matt Monarch at The Raw Food World. The use of Systemic Enzymes while using Sodium Bentonite Clay may or may not be helpful for you. I have not found enzymes other than HCL with Pepsin necessary. Systemic enzymes used therapeutically break down toxic material in the body. At the time I was not using Sodium Bentonite Clay. I did not have a healthy enough digestive system to sponge up the acids that resulted in taking the Systemic Enzymes. I was not able to escort these acids out of my body in a timely way. I was using Zeolite powder and doing colonics. Because of these things, systemic enzymes created more cleansing symptoms for me than help. My experience.

HCL with Pepsin or another Digestive Enzyme of your choice can help make your gut, in the long or short one, a less welcome place for those “unwanted guests”. Heard that phrase from David Wolfe…



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Sometimes those crutches don’t work as well as they did yesterday, or a week ago. The reasons are very subjective. Whatever is being released from the body in terms of acidity, toxic matter may outweigh the crutches ability to nullify the symptoms. Some fancy language there : ) More clay can help. But if you are like me and tend more toward constipation, before and while on The Unique Healing Program, more clay can sometimes end up making me feel more bound up and stressed. Donna may say use Magnesium Citrate as a solution and that does help. How much Mag Cit to use is another story. Experiment, videos and books, or ask Donna if you hit a wall.

I often take a much larger dose of some of the crutches than I originally considered a large dose when I began the program, and much later down the line. Much larger doses started  after being on The UHP 9 months to one year into it. Recently I discovered L-Theanine and that it seems to make the GABA I am taking more effective. L -Theanine, for me, has been effective on its own-I took it the  first time without GABA. How do I experience that? I feel more centered, focused, upbeat, relaxed. However, as with all the crutches, I often hit a wall and I am never exactly sure why. The past few weeks I have some symptoms that come and go. The last few days they have parked themselves in my joints.


I have had some injury to my body from athletic and dance pursuits that were compounded by other choices. This all has added up to accumulated acidity. Acidity that got worse from cleansing diets that I was under the impression would lead to healing. They  would have been way more  healing if I had found The Unique Healing Program to partner with them. A substance like Sodium Bentonite Clay is necessary to help absorb the acids from a diet that helps break down toxins, but does not help them exit out. Finding the right amount of clay is crucial. A cleansing diet + nothing to absorb the toxins + an unhealthy gut =’s a recipe for pain. One example of a cleansing diet meeting that description would be The Body Ecology Diet – Donna Gates. Or a raw food diet that Dr. Fred Bisci might recommend to a patient. They may heal some people with constipation, etcetera- they did not heal mine.


So, finding the right amount of the “crutch” dosage is crucial. The amounts change, and I have needed more and less and more and and a little less as I have gone along. Also, sometimes when I am experiencing an outbreak of symptoms, eating way more simply, without a whole lot of cleansing foods helps. Donna’s one definition of more mainstream cleansing foods- high carb diet, sugar, refined foods vs the  other version, which is juice fasting [even on green juices], lots of lemon, garlic, spicy, Kombucha, fermented coconut water are a few examples. I remember once reading a comment  below one of Donna’s videos. The person wanted to know if they should drink more clay if doing The Master Cleanse. Her answer was an emphatic YES! The Master Cleanse is prime example of how the word cleanse is used today. When I first came upon Donna Pessin and her videos I was sort of confused by her use of the term cleanse. I had never thought of the outbreak of symptoms from refined carbs as being cleansing. Interesting.

I know it is important to reread The Unique Healing Program Books, especially the first one and watch the videos. I have interpreted what is said differently each time. It is easy for me to hear things the way I want or need to depending on my state of my health and mind.

Try that and see if it helps. Sometimes doing The Unique Healing Program can feel like wheels spinning. Watching Donna Pessin’s videos can be very consoling and remind me of why I am doing her program. Some days, weeks, months are harder than others. Just being honest.


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Sometimes I have conversations in my mind with people. Often these conversations  are with people that, I am sure, would benefit tremendously by making diet and lifestyle changes. Soon into my imaginary conversation, I realize that there is a major component missing on both our sides. On mine it is the idea that all they have to do is to take these steps and the process will begin, results will be seen. There will be some bumps in the road, but it will all be worth the effort. On their side, they most often do not share my beliefs. Further more, they have put their trust in some other way of thinking that most likely involves allopathic medical protocol, medications. Maybe even having surgery.

The deep beliefs we carry around our own health often do not truly come out until a major health issue occurs. I have been surprised how many people are resolved that traditional medicine is something they will be dependent upon as they get older. I especially an surprised when that sentiment is from  people who are involved in alternative healthcare. To many getting older means becoming weak and sickly. And can I blame them? Just look around. It is easy to understand. What I do not understand is the willingness to accept this very sad scenario that is growing everyday.

In order to heal it is important to question the aging process and what that means to us personally. In younger people, who often feel indestructable, sickness is occurring much more frequently within their age group. The idea that certain illnesses are mostly connected to aging is being brought into question. For older people, questioning if illness is inevitable needs to be seriously entertained. How long do people want to live? Is the way we and those around us are living dictating that decision. It must, for what other point of reference do we have? Well, the people we surround ourselves and converse with which includes friends, family. Also important is the part of the world, country and communitywe choose to live in.

One major dilemma is that all through our lives, and as we age, people around us have noticeably degrading health. This, for most people, is frightening. How long do we want to live? It is a complex question and one that many run from in a variety of ways that, I believe, creates how we live at all stages of our lives. Not a light topic, but a necessary one in my mind.

Dr. Fred Bisci  click here is in his early 80’s and is an inspiring person to know about for folks of any age.

Peter Ragnar   [Roaring Lion Publishing] is another person to know about. An author, teacher and student of many ways of healing, martial arts, alchemy and healthy eating.

As a postscript 1/2013: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a program I can highly recommend to research and pursue. I am currently part of The Unique Healing Program. It is not a quick fix, but it does work. Worth checking out.


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This post about hip and joint pain concerns the following information that may help to heal, alleviate and, in time, aid in the lessening and elimination of pain:

All links to the following information are at the end of this post.

Dr Fred Bisci is featured in a book by Matt Monarch. The book explores ideas on how Proper Food Combining, Cleansing, Enemas and Colonics can help heal the body on a cellular level. The Blood Gas Theory has a  basic premise: the accumulation of festering gases from undigested foods creates pressure and negatively effects our digestion and elimination. Our blood is the transportation  system for nutrients and is also a delivery system for our hormones. I think most people really do not know what the true function of blood is. What we eat is one of the primary constituents that creates the quality of our blood. An acidic diet does not have a positive long term effect on blood quality – our health.


I have personally found that the pressure that results in an over abundance of Candida Albicans creates many daunting health problems. My joint pain is greatly helped by following the steps that are outlined in The Body Ecology Diet. This book is a one place to start for people of all dietary backgrounds. When the idea of relinquishing foods that feed Candida overgrowth is not possible for even a day, there is something going on in our body that needs addressing.


Imagine a yeasty beverages, such as beer, and the pressure inside a beer bottle. This may help to sense the kind of pressure that builds in our G.I. tract when there is yeast overgrowth. When that situation festers it does spread throughout the body by our blood. What then happens is that the yeast becomes systemic and has a home in all of our organs, joints and tissues. Compound that with indigestion, constipation, burping, farting and just plain feeling lousy.

Our joint health has so much to do with our immune system, which is greatly determined by the health of our gut. When there is a back up of waste all health deteriorates. The yeast creates VERY STRONG cravings for foods that proliferate its growth. This makes regaining health more difficult.

What foods to eat and avoid for better joint and overall health? Body Ecology Diet link here.

Blood Gas Theory link here.

Dr. Fred Bisci, PHD [ Blood Gas Theory ] link here. In his early 80’s he is testimony to his own expertise. You can make an appointment with him in person, via phone, etcetera.

Make an appointment for a series of Colonics. Go online to find a therapist in your area. There is a Colon Therapist Association Directory online.

Buy an enema bag link here. In the long run consider a home colonic unit link here.

As a huge postscript to this post 9/2013: Check out The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Healing the gut is essential for any kind of health improvement or recovery from illness. Do some research on this program. It has great potential for those who are willing to go the distance. This is not a quick fix. I am currently on the program and finding it extremely helpful click here for more information.