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If you are HIV+ or have been diagnosed with AIDS or Cancer,  I am 100% sure that your digestion is not in good shape. Due to the Immune System being largely contained in the gut, doing anything to improve digestive health can only help your situation. Please read on and know that there is hope for you to feel better whatever form of treatment you are doing.The Unique Healing Program could be an amazing adjunct to any health protocol that is either traditional or alternatively driven. Consulting with the creator Donna Pessin would be a must if you are knowingly dealing with a life threatening illness. Cancer, HIV and AIDS are among the major players. Auto immune illnesses are just as problematic and can become life threatening in a short period of time. This also can greatly helped by healing the digestive system.

The other thing is that even if you do not get onboard to do The Unique Healing Program per se, you can learn a great deal from the UHP videos and books. The more you know the more empowered you will be. One thing that is important is to understand what can trigger more cleansing responses in the body and what exactly that means. This is, without question, something that Donna Pessin really understands. Her understanding and explanation is very different from many other practitioners and can be somewhat confusing at first. Give it a chance.


Somewhere around 1989 I was a volunteer at a place called The Manhattan Center for Living in New York City. It was a center that was designed to help support people diagnosed as having HIV+, AIDS, Cancer and other life threatening illnesses. MCFL was also there to educate and help prevent the spread of a disease that was very new and not understood. Marianne Williamson was on the board of MCFL. MCFL did not last long and those that were devoted created Friends in Deed. Friends In Deed is still very much alive. Film director Mike Nichols, and actress Cynthia O’Neil are two of the primary creators of  this center of healing, love and support for those grappling with their diagnosis, loss of family, friends and so much more.

As a person volunteering my skills at both MCFL and FID, mostly as a Shiatsu Therapist, I met and befriended s number of people. I went to  memorial services and watched members of the dance and theatre, fashion communities, to name a few, drop off like flies. It was a very confusing and frightening time.

Prior to and during that time of volunteering at FID and MCFLI was involved in studying the macrobiotic diet, getting some colonics, acupuncture, bodywork and reading whatever I could about healing. Most of  that information was based on strengthening the immunes system. I was interested in what is now known as Alternative or Holistic Healing. It became clear to me in talking with people who were HIV+ that some  had symptoms, many years prior to being diagnosed, that indicated a weak immune system. Why were some people with similar immune deficiency issues exposed to HIV and did not contract the virus? I was honest enough with myself to see that many of my “minor” maladies were stepping stones to greater sickness. I was vulnerable to HIV, AIDS and Cancer. This really woke me up.

Much time have passed and over the years drugs have been developed that have saved and extended the lives of many people. The side effects of theses drugs are not often discussed openly. This concerns me. AIDS and HIV are not welcome news to anyone and there is unnecessary shame around these illnesses. The drugs for AIDS AND HIV are not sold as cures, but how toxic these drugs are is definitely not stressed enough.  There is a huge price to pay for those who take these medications. However, I have known many people who have gone on to make great contributions to this world and that is due to these medications. Many would most likely say that the side effects are worth it.

I am writing this specifically for those with HIV, AIDS, Cancer and other life threatening medical diagnosis who are looking for some other strategies for healing. A strategy that could possibly compliment what they are already doing. When I first got introduced to The Unique Healing Program and Donna Pessin, at first glance, the focus seemed to be weight loss. Look deeper it is way more than that.

If The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin does not appeal to you, check out The Body Ecology Diet Donna Gates. More information about creating a healthier digestive system and way of eating to heal. The Body Ecology Diet Protocol did not work for me, but it may work for you. I did explore the Body Ecology Diet System for three years and it did not resolve my constipation. I chronicle my path over the past number of decades looking for a resolution for my digestive dysfunction in other blog posts.

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