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If you are following The Unique Healing Program and working on better digestive and overall health on any level, taking digestive aids can be very helpful. When I started The UHP I spoke with Donna Pessin and asked her about continuing  taking Hydrochloric Acid with Pepsin. She concurred that this would be a good idea. I have always benefitted from HCL and would have continued taking it no matter what Donna Pessin had said.

Why take HCL with Pepsin or any Digestive Enzyme? A weak digestive system creates more acidity for parasites, candida, and other bacteria to grow and flourish in our bodies. Indigestion, undigested food sitting in the stomach and gut equals gas and bloating. This is a breeding ground for poor health that expresses itself as lethargy or irritation, mental confusion, unpleasant attitude, skin conditions, headaches, constipation, and ALL other health imbalances, cleansing reactions, and down the line serious medical diagnosis.

I am not sure why Donna Pessin does not include taking HCL and other digestive aids in her books and videos. I am beyond sure that if you have a sluggish gut your digestion can use all the help it can get. Just the other day I read that Ms. Pessin had recommended to one person that they use Digestive Enzymes and Beano as an adjunct to The Unique Healing Program. Digestion takes a long time to heal and will be in flux for all people healing. Digestive Enzymes can only make that healing easier. Taking them a few minutes before meals greatly helps the enzymes be more effective. I also find drinking a cup of boiled water can help indigestion that occurs at any time during the day. Chewing a little bit of  ginger, cardamon, clove fennel has helped me. Just one of these can help alleviate indigestion. Good to chew on an empty stomach or between meals.

Here is one page I found that gives a personal experience explanation of the need for digestive enzymes, low stomach acid and the autoimmune connection. It is a blog written by an person who is currently exploring healing through a Paleo type diet. I am not endorsing the Paleo Diet, but do understand why people choose it when suffering from Candida overgrowth and other digestive and GI tract disturbances. I think Paleo done with lots of vegetables small portions of organic fish and other animal proteins, green  supefoods and other low glycemic grains, fruits and some nut butters is a diet worth trying out. We become our own best advisors the longer we are on the healing path, learning new things and trying them out.

I use Solaray HCL with Pepsin. I have also used thousands of dollars worth of digestive and systemic enzymes from Dr. Fred Bisci and other purchased from Matt Monarch at The Raw Food World. The use of Systemic Enzymes while using Sodium Bentonite Clay may or may not be helpful for you. I have not found enzymes other than HCL with Pepsin necessary. Systemic enzymes used therapeutically break down toxic material in the body. At the time I was not using Sodium Bentonite Clay. I did not have a healthy enough digestive system to sponge up the acids that resulted in taking the Systemic Enzymes. I was not able to escort these acids out of my body in a timely way. I was using Zeolite powder and doing colonics. Because of these things, systemic enzymes created more cleansing symptoms for me than help. My experience.

HCL with Pepsin or another Digestive Enzyme of your choice can help make your gut, in the long or short one, a less welcome place for those “unwanted guests”. Heard that phrase from David Wolfe…