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At times, yes. That feeling has truly delayed my physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I come to see that, in the past, the health practitioners I have been generally attracted to are extreme in their views and approaches. How so? Well, some practitioners see the body the way they see the world: a toxic place that we need protection from. It is easy to understand why. How we consciously or unconsciously see the world is reinforced by what we listen to, watch read. Most notably are our biological and environmental histories that deeply effect our patterns of thinking developed in childhood and over the years.


I know, first hand, the difference between using drugs and surgery vs herbs, superfoods, vitamins diet, bodywork, colonics, etcetera. However, the point of view of these two worlds has some commonality. The shared opinion, by many health care providers and the public,  is that disease is a battle that needs to be fought.


Many people who are active in the Alternative-Holistic healing communities profess, or at least dabble with the idea, that  our thoughts greatly impact our lives. However, when it comes to  the condition of the environment and the health of our citizens, their take is pretty negative. Some would argue realistic. I am  here to question what I see and how I see it.

Some things just seem so apparent to me; global warming, air pollution, the sewage laden condition of our waterways and oceans. Deep in my gut  and heart, it all feels overwhelming. My feeling of overwhelm and despair is paralyzing and clouds what and how I see the world. Facing my feeling of overwhelm has been one of the primary emotions I need to heal. It is not an energizing mindset. Approaching life with a consciously positive attitude is not easy, but being pessimistic is a drain.


More and more aware of  my perspective I recognize my conscious and unconscious beliefs and mental conditioning. I notice this wherever I go. I  very often focus on people that do not generally look well to me. Trash on the roadsides and dirty cities often provide great fodder for feeding my negativity. Could it be that it is not what I am seeing but how I am seeing it that is the real  issue? I feel this is true.


Reprogramming the neural pathways of the brain is one of the  processes I am utilizing. Here are some things that I use to consciously explore the world around and within me:

What The Bleep [link here] is a film that proves and disputes many practical and scientific theories. You can buy the theater length and extended version on the website link.

Dr. Joe Dispenza [link here] is featured in WTB. HIs very informative and entertaining video entitled “Evolve Your Brain”. His talk expands on the principles of Quantum Physics. This entails re-patterning our neural pathways to create change in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

EFT Tapping expert Stacey Vornbrock [link here] has developed tapping protocols based on her study with Dispenza. These tapping sequences  are extremely effective when repeated daily to interrupt unwanted behavior patterns.

The Tapping Solution [link here] is a website providing information about The Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a great guided or self help  therapy technique.  EFT UNIVERSE [link here] has facts and research info about EFT.

Rebirthing [link here] is a therapy that helps heal our physical and emotional body through the breath. Peace Arnold brings love, light, compassion and humor to her work with individuals and groups. I highly recommend this healing therapy.

Colon Therapy  is one way to begin to detoxify the body, clear the brain and lighten the spirit. Home units are available. Initially, getting a series from a Colon Therapist is the best. Home Colonic Units available at Dancing Cells [link here].

Laugh. Do not underestimate the power of joy and humor.


Within the Raw Food Community cleansing  is the  major alternative to going the Allopathic Medical route. The raw diet is cleansing, but what is absorbing all the toxins being unearthed? The Allopathic protocol is largely about masking symptoms with prescriptive medicine. Their next point of action is, or leads to, surgery, chemo, radiation, etcetera.

Many of the loudest voices in the Raw Food Community are men. Their approach is warrior – super hero  [Vitalis and Wolfe] and most of their followers are women.

I have done many cleanses, colonics, dietary regimes. I am grateful for the information I have learned form these men.  However, most of the cleansing and diets have some strong similarities to the philosophy of allopathic medicine. The body is a battle ground and we all need to “man up” and “go to war”.

From Macrobiotics to the Raw Food Community I often observed practitioners and clients ending up returning to Allopathic Treatment. I am sure I have found an answer in healing my GI Tract.  Please visit Unique Healing Donna Pessin. Within her program lies, what I believe, one answer to healing the digestive system and entire body. It is not a magic bullet by any means!

Is Allopathic treatment wrong? It can be a life saver in an emergency. For long term illness it can be a crutch. I would not rely on it for the long haul. This is especially true if you want to live vibrantly as years go on.


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A few personal observations about the Chakras.  I have come to better understand their significance through Margaret M. Lynch and Rhys Thomas. Here are a couple of standout points and thoughts:

Since being a part of the Margaret M. Lynch course on the Chakras, I am more able to feel my response to the cable, network and internet news. I am able to not get sucked into it or just turn it off. Not intellectually dismissing what I am hearing, I am able to feel a sense of stability and protection within my body. Feeling the chakras locations, understanding their deeper meanings key. This is  an ongoing process, some situations, news stories, etcetera are easier to process than others

We see the world through our own experiences. Okay, that may seem like a no brainer, but it is not that simple. First off, our beliefs are so deeply rooted.  We then often surround ourselves with people who see and feel the world the same way we do. This is often not done consciously. One example is that we can have people in our lives that drive us crazy, and we do not  recognize that they may be showing us our unconscious thoughts and limiting deep seated beliefs. Another example are often having involvements with people that remind us of a parent that we have unresolved emotions with. Our cravings for these feelings turn us into junkies needing our negative emotional fix. Surrounding ourselves with people who fuel our combative relationship addictions. Hence, we see the world as we are not as  it is.

Decisions made as a small child, or whenever there was a hurtful experience in our lives, can  keep us stuck and emotionally immature. We may promise to ourselves to never feel that childhood hurt again. However, an intellectualized inner dialogue of insights into the pain of our lives is different than honing the tools to live differently. To change is to be able to stay present enough to objectively observe our thoughts, words and actions and implement change. Dr. Joe Dispenza is a great resource for this information in his lectures on DVD [link here].

The way we see the world usually has many blind spots. When convenient, all that “we are one” stuff  goes out the window when it threatens the way we make our way in the world. I think I have heard it called  matched patterning, which happens in our brains and is framed in early childhood. We see what we know. The film What the Bleep is a great reference for this information [link here].

I can feel how I connect to  criticism and fault finding. It is something I observe about myself and have gotten much better at quelling. I notice, in certain situations, my inclination to chime in when criticizing begins and how easy it is to rationalize fault finding.

When we believe in something all that we choose to find around us is the proof that it is real. We can be completely blind to what is right in front of us is because we do not believe it exists. The words “anything is possible,” for many, is used only when it does not challenge what we are invested. To deeply mourn what could have been is the beginning of change. Otherwise,we keep on making the same choices to prove to ourselves that our pain was not for naught.

The first three Chakras are primarily about how we experience the world, what we are able to receive and how we present ourselves in the world. This is a simplification of these Chakras. For more detailed information take a look at the websites of Margaret M. Lynch and Rhys Thomas [link here].