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I just found one GABA explanation that is pretty simple and to the point. It provides information concerning some questions and physical responses that I am having since taking GABA. GABA is sort of an enigma to me. I have not reached a groove and determined how much exactly works for me. I do regret NOT taking the advice of Donna Pessin in increasing my dosage more agressively back when I started taking it. For whatever reason, it wasn’t  until 5 months or more into UHP that Donna Pessin recommended I take GABA. Who knows why, but something that was going on with me and her experience with others triggered her urgent recommendation of my taking it at that particular time.I think she has an updated version of her first book that has more information about GABA than the one I have.


At times I seem to need a increased amount of GABA, and I am not clear enough as to exactly why. I seem to need at least 3,000 mg  and have taken up to 12,000 mg in an hours time.  Why so much? I am not sure, but it is a biological need that am only now coming to terms with.  One in particular is that the anxiety that I have experienced over the years is something that seemed normal to me. My anxiety was outweighed by my friends, clients, neighbors and family. Seemed that way. Comparing myself  to others has created many a blind spot and provided some sort of comfort.  One the other side it isan inner voice that compares myself to others, which is an endless form of self torture. I have been working on that one for quite awhile.

I am starting to see that the more intense my symptoms from GABA the more I may need. This is something Donna Pessin speaks about in her video on dosage of supplements. The one thing I can tell you is that it is something each person has to experiment with and the dose does change and the need for it can change. You may need more now, less soon enough and even more later on down the line. Does this have to do with the stress that the body is going through when toxins are released from our organs, tissues, etcetera? My guess is yes.

I wrote a large portion of this post in March of this year, 2014. Recently, 5/2014 I found L-Theanine through a fellow UHP participant who discovered it through a physician. It was prescribed to enhance the effects of GABA. I am knew to L-Theanine, but so far I find it pretty amazing. It is helping me feel more relaxed, clear thinking and able to sleep more soundly. More about L-Theanine in a near future post. I found something that may be of help in understanding more about this amino acid L-Theanine that is produced in, where else, the gut!

Does Donna Pessin creator of The Unique Healing Program recommend L-Theanine? As far as I know it is not in her books or videos. I have not asked her. Do some research and see what you feel and think about L-Theanine. One thing I can say is that I would not know about GABA or L-Theanine if it was not for Donna Pessin. One thing leads to another. Also, The Unique Healing Program is what makes all these “crutch” supplements work so well. If you don’t know what the word “crutch” means in this context, read The UHP books or at least look at the videos. The are free on YouTube.




I have shared this experience with, I believe, two people involved with The Unique Healing Program besides my husband. One is Donna Pessin. Maybe others will relate, or find some inspiration.

About 6 months into being on UHP I was out for a walk with our dogs. I do not remember how that day started, but I can say mornings are the most difficult time of the day for me, and have been most of my life. This day I had an experience of such joy it was truly remarkable. I wish I could tell you that I took some Colloidal Silver or specific dose of some other elixir that made this happen. Believe me, I would share it in a flash. Something that would regularly clear the cobwebs. and stop me feeling as though I was living in another dimension. Slightly veiled. Twilight Zone-ish. On the edges of depression. Being constantly busy and immersed in the lives of others, while seeking an solution through alternative health avenues is what saved me from taking medications, and distracted me most of my life.

What was different that day? Well, what was above me and all around me, blue sky, bright sun, lots of trees and flowers were my focus and their beauty was undeniable. All that was wrong was not the focus or in the picture. I really felt something that I can say I have never truly felt as an adult. Specifically, I remember thinking that if I never lived another day, that sensorial experience would be enough. I really mean that. May sound crazy, but that is what I remember feeling. I remember thinking of the small children who die early of a rare illness and still have so much joy to give. They must experience that feeling at some point? I don’t know.

I also remember recognizing that what was outside of me was not determining how I felt. I live in the Palm Springs area of California. Sun, blue sky, flowers are an everyday event. It was something within me. This is what I believed to be true, but had not experienced quite like that.

Anyway,since that day I have had snippets of that feeling, but not as profound and as long in span. It was such an overwhelming experience. I am not that sure of how long it lasted. It was wonderfully weird. It lasted for at least as long as the walk, about 45 minutes.I know it is a sign of something I can achieve on a more regular basis. The experience helped me recognize how the world is so deeply colored by my inner terrain. If I had not done all the other things I have over the past 30 and more years, I know I would be so much worse off. I am grateful for the tools I used in the past, however, they did not produce long term healing of my gut, immunes system and entire body.

One year into The Unique Healing Program, my days are still up and down. As I have written before, the downs are less strong and don’t last as long. My mornings, especially this spring, has been pretty overwhelming at times. The big difference is that I tend to come out of it more quickly and more highly functional. I am seeing a pattern of clearing the farther into spring things go.

I really hope this post is of help to others on The Unique Healing Program and inspires people to explore UHP and other ways to heal outside the Traditional Medical / Psychopharmacology world of treatment.


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If you are part of The Unique Healing Program or researching and have ear pain, scaling, draining, cracking skin, redness and more, you are not alone. There are many symptoms I have observed with my own ears before starting The Unique Healing Program and during. Good news is that I have experienced progressive improvement while doing The Unique Healing Program. As I have said in other posts, we are all so different. My symptoms and level of healing on The Unique Healing Program are mine alone. Hopefully what I share here will be of some assistance to the reader.

Here is a link that gives a brief summary of the connection between the ears and the lymph system. If your ears drain or are more problematic at night this link will be insightful.

My story is that I had swollen glands as a child, enough times to imprint the memory. I did not have my tonsils removed. I also grew up in a house that felt cold and damp. We definitely had a mold problem. In my adult years I still had some gland sensitivity. This sensitivity remained even after years of cleansing, macro, vegan, low glycemic fruit, no fruit, colonics, blah, blah, and more blah. All of these actions gave me many years of some digestive improvements, but no consistent gut health. What does that mean? I had on and off constipation and indigestion.  There are more things that I feel relate back to and contribute to my adult ear issues and weak lymph system.  Childhood dental work, family health/sickness history, environmental conditions. This is an endless rabbit hole.


During the time I have been part of The Unique Healing Program I have experienced my ear itching, skin splitting, scaling become  progressively less intense. Many of my symptoms get worse around seasonal changes and just prior to the full moon. On the Unique Healing Program for, at this point, 9 months I do experience less symptoms with each month and season. Ear ringing in my left ear has improved. It is something I experienced on and off and mostly at night.

Along with The Unique Healing Program, I have steamed my head with  ginger water, used different herbal ointments to lubricate my ears. Using a netti pot [nose] and baby ear bulb syringe[ears] to alleviate symptoms has helped. Also, I have an Infrared Dome that I use to bake my head under. Feels really good, sort of like lying in the morning sun on a beach. I have also found that packing my neck with Aztec Healing Clay [bentonite not for ingestion] or LL’ Magnetic Clay [the one labeled for sensitive- this stuff is strong] can help as well. I do not leave it on more than 20 minutes. Follow the directions and experiment with the timing.

Ingestion of too many carbs and just whatever is coming down the proverbial pike [look at Donna Pessin’s videos if you do not know what this means] really spike my symptoms. Again, this seems to be especially tweaked around the full moon, seasonal changes. Dental work or exposure to other toxins would cause reactions.

As a Postscript: As of 5/2014 about, 14 months into UHP I have significantly less ear issues. Really remarkable improvement with my ears and sleep. One thing that has greatly helped me is taking GABA. Look at UHP videos on GABA. I take amounts of 3,000 to 6,000 mg at a time and this has helped tremendously. I regret not being more aggressive with GABA. I am not taking any prescriptive meds. Those who are need to talk to Donna Pessin, do thorough research or speak with a Physician or other Healthcare Practitioner who understands the effects of GABA when taking medications, etcetera.


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Society, here in the USA, does not encourage all our citizens to be fully in charge of their health, wealth and spirit. Who is society? All of us. Make some sense out of that one! In or out of a crisis, it very often seems easier to trust the doctor, investment counselor, spiritual advisor [aka minister, rabbi, etc.] to tell us what to do. In the long term it rarely plays out well, leaving people physically,financially and spiritually bankrupt.

I will get to the point here: If you are depressed and constipated there is a whole lot you can do, but it is not as easy as more water and a high fiber diet. Depression and constipation go together hand in hand. Who feels good when they are blocked, right? It all goes way deeper than take two and call me in the morning.


I am currently taking GABA and I have found it to be very helpful. If you are a raw food eater, vegan, or eating a whole food diet that includes meat and are grappling with constipation the information here is important to understand. Cleansing, as it is more widely understood is uninformed and  simplistic.  If the idea that healthy stools are characterized by being well formed, brown, float and odorless is foreign to you, please reconsider what defines real gut health.

Click here for more information on GABA. The two articles I have chosen do not mention taking GABA as a nutritional supplement. They do chronicle the effects of the lack of GABA and other neurotransmitters in our gut. Click here for second article Donna Gates – Body Ecology Diet.

I am currently participating in The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Click here to learn more. I have written other posts about the program and updating past posts. including her information as part of them. I have also written past posts about The Body Ecology Diet. When I began this blog I was following BED for three years. There is some good information in the BED book, but it did not heal my digestion.