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Quantum Herbals has an eye formula that I use as an eyewash. It is cleansing and stimulating to the tissue if the eye. It can also be taken internally.

It makes sense to me that herbs taken internally and used externally along with dietary changes can, for many people, be a major step in preventing cataracts and keeping the eyes healthy.

Like many health issues, cataracts are primarily connected to genetics by Allopathic Medicine.  Consider that alll parts of the body are reflections of our digestion and circulation. A basic concept of most forms of holistic and  traditional healing. Genetics is a scapegoat and leave many feeling helpless to heal their situation outside the medical paradigm.

The Circulatory System transports our blood. What creates our blood? The food and other substance that we consume. This is not to discount the power of the mind. I don’t think most people truly comprehend that the quality of our food, and other factors effect us on a cellular level. Television, video games, and all other media have a sizable impact.

To learn more about Quantum Herbals [link here].

As a postscript 11/2013: Since writing this post I have found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Her program is so worth investigating. This is not a magic bullet program. It does work.

Acetyl carnosine and dissolving cataracts [link here]. The product Can-C,  containing Acetyl carnosine is something to investigate. I have not experienced the product. I would go with Donna Pessin to get to the route of eye problems.

The Mayo Clinic’s take on Cataracts [link here].

To read more about diet and its impact on Cataracts emphasizing leafy greens and natural antioxidants [link here].

How we see not what we see and how it effects our long term vision. The Bates Method and more [link here].