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I watch Public Television News here in the US – PBS Newshour and when in the car I listen to National Public Radio- NPR.  To me these sources convey a more balanced and curious observation of all subjects. I most appreciate it when news stories offer solutions and show people finding their way out of the storms and resolving problems. Offering the listeners hope and not a whole lot of over intellectualized sad stories. PBS and NPR do not offer solutions enough. Although I give them credit for trying, especially around education and the criminal justice system. Health is another story and they are not at all progressive in that way. Where is this going and what does this have to do with a toxic substance like Depleted Uranium? Hopefully what I write here will make sense, offer solutions and some hope.


Attack and kill is pretty much the protocol for illnesses by traditional medicine. People sign up because they are afraid, tired, sick and just want someone to make it all go away, or just don’t know any better – feel they have no other choices. Unfortunately, making it all go away for many means something more permanent. I am talking about death. The treatment for  “life threatening” illnesses is rarely ever held accountable for the fatality of life. The only reason I would like to see that protocol held accountable is to change these protocols and start healing people. For some, who can absorb these treatments and move on, it can buy them time, but I do not see it as healing. Not talking about emergency room type life saving treatment here, or last minute removal of a diseased organ, I can not cover it all, but I hope you know what I am saying. It is a situation by situation deal that involves so many variables.


If you do not know more about Depleted Uranium here is some information from a source that does offer some solutions and explanations. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD at the Tree of Life Center in Patagonia, Az. You may not agree with all his tactics, but his life affirming view is something to be commended. Some practical  guidelines here from Dr. Cousens on how to deal with radiation toxicity.

I deeply feel that The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is a way to detoxify from the exposure to Depleted Uranium and all other heavy metals It is a grounded program that is presented by someone who you may or may not be able to identify with, but has a practical vision to help heal, live and thrive. The more you know the more you will appreciate Donna Pessin, or not.

LL’s Magnetic Clay is a website to investigate for the external use of clay. They have an internal clay I used called Edible Earth. Expensive and not any better than UHP or others that are much, much cheaper. Their external clay is very good. The have clay mixed with other cleansing elements for all types of heavy metal detoxification. I would follow the directions for the sensitive treatment protocol at first, if you decide to do them. Foot baths are a good way to start.

For people all over the world there can be answers that are way better than what Western Medicine has to offer, which is nothing that is nurturing and healing. Is this lack of care aconspiracy or purposeful by the powers that be? I don’t know, but that kind of thinking is going nowhere with a solution. At this point it is not benefiting anyone, not even Western Medicine, insurance companies, dictators, governments or anyone else. You many disagree with that, but all people of all economic groups are being effected by the choices of war. These choices have effected our entire ecosystem and effect everyone on this planet. From the very wealthy to the very poor. I know the poor are effected the most deeply. The most expensive western medical care can not make that go away. Western Medicine does not have a plan in place to resolve deep poisoning and the illnesses that follow.

There is hope, and the healthier we all are the easier it is to see that vision and solutions. I really believe this. I also know what it is like to wake up and feel we are all doomed. It is all about the gut, the immune system and how the condition of these body functions colors our thinking. It is as simple as it is complex. Maybe you can relate.



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Around mid January of this year I started feeling an ambivalence toward eating that,from past experience on UHP, told me mild nausea may be in my future. I knew Spring might be tough for me and things were starting to come to the surface for spring. Spring Cleaning Post here.

So, I have a pretty unpredictable time since mid- January. I am not presently using UHP Colloidal Silver. I did in the beginning and have written about that in other posts.UHP CS is more potent in smaller doses than the home brewed CS.  I had some idea that if I was not using UHP CS, the stuff we made was a waste of time and I began to use MMS. I have some past posts on MMS and CS.  We do make our own Colloidal Silver and I am sorry I did not start drinking it sooner. But who knows? I feel like a 24 / 7 personal health detective most days. This has been going on for many, many years. Anyway, MMS is effective, but sometimes hard to tolerate.

To get to the point, I am finding some repeat of  symptoms from last spring[other springs] at this time, with many improvements. What is hard is that I so want to feel better. I want to have some kind of  daily pattern of feeling well that I can count on. What I have to remind myself is that before Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I was searching for this pattern, for most of my life, and my gut was worse than it is now. Hard to believe and remember.

I am not good with feeling blocked up. I am learning as I go through this process that many people are just better at dealing with feeling bloated, stuck and trudging on.I am talking mostly about people not on UHP. Prior to UHP I had to eat a very simple diet and rely on other tricks to feel able to be in the world. I knew I just could not cope any longer with the way things were. This was an epiphany I came to  way more than a decade ago, but never found anything that healed my gut. I do write about The Body Ecology Diet in many other posts. BED was one of my hopes to work before finding The UHP. I did BED for three years and it did not heal my gut. Still some good info on The BED site.

It is easy to feel fed up doing The Unique Healing Program. I feel that way and have to give myself a reality check. I felt fed up before The UHP. Why else would I be doing it?  I moved from NYC and stopped at the town of Patagonia, Az.- Tree of Life Center thinking that would be a real helpful jumpstart for my health. I hoped to find a health balance that I could not reach living in NYC my entire life. My path is very, very long and circuitous [decades]. It lead me to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin. I just have to learn to be more patient and that is truly not my strong point.

I have thought I feel really worse at times, but I have to ask myself since when? I did not feel well before UHP. Complaining is not hard to do and I think as the bacteria, fungi, parasites, Candida get pushed out of their homes there is a whole lot of kicking and screaming going on. So, more complaining on my end due to the nasty symptoms. Just a supposition. Sure it is true.

Sick of hearing myself bitch, but understanding why I do. Looking to feel  more grateful. Not easy when I am in the middle of some icky symptoms. If you are reading this post you probably know what I am talking about, whether you are on The UHP or just scoping it out.


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In December of 2010 my husband, I and our two dogs, Hazel and Lester, left New York City and traveled by car across country. We made several stops, but the  primary place that was on our list,  before reaching Los Angles, was Patagonia, Arizona. Our main reason for visiting Patagonia was the Tree of Life Center founded by Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD.  I was interested in meeting one member of his staff concerning an injury. Our weekend experience had us return for a longer stay a couple of weeks later. We rented a place in nearby Elgin, Az. and a month late Patagonia. Patagonia is a very intimate town and finding an available rental is not so easy.

Anyway, I could get into a whole lot of details that might give more texture and color to this story, but I won’t. I just want to get to the inspiration for writing this post, and that is Red Mountain Foods of Patagonia. Red Mountain has two dedicated and caring owners, and a great staff. In there original location, when we discovered it, they had an amazing array of organic and high quality non-organic foods, produce and much more in a very, very, very  cramped space. They have since moved close by and have more space and products. Everything they carry is a reflection of the owners and their customers. It is a refreshing bit of inspired “small”  business success. I have to say that their is nothing small about Red Mountain Foods except square footage. That has all changed.

The Tree of Life was a bit of a disappointment for us. It lacked what Red Mountain Foods radiated. We lived in Patagonia for approximately five months. I can say that when I think of Patagonia I remember Red Mountain Foods. It is the heartbeat of this beautiful high desert town in the south eastern part of Arizona. Hats off to Annie, Barry and the entire staff of Red Mountain Foods for their beautiful new store and all the hard work they put into building their business.

For some basic information about Red Mountain Foods click here.

Total population of Patagonia, as of 7/2011, on record at 918. Yes, you read it right, nine hundred and eighteen people. Coming from NYC, or almost anywhere, that is one intimate town. There is nothing small about Patagonia.