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Summer heat, internal and external, can trigger some hyperactivity in cleansing symptoms for people in general. Those who are on The Unique Healing Program will most usually have a more heightened awareness of this pattern.  These symptoms usually begin a few weeks before the official start of Summer, which is June 21st. So, here are some symptoms that I am experiencing, have experienced and hear about from others. But first one thing…


The assigned element for Summer is Fire and the two organs directly effected are the Heart and Small Intestines. The Fire element effects everything in the body, but especially the assigned element of Wood and the Liver and Gallbladder. Wood is the assigned element in the Spring. Okay, so fire burns wood and the heat can cause a combustive type of reaction. Short tempers, inflammations, skin rashes, blisters. Things suddenly appearing, like a fire erupting “seemingly” out of nowhere. This is one description of summer tendencies.


Skin rashes: I have a skin rash that repeatedly shows up on my hand. It is located where some refer to as the lobster claw area, right between the thumb and the index finger. It gets very leathery feeling and looks inflamed. This has come and gone over the past year and few months. The area corresponds with the Lung and Large Intestines. Lungs and Heart – Large Intestines and Small Intestines. So, the heart and lungs work very tightly together and so do the Small and Large Intestines.

The assigned element for Lung and Large Intestines is metal and the active season is Fall. My facial skin flare ups are not cystic acne, and rather mild. The location of my breakouts harken back to my twenties. I tend to get some clogged pores in my nose and chin. Lately my nose is peeling. Not related to sun exposure. Had this last year when starting UHP and in years past. The nose is related to the heart. Especially the tip, and the sides of the nose are related to the lungs. Many people have an enlarged heart through over consumption of sweets, cheap fats, alcohol, prescription, over the counter and recreational drugs. The nose can be swollen, red or purple with broken capillaries. It is not a healthy look and NOT always indicative of alcohol and drug addiction.


I have had some tiny bumps I can feel all on a few parts of the surface of my head. Sort of small pimples. More noticeable has been the feeling of  my scalp being sensitive. I have to touch it to notice this. A bruised feeling. More on the top left side. This is somewhat related to hair loss.

Hair falling out has had a repeat performance for some at this seasonal change. Lessening carbs of all kinds MAY help. Taking in more mineral rich foods can help. Seaweeds such as Dulce, Kelp, Nori, Arame, Wakame are the major ones. Ask Donna Pessin if more Calcium may help this issue? This is a tough one that I do not have a whole lot of personal experience with. My hair loss was pretty minimal last year at this time.


Recent sleep disruption has been a mild throw back to when I started The Unique Healing Program in March of 2013. I still sleep better than I did last year and for years previous to starting The UHP. I have noticed that the heat of summer, we  do have air conditioning, has helped bump up theses feelings of agitation. Again, the temperature here  in the desert can be in the triple digits for two months during the summer. Also, interrupted sleep is linked to brewing or full fledged cardiovascular problems. Insomnia of all kinds is prevalent among all age groups today. It once was connected to people over 65. Maybe 50? Not sure about that one.

Today sleep meds are advertised everywhere targeting people of all ages. Not a good sign. Some of the ads, I have specifically noticed, are targeted at people in their 20’s to 30’s. The TV commercials before the Insomnia ones are for Starbuck’s or some other kind of coffee – soda stimulant. Now that is a set up if I ever saw one. A Harvard Medical website has something.  Here is a medical link if you are interested.


The Heart and Small Intestines are most active between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. Often when heart attacks occur. I have repeatedly noticed that with the intensified heat of the summer, I feel a bit tired at some point during this time. This is also magnified by getting less sleep and getting up super early during the heat here in the So Cal Desert. I observed this same pattern last year to a much greater extent. Taking a short nap during this 11am to 3pm time for as little as 20 to 30 minutes can really give me a big lift. Harder for those to do in an office setting. I hear from friends they are finding ways. Ten minutes of a closed eye meditation will help.


I have had a tiny blister appear and disappear at the tip of my tongue a few times since May. Try to find a link somewhere to explain that a bit more. Found it. Traditional Asian Medicine says the Tongue opens to the heart. So, talking all the time and not talking at all are indications of some kind of heart / circulatory disturbance. No, it is not just a personality issue. I have seen this change in people when they get they begin to get their health in balance. There are two extreme cases: People that won’t shut up, and those that need a pulse check to see if someone is in there.

Blisters, blisters everywhere. Blisters that come unexpectedly or that come easily with mild or no  contact with another surface. I had one on my had appear out of nowhere in the area of the Lobster Claw I mentioned before. It really hurt and felt hard. Also, one has appeared next to my tailbone. The tailbone one has come and gone quickly. Does not have to do with floor exercises or anything like that. Internal heat. Definitely a gut – acidity issue. Location, location, location.


I am not having this as much this year, but ear and eye sensitivities can  get pretty riled up with this season of intensified heat and sun. If you feel the sun is annoying, not just the heat but the visual brightness, and your sense of hearing is easily tweaked, you are not alone. The sale of sunglasses is huge. Headphones are not only used for listening, but also to buffer noise and to put off social contact, as well. Connect the dots.


Feet can have extra callus on them and it is not always due to walking in bare feet or sandals. We cleanse through our skin, hence heavy foot callus happens at other times of the year. Gravity alone has something to do with that. Toxins descend toward the legs and feet. With weak circulation being a universal problem, it is easy for toxins to to settle in our lower extremities. Doing some kind of  Yoga Body Inversion is really beneficial for the legs – circulation, anytime of year. Lying down on the floor and putting your lower legs on the seat of a chair, or over the bed. This is a very easy way to do an inversion. An energy refresher that works for tired legs and just feeling plain tired.


I have not had a full blown Cystitis [bladder infection] while on The UHP, but I have noticed that my urine can feel more warm, moving toward hot on many occasions. This is especially true at the end of the day. As a quick aside Cantharsis 3oc has been a great help to me for Cystitis in the past. Good to have on hand and I have taken it as soon as I feel any inkling of sensitivity peeing, etcetera. It really is worth trying if bladder infections are something you are experiencing as you cleanse. It is a crutch of the highest order, but a good one. Here is another Homeopathic page for other remedies for Bladder Infections.


I do want to mention that there can be a peak and lag in appetite during seasonal changes. These can be a heads up for bacterial changes in the gut. It is for me. Last year and this past spring I was having mild nausea along with lack of appetite. This summer,  just a lack of interest in eating. This is all triggered by more than the external heat of the season.


Pain is something that can worsen whenever there is a change of season and more toxins are being released from organs, tissues, etcetera. More Clay : ) and Calcium supplementation is helpful. Again, lowering carb consumption helps me. Especially the more reactive ones, such as sugar, fruit, wheat. If you drink wine and alcohol, these two can be highly problematic. Much of these substances are what we often gravitate towards at this time of year.


Feeling water retention and gut distention is really annoying and may be part of what you are experiencing as things get hotter and more humid, or more dry. A few things that can churn that pot are fermented foods, yeasted breads and baked goods, alcohol – beer, sugar, spicy foods and condiments. You do not want to put something that rises and expands into a gut environment that is already is gassy. Don’t underestimate what you are eating as a major trigger for these symptoms. The foods are not the cause, but these substances are a catalyst. They can pack a powerful punch at this hotter time of year. They may need to be avoided for only a short time. Not eating them until the bloat subsides and then eating them less regularly – not everyday.

Do In belly self massage is one way to cope with bloat as a crutch. This video is pretty good. It says for constipation, but is good for gas and bloating, as well.




What I am about to write is not a disclaimer, but an observation after being in touch with other people on The Unique Healing Program. So, my experience on The Unique Healing Program is very much my own. I have a personal and family health history that is different from anyone else. There may be many similarities and there may be very few. I think this is extremely important to keep in mind. Also, I do not think age is as much a determining factor in terms of determining progress. Being younger does not necessarily equal healing faster.


My sleep was not good for many years before finding The Unique Healing Program. I did not use sleeping aid meds. After all my years of disrupted sleep, I do understand why people use them! While on The UHP my sleep has gotten increasingly better. It  has improved incrementally. Initially, I was pleased to sleep three hours straight, get up once and go back to sleep easily for about three hours, and then sleep two more hours after getting up again. I did and still do have some sleep disruptions, especially around the full moon. This has improved, as well. After about the first 6 months on UHP, this full moon sensitivity has become less intense. I was not using GABA and Calcium Citrate when I began The UHP. Both products could have mitigated much of the sleep problems more quickly. Also, since being on UHP, it is much easier for me to go to bed at 9 or 10 pm. This took about 8 or 9 months. I still resist doing this at times.

It has taken me awhile to feel sleepy on a regular basis. One thing that would happen prior to UHP and in the beginning is that I would feel sleepy and then as I got into bed feel more awake. Really crazy making.

Maybe you are familiar with Homeopathic Remedies? Some of them can be good temporary “crutches” for helping with restlessness and other sleep issues. This link can give some ideas about homeopathic remedies for sleep. If you know nothing about Homeopathic Remedies, they come in tiny sugar pellets that I have never had a problem with, and I am sensitive to sugar. Don’t let the sugar ingredieant that stand in the way of your using them. The sugar content is truly negligible


I did not start taking GABA until about 6 months into The UHP. I was taking Melatonin and that did not seem to be that potent on its own. The GABA is something I need to take all day and concentrate the amount more toward the end of the day and before bed. GABA helps with depression and agitation. I get the powder form. Look at Donna Pessin’s video about taking supplements. If GABA is not working for you, ask DP about taking more or just watch her video. My mistake was thinking that the GABA was not working after awhile. I can’t take more, it is too much, blah, blah. Crazy as it sounds, I think I was so used to feeling wound up,  that not feeling that way was unconsciously uncomfortable to me. My husband concurs with me on this one for himself, as well.


I also take Melatonin and I start in the late afternoon. Not sure if I truly need it everyday, but for now I am taking some. MRM brand has a 3mg dose. I take about 4 -8 3mg a day. Find the amount that works for you. Check with Donna Pessin personally, watch the videos and scan her books.


I find that taking Colloidal Silver or other anti fungal agents before going to sleep can also be very helpful. It seems to be working for me. One person told me they avoid the use of Oregano Oil [anti fungal] right  before bedtime. Experiment with the amount of Bowel Strength you take at night and see how taking it early or late evening effects you. This is truly a personal experience that even Donna Pessin can not always know the answers for. She does know a whole lot. There are certain things we may need to fine tune on our own.


This is another product I did not take in the beginning of UHP. I was taking a New Chapter Bone Strength in two daily recommended doses. What is done is done. It is expensive and probably unnecessary to use this kind of mineral supplement while on The UHP. I did not truly understand what Cal Cit does in the body. There is  a whole paranoia about taking Calcium that is not from food sources, such as seaweed. Through Donna Pessin and The Unique Healing Program I have learned the real reason for taking Cal Cit. The answer is in all  the videos and books. I have to say that the argument against taking it has nothing to do with Cal Cit itself. This is a misunderstanding that stems from many practitioners not knowing what a healthy gut is and how to achieve that goal. Anyway, the Cal Cit reduces the effects of acidity and helps you relax and sleep better. I take a number of  tablespoons of Cal Cit a day. I wish I had not taken so long to do this. Give it some thought.


I have had times when doing this program where I just did not sleep well and it was for all the reasons stated above. If I was taking all the right amounts of the “Crutches” would it have been better? I would say probably more of the time it would have. Live and learn. Not sleeping screws up my perception of the world. Without enough sleep things look really much worse than they actually are.


Yes, I have had a “mild” case of tinnitus. I am not imagining this, it would get really more intense around the full moon. I would usually hear it when I put my ear to the pillow. It could wake me up. My nerves were shot. and still healing. I started taking GABA after mentioning the tinnitus to Donna Pessin. I truly did not understand the deep connection between the gut, brain and nervous system. I thought I did.

I began writing about The Unique Healing Program after I read the first  book and watched the videos. At the time I had Health Force Parasite Herbs, Sonne Clay, Health Force Zeolite Clay, Edible Earth Clay, B12, and some other things that I thought I could use to replicate The UHP. I got some results, but I needed guidance and better products. Anyway, I ended up calling Donna Pessin in March of 2013, bought her products, and am glad I did.

I never regret doing The Unique Healing Program. I am grateful for it, but I do NOT wake up  feeling gleeful about ingesting, clay, herbs, fungal potions, Cal Cit, Gaba and the rest of the cast. Some days are much, much easier. I do have to remind myself how lucky I am to know about this program and be grateful I am able to do it.  I have really come to experience that it is what is in me, and not The UHP product ingredients that are causing my symptoms. It has taken me awhile to really, really get this. It is hard sometimes to accept. There are some situational exceptions to what I just wrote, but for the most part it is true.




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Most human beings, no matter what their lifestyle, want an easy way to resolve feeling lousy. Insomnia is not just about not being able to sleep. There are deeper issues. This is true for  people of all ages. One of the main misconceptions that people seem to believe is put out by pharmaceutical companies and doctors. This misinformation is that certain ailments and symptoms are “normal” for specific ages. Buying into that idea is, in the short term, an easy excuse. In the long term it is a ticket to  needing serious medical intervention. Television and other forums for advertising have a way of convincing their audience that  a certain progression is “normal”, and there are drugs that will “take care of that”. Fortunately, we are living in times where alternative ideas on how to improve our health are available even in the mainstream media. Dr.  Joel Fuhrman [link here] and Dr. Mehmet Oz are two of the physicians who are questioning these broad sweeping pronouncements about what is normal.


I had to really face some behaviors that were no longer serving me in order to resolve my own sleep disruption pattern. It was hard because I did not want to make some of these changes. They really forced me to look at certain addictions I had and what those addictions were masking. Below are a couple of  examples:

Food has always been my “GO TO” substance. It was hard to undo unhealthy eating patterns, even though they no longer served me. This is all subjective. For me, I was worried about an ill parent and even though my diet is clean and simple my emotions were effecting my digestion. The pattern of eating, when I was upset, needed to be addressed. So, Proper Food Combining [link here] really helped. It can be easier to eat more widely when you are not eating to soothe some emotional ills, although I suggest PFC as a guideline for many. Most people find it unquestionable to celebrate with food, soothe their nerves with food, express love by feeding someone else, eat when they are frustrated, bored and depressed.It is clear that  emotional eating, for the most part, is a behavior that goes unquestioned and often really pisses people off when defied.


Do not expect to go from the television, computer, phone video games to a sound sleep . If you are not sleeping well this is a must . And if you feel anxious at the idea of relinquishing these habits, then I feel very safe in saying that, as I observed in myself, it is covering up something else and you are addicted to these electronic diversions. BTW, you can find many people to back up not changing this behavior. Many others that will  verify that this is” MODERN LIFE”  and that  disrupted sleep or INSOMNIA is the new norm. These addictions to media can be a very hard habit to break. In my case involved some looking within and not just white knuckling it. It is a reoccurring issue for me. Getting better. Still love my Louie [C. K.] on FX [link here]. Thank you DVR.


What is  EFT? A simple technique that you can perform on yourself that involves tapping on acupuncture points and verbalizing the issue that needs to be resolved. Give EFT a chance. It is a marvelous gift that Cary Craig developed [link here] to resolve problems such as insomnia and the underlying issues that may be at the root of these more and more common LIFESTYLE DISTURBANCES that are now considered “NORMAL”. At this point in history it is normal that cancer is increasing within the general population, however, in my mind this is not an excuse to sit back and do nothing, waiting to see if I end up as another statistic in an ever growing citizenry.

Recently, THE TAPPING INSIDER’S CLUB, an EFT based website [link here] made available an interview with a therapist that successfully resolved her own insomnia issue with the use of EFT. THIS IS AN EXCELLENT INTERVIEW! The link above will connect you to it.


There are solutions and it is up to all of us to take action. Otherwise, we are going to end up like our parents, and for most people that is not good news, especially  in terms of our health.


Postscript 8/2013. Since writing this, 2 years ago, I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. This is a comprehensive program to reestablish gut health and address all the nagging symptoms that most everyone connects with “normal aging”. Great program.[link here].

Another postscript some weeks later 10/2013: The Unique Healing Program is really healing my insomnia. Everything I have written above I stand by. Tackling insomnia on a physical level is about addressing all health concerns. If you are not sleeping well there are some other, more serious problems lurking – developing.