I have shared this experience with, I believe, two people involved with The Unique Healing Program besides my husband. One is Donna Pessin. Maybe others will relate, or find some inspiration.

About 6 months into being on UHP I was out for a walk with our dogs. I do not remember how that day started, but I can say mornings are the most difficult time of the day for me, and have been most of my life. This day I had an experience of such joy it was truly remarkable. I wish I could tell you that I took some Colloidal Silver or specific dose of some other elixir that made this happen. Believe me, I would share it in a flash. Something that would regularly clear the cobwebs. and stop me feeling as though I was living in another dimension. Slightly veiled. Twilight Zone-ish. On the edges of depression. Being constantly busy and immersed in the lives of others, while seeking an solution through alternative health avenues is what saved me from taking medications, and distracted me most of my life.

What was different that day? Well, what was above me and all around me, blue sky, bright sun, lots of trees and flowers were my focus and their beauty was undeniable. All that was wrong was not the focus or in the picture. I really felt something that I can say I have never truly felt as an adult. Specifically, I remember thinking that if I never lived another day, that sensorial experience would be enough. I really mean that. May sound crazy, but that is what I remember feeling. I remember thinking of the small children who die early of a rare illness and still have so much joy to give. They must experience that feeling at some point? I don’t know.

I also remember recognizing that what was outside of me was not determining how I felt. I live in the Palm Springs area of California. Sun, blue sky, flowers are an everyday event. It was something within me. This is what I believed to be true, but had not experienced quite like that.

Anyway,since that day I have had snippets of that feeling, but not as profound and as long in span. It was such an overwhelming experience. I am not that sure of how long it lasted. It was wonderfully weird. It lasted for at least as long as the walk, about 45 minutes.I know it is a sign of something I can achieve on a more regular basis. The experience helped me recognize how the world is so deeply colored by my inner terrain. If I had not done all the other things I have over the past 30 and more years, I know I would be so much worse off. I am grateful for the tools I used in the past, however, they did not produce long term healing of my gut, immunes system and entire body.

One year into The Unique Healing Program, my days are still up and down. As I have written before, the downs are less strong and don’t last as long. My mornings, especially this spring, has been pretty overwhelming at times. The big difference is that I tend to come out of it more quickly and more highly functional. I am seeing a pattern of clearing the farther into spring things go.

I really hope this post is of help to others on The Unique Healing Program and inspires people to explore UHP and other ways to heal outside the Traditional Medical / Psychopharmacology world of treatment.


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Some inflammation that I have experienced with my own ears have been positively impacted by The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Tinnitus is one.

I had some mild tinnitus in my left ear that has come and  left for months, weeks or days. This has gone on for several  years. Normally I was, and  less so now, only aware of the sound when I have had my ear to the pillow and when  there is complete silence. This became somewhat stronger over the years. I have known people that have screamingly loud tinnitus. No matter how bad the ringing, hissing, etcetera is, any form of tinnitus says that something in the body is not in balance. The more prevalent tinnitus becomes among people the more it is the norm. The bar gets lower and lower for what normal health really means. The present bar is extremely low. I think this is a very important concept to understand. This is primary to question when a doctor, nurse practitioner, etcetera tells you your “numbers” are normal for ALL medical test results.

I did many, many years of alternative healing to clear my tinnitus. Here are some things I can share about my experience:

The ears have a similar shape to the kidneys and are indicative of that organ. The condition of our adrenals, located right above each kidney are major indications of stress and our response to stress. Kidneys- ears- adrenals- stress. Maybe this is making some sense to you or peaking your interest in knowing more. In acupuncture there is a form of treatment called auricular therapy. Really interesting to see all the points in the ears and what parts of the body they correspond with. Auricular chart.

Aside from this kidney-adrenal connection, there are a acupuncture meridians that directly pass around, near and land on the ears. I painstakingly made many efforts to focus on the health of those organs. Most notably the Gallbladder and Liver. I did find improvements in my tinnitus, but it was not long lasting. I feel resolute in saying that my tinnitus, and general health, were remedied by my actions. What were they? Liver – Gallbladder flushes, colon therapy, no coffee,  no cacao, the list goes on. I go into detail about my dietary journey for 25+ years in other blog posts.

Ginger compresses on the kidney area to bring blood to the organ and improve my adrenal function. Relaxing, as well. Acupuncture, shiatsu, reiki, breath work, yoga. A whole lot of things that I do not regret doing, most I still do, but they did not ultimately heal my tinnitus. They did not heal my digestion and gut.

The Unique Healing Program has helped my tinnitus symptoms have a steady improvement. Tinnitus is indicative, as I mentioned before, of a more deep imbalance in the body. I have always felt this. All the studying I did told me this. It is really common sense. Okay, maybe not common sense, but I hope you know what I mean…

In this post I am not going to go into much more detail about my specific situation. I do have many observations and things I am willing to share. If you are someone who is investigating The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, or currently on the program you can send me a comment and I would be glad to answer you on the blog or via your email address.

With the full moon my tinnitus increases. It can begin a week before. This is something to note. For some, their tinnitus is non stop and very loud. This is crazy making. I would highly suggest looking outside the traditional medical  rabbit hole of ear testing and medications. Having tests can put to rest fears of neurological problems. This may include a CT Scan for those who want their worries quelled. Ultimately, an unhealthy gut and immune system can and will lead to much more serious health problems of all kinds.


EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping can really help all stress related, nervous system imbalances and much more. I do feel that EFT is a crutch. It is a great crutch. For most it is not a long term solution. The same for meditation. These things are of supreme value and are greatly amplified when done in tandem with The Unique Healing Program. I am not saying that EFT and meditation do not help some people eliminate tinnitus, but if it has not do something much deeper 99% of the time. Okay, 100% of the time. Here is an account of someone who found relief from tinnitus with EFT.

If The Unique Healing Program does not speak to you, do something. Like what? Eliminate or greatly cut back on refined foods, coffee, alcohol, fast food, cigarettes, drugs. These may seem like obvious solutions for many.  For some people it is a new consideration.

Dental work is something to reflect upon. What is in the mouth really has a geat effect on the entire body. Don’t panic, this is resolvable. I know The Unique Healing Program can be of more value than removing all the mercury, ectc. in the short and long term. You may choose to remove the fillings, etcetera  in the future. Taking in sodium bentonite clay/ Body Bentonite, a substance that absorbs toxins in the body is a viable solution. Sodium Bentonite Clay filters incoming toxins, heals the gut so it can absorb and escort toxic substance out of the body. This is greatly what The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is all about. It provides a safe transition protocol for the/our body to heal itself.

There are solutions and they can work. You are not alone. There is support.


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I have easily felt overwhelmed in the last few years, and that overwhelm is  becoming less and less as I am  on The Unique Healing Program. Often I have struggled with waking up feeling like I do not know where to start. This has gone on for many years. I am sure the feeling of overwhelm is widespread. Today, many people feel it is normal. My observation is that people barrel on until something happens that causes them to have to slow down or just plain stop. Awareness and perception is everything and our health really does determine how we see the world. There are exceptions to this, I have known people who are able to maintain a positive frame of mind despite not feeling well, but I think they are the exceptions. The pressure to save face, and the use of anti depressants can mask things, at least for awhile.


In general, my mornings are becoming easier. I feel more positive and can get out of my own way more easily. I experience more of my life without the feeling of living in a twilight zone, surreal existence. Those feelings are really upsetting and completely hindered my ability to be productive. As a Postscript 5/2014: These patterns at times got worse for shorter periods. One step forward two steps back. Then two steps forward one step back. There is real hope.

Brain fog is progressively improving. I do get hit less hard with the ups and downs, but it is not easy to predict. However, the downs are less down and I feel more balanced.

I get annoyed much less easily and am seeing that even though some things could be perceived as annoying, I do not react to them the same way. Okay, some things and people are just plain annoying. What is clearer than ever, and not just words, my response is everything.

I am getting less and less critical of others and myself. Some days are worse than others, but I can stop the pattern more quickly. It is easier to find some kind of peace. I can more easily take a nap, employ Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, meditate, and pray [my own version].

Hang in there if you are on The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. If you are thinking about trying it, I can say go for it. Do it at whatever level you are able.

As a Postscript 5/2014: Really do The Unique Healing Program at whatever level you can. I truly believe one to two tablespoons of clay, a few Bowel Strength and what ever other parts of UHP you can do will help you. Colonics, enemas, etcetera can be really, really helpful when doing UHP on this level. On any level.