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How do people become hosts to parasites? There are many ways. Parasites are similar to house guests that overstay their invitation, or seemingly just show up and don’t want to leave? Well, there are many scenarios. Here is one:

Living in a home where there is consistent emotional stress combined with exposure to environmental toxins is not strengthening to any immune system. This is a situation that I can attest to. I grew up in a family where there was a birth of a child, my brother, who had Down Syndrome. My brother lived to be two years of age. Our parents stayed together during his life and after his death, but their marriage was greatly damaged. It was damaged by their not getting counseling, the issues they showed up with to their marriage, and strongly by the shame of that era around Down Syndrome. Also, the interpretation that people seem to garner from a religious standpoint. The self flagellating idea that a child with Down Syndrome, or any life altering illness, is a punishment from God. Something to be ashamed of. What did we do “wrong”? With time and education some of this superstition masquerading as spirituality has been chipped away at. Sadly, within this and many other situations, it is still present and painfully damaging.


Along with the stress of the shame, the remorse and guilt my parents felt, we also lived in a house that had  toxic black mold. Back in the 60’s I don’t think exposure to mold was understood or spoken about as it is today. For years much of the mold was hidden and passed through the ventilation system of the house. A metaphor for the unspoken emotional ills. The mold plus the directly unspoken sadness around my brother, and so much more, added up to a stressful equation for emotional and physical health.

Although I have good memories of my childhood there was much between my parents that went unspoken. It did not go unnoticed by me as a child. I think most children have emotional radar that they do not have the skills to fully understand. Children can often feel that everything, in the negative sense, is about them and that they are at fault. The emotional situation in my home, combined with daily life challenges was not empowering. It made us all more vulnerable to the mold. It made daily life covertly, and not so covertly, stressful. With these factors comes acting out, by children and adults. Wide emotional swings such as crying, bickering, brooding combined with constant exposure to any environmental toxin weakens the immune system even more deeply. I would imagine that dead silence and deep depression would be equally as destructive.

There are people that grow up exposed to serious environmental contaminants and it does not damage their Immune Systems. However, if there is the type of consistent emotional stress, similar to what I just described, an angry divorce, drug or alcohol abuse, physical abuse, etcetera without being addressed by some counseling the door to a weakened immune system is wide open. People in these situations often bury their feelings in addictive behaviors. Over eating, shopping, tv watching, gambling, sex, alcohol and drug use, exercise, cleaning, perfectionism. I think any activity done in excess to avoid emotions will in some way come back and bite.


The emotional component of ongoing stress combined with exposure to environmental toxins weakens the immune system. Gone unaddressed these factors can lay out the welcome mat for Biological Parasites / Endoparasites. The combination of these factors, needed for deep healing to occur, are best not overlooked.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is a doctor who understands the world of Traditional Medicine. She is brave enough to actively speak out about her views on this subject . Dr. Daniels effectively practices her own unique form of Holistic Medicine. She is able to do this because she understands the healing ability of the human body. She lives that truth and helps her patients, if they are willing. understand that if given the right tools the human body is capable of  healing and overcoming some daunting obstacles.



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One definition of the word Parasite feels like something that is draining / enervating. This makes sense to me. On a biological level this drain may start out as invisible building blocks to feeling just not quite ourselves. The ones that need a microscope to be seen. Colds, allergies, headaches, food poisoning – nausea, mild rashes. mild indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, and other vitality vampires that are normal for most people today. Not normal? Just observe the different ages pharmaceutical companies are pandering to in their ads. No longer just the Geritol crowd.

I write this post pretty sure that I can not be alone in my slow recognition, and need for clarification of what defines a parasite. The word defines itself. So, what could be a post with lots of words is going to be as  short and sweet as I can roll it out.


We are constantly being exposed to elements that need a strong immune system to be our defense. A healthy immune system, under the best of circumstances, keeps parasitic life forms in check. Long term stress of daily life, emotional stress, exposure to toxins and pollutants, pharmaceuticals, hospital stays, medications, interaction with pets, eating of animal products EMF’s, etcetera can, over a period time, weaken our immune systems.


Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD Candida Cleaner Guide outlines doses of different kinds of non – pharmaceutical ingredients for handling Parasitic conditions of all kinds.  All the things that I mentioned in the above paragraph, and many others. The allopathic remedies for these disorders, when taken regularly, sets people up for weakened immune systems and, down the line, much more chronic illness. A recipe for a decline in health.


I am sure I am not alone in hearing people say I have A  Parasite. This does not make sense. I am pretty sure there is rarely, if ever, only one. Concerning Parasites, this is the language that is most common.

Nothing happens out of nowhere, even if it often seems that way. In science, a type of religion many respect and revere, it is accepted that every action has a reaction. The human body is a primary example of how that all works, if we are willing to open our minds and not accept the bill of goods we are sold by Big Pharma, governmental agencies, and whomever else we consciously, or unconsciously, give our power away to.


Being misinformed is greatly colored by what caused our poor health symptoms in the first place. What is that? An addiction to a way of life? I think so. In all fairness, it is something that we are bombarded with from Day One. That addiction blinds people as to what is truly important. What is important? Clean water, air and soil. Simple acts of human kindness. The basics for a happy life.


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No matter who is advising me I always want to keep my intuition in check about what I am doing. Honing my intuition is something I value. If a person is not in good health their intuition can be greatly hindered, or blinded by addiction. In brief, feeling like eating something that is not helpful to my condition is definitely coming from a place of addiction. The organisms / toxins are making the decision and not the person whose primary interest is healing. If I am honest with myself I know the difference.

In the moment it can be easy to justify what we want to eat, or do.Taking the time to ask myself what part of me is making this decision is of primary importance.  Having the presence of mind to do this takes some discipline. A craving for something hot and spicy as a dominant taste in a meal, for me at this time, would not be a good choice.


I respect the opinions of the people who advise me, but it is important not to be totally reliant on them. Getting healthier makes that possible, but that takes time. Keep asking the questions that are uncomfortable. It takes trial and error, but a stronger character is built from becoming our own guru. My experience. Maybe yours, too?

People often start chipping away at the person who is advising them when their sickness wants to prevail. Finding fault with the person or team that is advising us is a trap that is easy to fall into. No one is perfect, but sometimes those advising us need to be challenged. Sometimes the fear its that we need the  person advising us more than they need us. I have felt this way and it is not an empowering feeling. In the depths of my soul I know that over thinking, analyzing, and ruminating is part of not being in good health.


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If I look out a window at a beautiful view and what I first notice is the spots and imperfections on the window, all the yard work that needs to be done, it is cloudy, etcetera that is a basic recipe for unhappiness. Looking out a window at any sight and finding what is beautiful is the answer. I feel the way we see things says so much about how and who we are. I have mentioned this to people over the years and they agree, but often they also  have this trait of looking for what is wrong, and do not realize it. It is an ingrained habit that makes them feel safe. Looking for what is wrong is tiring.


There is a time to take care of things, like a dirty window, a yard that needs tending to, hair that needs to be combed. However, when what is wrong becomes the focus and  brings up a compulsive need to take care of things with unhealthy immediacy, that is not a good sign.  Things on the outside and how we view and deal with them is a good barometer for the condition of our Immunes System. It has been an accurate barometer for my own. When were feel overwhelmed internally (an Immune System that is burdened), the need to control the outside often becomes a mission that has no end to it. The source of inevitable unhappiness and frustration.


Not so long ago, at the home of a friend who had just moved to a new location, they started the tour by showing me everything that they felt was wrong with the place.Things I would never notice. They had to be pointed out. Their behavior made sense to me. Their health is pretty normal for the average person over 40. Aches, pains, infertility issues, poor digestion, dark circles under eyes, overweight, and some crazy meddling habits in the lives of family and others. I had to ask myself what is there here for me to learn? A whole lot! All I could do was offer some compassion and recognize how my own focus on what is wrong was not healthy. Whether it was as strong as theirs did not matter. Anyway, maybe it was as bad or worse. My willingness to address it and not make them the sick one was my saving grace.


The point of my writing this is that in my home as a child it was important to look out for what was wrong as a form of self preservation, in order to stay on top of things, not let them degrade fall apart. It is a protective approach that gets in the way of living and makes life very defensive and not much fun. Especially if a person does not have the means to have things the way they want them. The way they think they need to be. Even if a person has the ways and means to have things as they want they often live in fear of loosing that ability. It is a way of thinking and being that sucks the joy out of living.


Poor health bubbling up inside can take on many faces. A person can be slob, obsessed with perfection, or alternate between the two. The behavior can take on different faces. The point is that balance can  be found by improving our immune systems, but is it the entire solution? I don’t think so. In the long term, I feel certain it is a necessary component to deep change. An Immune System Overhaul will inevitably open to a world of challenging and uncomfortable situations. Not taking the road of Traditional Medicine is very challenging to us, our families, society in general. Challenges that are emotionally, financially, spiritually testing. Questioning our living, relationship, and work situations.


Healing an Auto Immune Illness, a Parasite Infestation always needs help on an emotional – spiritual level. My experience is that they go hand in hand. If not addressed on both counts, physically and emotionally, the pain and suffering will keep coming back and hitting us in the face. Addictions to refined foods, alcohol, drugs, sex, and meddling in the lives of others (just to name a few) will return if not dealt with on an emotional level. This constant reminder that change needs to happen is either a bummer, or an invitation to be healthy in every way. In other words, self reflection – some kind of therapy is needed.

For Auto Immune Health help Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD

One form of emotional healing that can be self applied is Emotional Freedom Technique /  EFT. The Tapping Solution is one resource to investigate to learn more about EFT. Rue Hass has a site that offers her own interpretation of self healing. These are 2 that have helped me.


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In my earnest endeavor to heal a sluggish gut,  I chose many different components based on my education, clinical-hands on, and personal healing experience. So, with the understanding that all organs work together in concert with one another, I recognized that my liver and gallbladder were of primary importance to focus on. In essence, all systems of the body need attention, but in studying Ayurvedic, Macrobiotic, Traditional Asian Medical Theories, and  many others I came to understand the impact that the liver and gallbladder have on every other pair of organs.  Link is to chart of paired organs.

Cleansing the liver and gallbladder [liver gallbladder flushes] was never an obsession with me, but began to feel like a necessity. Why? Well, for many years I did find great relief after doing flushes. Relief from symptoms such as constipation, mild tinnitus – ear ringing, joint stiffness, etcetera. General feelings indicative of different kinds of toxicity and Candida overgrowth. Symptoms that I suspected were linked to / highly indicative of a parasite predominance . I also did numerous parasite cleanses using herbs, castor oil packs and more liver – gallbladder flushes, colonics and enemas of all kinds. Dietary therapy was part of all this. I discuss much of what I have done in many other past posts.

The two people that I originally learned about liver gallbladder flushes from were Dr. David Jubb, PHD and his ex-wife Annie Jubb. Link to more information on flushes.


Years – decades of cleansing only got me so far in terms of my own healing. What happened to me is that I did not have the tools to reach the long time festering home of parasitic life that was deeply ensconced in my blood, all my organ systems, tissues, etcetera. If the right tools are not in place the building blocks of the body will get chipped away at while the  more deeply rooted necrotic parasitic materials remains untouched and  continue to proliferate. However, in retrospect, I would rather do what I did than enter the world of drugs, injections and surgeries. The medical intervention that I did enter into was dentistry. Dentistry reatly impacted my health in a very negative way. This for me created some serious problems that I am still healing from.

The use of Turpentine / Pine Oil, one primary way to get to the deep layers of infections material, has proven to be invaluable to me. Knowing how to use it with other cleansing  and healing components is very necessary for recovering. If you have hit a wall using Pine Oil / Turpentine you need the guidance of someone who understands the complex and die hard life of parasites – infectious material. Through the help of a friend I met through this blog and one person who wrote me about about two years ago, I found a person that meets that description.


I am working with Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. As I have said in other posts, it is not her formidable educational and medical credentials that attracted me, or  have kept me as a patient. What has, is her years spent experimenting on her own health. All the rest helps immensely with that invaluable component. This kind of self diligence is invaluable. Dr. Daniels has many invaluable skills, but her personal health consciousness is what ties it all together and makes her approach extremely effective.


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In my favorite scenario I would receive, from the majority of people I know and meet, the accepting attitude I give others concerning how they choose to deal with their health challenges. My choices are commonly disparaged by others, and it has been made very clear to me that challenging Western Medicine choices is a big no – no. Questioning one having a mastectomy  as a preventative measure, or a hip replacement as the only action to take, can be equated to taking a sledge hammer to a National Monument. So, for me, traveling on this road of “Alternative Healing”for decades has often felt quite lonely. I do have a small network of support, of which I am very grateful, of which I need to focus more upon. Some days are much easier than others.


As I have said in other posts, I have more empathy for others and why they choose  Traditional Medicine now than ever before. I feel this way even though what Traditional Medicine calls preventive care is not my choice. The partnership that is involved in a completely Holistic Approach to healing means a great deal of self responsibility and effort on the part of the patient. A whole lot of time effort and preparation. Most importantly is having confidence in the human body, and the ability to heal when given the right tools. So, no matter who is advising me, I have found the true owness is on me in order to heal. This responsible, highly interactive healing relationship is contrary to the Western Medicine Approach that the doctor is going to fix us. I am not talking about situations that involve gun shot wounds, etcetera. I am talking about the every day visits where patients come in for a check – up. Similar to a car, and dutifully take their meds.


Then there is the misconception that gets many people in trouble. We are often led to believe that if a person has a  high quality “model”- good genes – or appear as they do, lots of money, have the right religious faith, or are just  plain lucky  they can eat and drink as they please until they just can’t any longer. There once was a time when there were more people who could squeeze by into their much later years without the help of medications. This is quite rare today.  Some believe that their fate depends greatly on these variables, and without them we just accept what we are “given”. Some generalizations here, but hopefully you get the gist.

I have done several types of healing protocols, many of which I have written about in this blog forum. A little over a year ago, I got to a point where what I was doing began to feel like an endless road of irritation. I was not healing. To be clear, I am grateful for all that I have done. From Macro to Raw Foods. From Juice Feasting to Juice Fasting. From the most recent past from The Unique Healing Program to the Kalcker / Rivera Program. All these protocols, and there were many others, surely kept me from becoming more ill at an earlier age. Unfortunately, I hit a wall that played out like the film Groundhog Day. The same thing over and over again with no improvement, and some signs of decline.


Fortunately, a that time when certain symptoms of mine were not improving, and the actions I was taking were not yielding the results I wanted and deserved, I met Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. Just to be clear, I do believe there are health practitioners, other than Dr. Daniels, that help people.  I am sure of that. So, please understand that I am not saying Dr. Daniels is for everyone. No one is. What I am saying is that if you have hit a wall and that wall is shaky, get some help. Consider getting help from a person who is constantly increasing their knowledge. Practicing what they teach through self experimentation and research. These things are key. That type of person, in my experience, is  NOT common within the world of people that advise others concerning their health and sickness situations. Take some time to find what is right for you, and use your heart as well as your brain.

I need to practice giving myself the gift of empathy every day. It is hard when I am feeling frustrated at the process of healing. A process that requests patience, a virtue that becomes easier to summon up with an improved state of health.


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My observation is that people who have an internal environment that is a welcoming home to pathogens – parasitic infections often view the world, their world, as a unsafe and threatening place. These people have weak immune systems and are often highly reactive. They very often want to impose their will on others in order to feel in control. Many do this so they can feel safe and protected. This feeling of being unsafe has become a vocal part of a large segment of those living in some democratic populations today. I am not going to speak for the rest of the world. Are these people who want to control everything the greater part of most social democracies today?  I don’t know, but sometimes it feels that way. These  people seem combative and fearful. They get a whole lot of media coverage. They are loud. They justify the argument for medications, and many of them probably are medicated. Considering their behavior, it is frightening to imagine how they would be without their meds.


What I have personally experienced in my own healing process has lead me to realize that a good percentage of people with a 9-5 schedule need Western Medical Protocol. Western Medicine, can help to suppress symptoms, at least for awhile. This enables people to hold it all together, to maintain the status quo. It is often damn hard to ride out feeling unwell when taking a Holistic Approach to healing.This is especially true if a person has a volatile health situation at hand. I have gained more compassion for people and their decisions, if they are their own decisions, to medicate their symptoms in order to function, and move on. All children, some informed and elderly have these decisions made for them, as do many others. At the present time an overly medicated society, and what it means for the future of the  world, is being played out in the worldwide daily news cycle. It is not pretty.


Please consider this:  Poor health and serious illness is, or eventually becomes, a by- product of a weak immune system. Having an organ, such as a Gallbladder,  removed helps to open the door for a weakened response to pathogens. I use Gallbladder removal as an example because it is a very common surgery today. A subject onto itself. Anyway, with continued exposure to environmental and other toxins [the list is endless], a person is very apt to project their physical condition onto the outer world. Why? If a person does not feel safe in their own body it is hard to feel safe in the world. Not feeling safe has become  a way of thinking and being. For many, feeling unsafe composes the fabric of daily life. This is greatly due to the degradation of the environmental health of our planet.


Exposure to toxic substances is definitively displayed in the behavior of a growing number of  people who are directly exposed the repercussion of war. Chemical warfare and the use of depleted uranium [and many other chemical / toxic substances] has greatly contributed to the very disturbing behavior that we see among those that are barraged daily with these poisons. In our own country, the US Military are prime examples of this phenomenon. A growing number of military men and women unwittingly fall prey to depressed, anti social, suicidal and other violent behavior. At worst, their behavior is similar to that they are trained to defend against. Our military men and women, and their families deserve so much better. We all do.


The more inflamed and infected with slow burning, or not so slow burning pathogens a person is, the more they are apt to respond to the world in a defensive way. Defensiveness is a  response that is due to  and a reflection of of an unhealthy physical condition. Knee jerk defensiveness is the world I see being projected back to me in the present world news cycle. What makes some people feel safe, such as more armaments, more military, the idea of building walls and not bridges, does not make me feel more safe.

As a person who does feels unsafe at times, I know this is. at the root, a reflection of my inner terrain. From what I understand, the Mayan Civilization elders are said to believe that there are no safe places, there are only safe people. I am not sure exactly what that means, but it is something to ponder.

There are a number of ways to help heal in a world that is constantly being bombarded with contaminants in our air, water and earth. These are toxic substances, most of which we can not see. Presently, I am finding help from Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. There are a number of other protocols, that I know of and have been helped by. I have written about some of them in past blog posts. If you have the time, go back and look at what I have written. Hopefully, there may be some information there that may be of help to you.