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I am hoping this brief, thumb nail sketch history will help someone looking for support and clarity concerning their own health, or someone they know.

There are many factors that contribute to our health challenges. Certain things we may only be able to make suppositions about. What caused our Immune Systems to falter? One point that I feel is primary is to examine how we are all brainwashed into believing that consistently nagging, draining health complaints are normal. These issues range from acid reflux to hemorrhoids and constipation, debilitating menstrual cramps to athletes foot and psoriasis. They remain suppressed by medications, both over the counter and prescribed. Handled this way they are, without a doubt, a direct road to chronic health sicknesses and all that entails.


To begin with my parents both had childhood illnesses that impacted each of them physically and emotionally. My father had a subdural hematoma in his early teens. Treatment for that head injury to relieve the pressure on his brain, the drugs Halidon and Dilantin for a period of time, and who knows what else. My mother had Osteomyelitis beginning at about age 12. This lead to 25 or more hospitalizations, surgeries and exposure to a myriad of antibiotics up to the age of 33.  Their health histories impacted me in numerous ways. Psychologically with their unexplained behaviors that were very confusing. Behaviors that ranged from fearless to overly cautious. Their words and actions were helpful to me in ways, and not so helpful in others. Stressful approaches to living that deeply impacted every aspect of life. Decisions they made due to, I am guessing, making  up for time they felt they lost due to their childhood illnesses. Illnesses that were close brushes with death that must have been terrifying for them.


The house was located in an area that became more and more highly trafficked over the years. Our home was positioned on a corner in a suburb 30 minutes outside of New York City. When we moved there hardly any cars would pass by, but as time progressed it became harder and harder to get out of the driveway without it being a very stressful experience. What was originally stop signs on each corner became traffic lights. One night a car crashed into our front door. Why did my parents not move from there? A somewhat complicated issue, but put simply they felt they couldn’t. The reasons for that are very personal to what they thought they deserved. My father lived in that house for over 40 years. and my mother died there. Life experience I have had with myself and others tells me that a weak immune systems can cause people to make decisions out of fear. It can also play out as taking crazy risks that put themselves and others at risk until they just can’t anymore. This was the strange dichotomy I grew up under. My mother was over protective and my father, well, let’s just say he often lacked good judgement in everyday situations.


The house I grew up in had a big mold problem and, not surprisingly, was  notably cold and damp.

Growing up in the state of New Jersey was not a positive experience on many levels. Not to diss New Jersey, there are plenty of other places where environmental contaminants are record high for impacting the health of residents. New Jersey gets a bad rap on many levels and it is often deserved. I just saw a documentary about a Swim Team [name of the documentary] in New Jersey that is comprised of Autistic children. According to this documentary, 1 out of 23 children living in New Jersey have Autism. Within the past few years, here in the USA, Flint, Michigan has been in the news for lead contamination in water causing severe health problems in their residents. Evidently, it is becoming clearer that high levels of lead are present in tap water throughout the USA. This is due to a crumbling infrastructure. Degradation of building materials and poor decisions made concerning the quality of the materials originally used. Money before people.


I was exposed to mercury and other dental contaminants as a child. There was an unnecessary amount of drilling combined with the toxic materials used. Then, as an adult, having my mercury fillings removed without the proper steps taken during and after removal. I did not know there were precautions to be taken back then. They were removed by a dentist that did not have a Holistic practice. Just get them out was my attitude. Big mistake. This was done in 1989 -1990. I have never gone to a Holistic dentist that has recommended that I take any specific action to negate the bacteria that is released into my bloodstream after cleanings, removal of cavities, replacements of fillings. I have to remark that this includes Huggins trained dentists. Why is this true of the Holistic / Huggins dentists that I have known? I am really not sure why, however, I would choose a Huggins trained dentist over a Traditional Dentist for a myriad of reasons. Over the past 20 years I implemented my own antibiotic protocol when having any dental work. What is a Huggins Dentist?

Bacteria and other toxins released in dental cleanings put stress on the immune systems of people. Many with root canals, dental implants, etcetera are already experiencing this stress. Most people do not know how, or are  not capable of releasing these toxins through and already overloaded bowel, urinary tract system, or lungs.

Toxins are released through our breath and breathing is shallow at best for most people. Also, living in areas where the air is polluted does not encourage people to breathe. We unconsciously  protect ourselves by not breathing. On another level, it is worth noting how many of us are truly adverse to breathing, and never ask ourselves why. Conscious breathing is an invitation to be aware of the present moment and to feel and not be on automatic pilot 24/7.

Having an air cleaner in the house is something to consider when living in areas where air quality is suspect.


Bulimia, eating and vomiting, weakened every aspect of my health. This went on from age 16 to very early twenties, 23. A willful person, I was able to pull myself out of that behavior. This is a situation where the willfulness I learned from my parents worked for me in the best sense.


Exposure to sick pets and not understanding the potential impact on my health. I did not know how to protect myself better at the time. I do now.

Physical and Sexual contact with people who had poor health.

Eating sushi regularly for a couple of years.

Inhaling smoke in ballet studios from childhood to age 30.

Dehydration, not drinking enough water as a dancer and athlete.

My great grandfather and grandfather worked in the steel mills in Chicago and Pittsburgh. My dad worked for US Steel as a teenager before going to college. I am sure this exposure to heavy metals had to effect the family line.

I hope my sharing this information is helpful. There have been other factors that I did not cover here, or I am not fully aware of. My personal experience with Root Canals is something I will write about in the future.

Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is the person that has helped me the most with finding strategies for healing. Some of her approaches challenged my past knowledge, and experiences. I am grateful that I opened my mind and followed her lead.

Thank you for reading.




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When I started The Unique Healing Program in late December of 2012 I met, through this blog, people who were finding some level of symptom diminishment that I was not. A number of these people were able to consume large amounts of clay and seemed to be okay with it. Others, like myself, felt blocked up and crazy from it. This protocol that Donna Pessin was selling definitely had big holes in it. One stop shopping for healing with her products alone was not working for me. I had to augment her program, much to her disapproval, with enemas, colonics and much lower doses of clay than she prescribed for success.

At times discouraged,  I came to the conclusion that maybe I was dredging up some deeper seated toxins because of all the past cleansing work I had done. Something I have written about extensively in past blog posts. Was this one reason that my symptoms were so much more potent than some of the others people on Unique Healing? I was pretty sure this was one component. One thing I am more certain of, those who were NOT highly symptomatic had more body fat than I did. That fat – cellulite was absorbing toxins and acting as a protector – buffer of sorts.

So, this was constantly coming up. Why were some of these people less reactive to the use of clay and herbs [Unique Healing] than I was? Well, I knew I had a  much longer history of intense cleansing  regimens. My daily exposure to mold as a child and the removal of mercury fillings, without the proper  dental protocol, put a heavy tax on my immune system. There were other factors as well. I was pretty sure I had dodged many sickness bullets through all the efforts I had put in over the years. In truth, I appeared to be in much better health and shape than I actually was. Much of that was accomplished – if that is an accomplishment – with a very simple clean diet,  herbal concoctions, colonics, enemas, exercise, yoga, and much more. It was not my goal to live my life on a constant road of cleansing, but I was willing to do what I needed to in order to heal, live, earn a living, and not end up in the Traditional Medical System.

For years I was the person that ate very simply but did not loose weight. I was not overweight. I did often think that anyone else would be way thinner if they were eating a diet as clean, all the juice feasting, colon cleanses, colonics,etcetera. All this was done to have a healthier gut with regular bowel movements and better energy. None of these goals was fully actualized through these decades of efforts.


It seems clear now that I was not able to get to the deep-seated triggers that plagued me in a significant way. I am talking about Heavy Metals, Candida and other Parasites. My efforts did help me in the short term to a certain extent, but chipped away at body fat and other precious minerals after awhile. So, here I am without the body fat that is helpful in absorbing the often irksome, frustrating symptoms of cleansing. These densely dehydrated toxins that get released when they are tapped into. Without the body fat to migrate to, the toxins enter the bloodstream and a person can be much more symptomatic. This is all very personal to each individual and their circumstances.

I am reminded of a dentist who was deeply effected by the toxins of his profession. He told me once that cleansing alone is not healing. How to find the right protocol for each of us is the dilemma. It is not unsolvable, but can be tricky depending on what each individual has been exposed to. More later.

One person who has helped me link here.




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Do we really know much, if anything, about our gut, bowel, intestines or whatever other word we use to refer to that  most deeply visceral part of our body? I know for a fact most people absolutely do not. Well, here is a book, The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, that is written to educate its readers. The Unique Healing Program is  written from a place of personal knowledge and blatant honesty. The contents is not only her own experience, but her clinical experience with many, many clients over the past 18 years.

What is said in this book is not something that I would argue with or doubt for one very profound reason: it just made sense to me.  I completely relate to the confusion of how to create a healthy bowel. And I am not alone! Just look at all the products sold  and advertised that are touted to cure indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. I am talking about products sold in Health Food Stores as well as pharmacies. The author, Donna Pessin, has a really confident handle on this subject and can back it up with her own success and that of many of her clients. That is impressive.

The author defines so much of what is sold to help people feel better as crutches. Substance that mask and give quick relief to situations that plague most people. These substances and practices are often unknowingly used by people as crutches. This is  partially due to the skewed definition of  the word normal is as it applies to health in general.

What seems to many as healthy are explained as being crutches when they do not ultimately lead to no longer needing these substances and tools. Building intestinal fortitude, in the physical sense, is what is needed to experience true stamina and health freedom.

Order the book. It will answer many questions in deep detail. There is a sequel that I did not order, but I probably will after  I finish reading the first one. The book most definitely educates  the reader about how to build true health. It will also challenge many of the archaic ideas about health that are constantly reinforced by all sectors of mainstream and alternative health providers. Don’t be surprised if what she says, at first, gets under your skin a bit. Why? She puts into question all the time and money spent on things that really do not work, but on the surface, do no harm.

For more information about The  Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin click here.


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Digestive health is imperative to be able to efficiently utilize all food based dietary supplements and superfood concentrates. My personal and clinical experience is that it is imperative to use food base supplements whenever possible. It helps to chew them or at least break them up in your mouth. There are probiotics that  are designed to withstand the stomach acids and make it to the small intestines unscathed, these should definitely not be chewed. Digestive enzymes and HCL pills do not need to be chewed.

Food based supplements have been helpful to me in improving my overall health. I have studied, worked with clients and experienced results with my own body. My experience is clear: improving overall health helps the healing of injuries and reduces pain. Digestion, circulation and healing the small and large intestines are necessary. Shockingly, the premise that improving general health can lead to healing joint pain and injury is not a common belief among both traditional and holistic medical practitioners. This also includes all kinds of people in the healing arts.

Supplements and Super foods that I have used for myself scaled down:

Green powder super foods are high in minerals and are alkaline.

MSM and vitamin C. These two substances have been useful to me. They are advised to be taken together.

Mega Foods and New Chapter are food based supplements. Easier to assimilate. The need for magnesium and silica are overlooked for calcium from questionable sources. D3 and vitamin K are in these companies supplements to encourage strength and healing.

A good quality Multi Vitamin especially designed for your specific age  and sex can be helpful. I would go with Mega Foods and New Chapter.


Health Force Vitamineral Greens and Amazing Grasses are two I take and can recommend.

MSM comes from a petroleum and wood source. The wood source is more expensive. Do some research. Buy the best quality of either of these sources. Click here for some info on non petroleum MSM. Doctor’s Best is one to check out click here.

Mega Food and New Chapter are easily found in many stores. I buy mine from MY NATURAL MARKET  online store click here. Excellent prices. Free shipping deal offered.

LivOn Labs Lypospheric Vitamin C is a product to research click here. Easy to absorb, No digestive reverb.

Synergy Vitamin C  and Health Force Vitamin C are both available from MY NATURAL MARKET.

Healing is a ongoing process that occurs on many levels. I do believe in spontaneous healing. Funny though, I think spontaneous is a result of many incidents and factors that  get us to what seems like a spontaneous outcome.

As a postscript 9/2013: Since writing this post I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. This program provide the framework for healing the body in all ways. Go to her website, watch the videos, buy the books, decide for yourself. I did those things and am currently on her program. click here.


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The one statement that has inspired me to juice fast, relayed to me by nutritional coach Ron Strauss, comes from Dr. Richard Schulze. I am paraphrasing:

“Juice fasting works, if you can just get people to do it.”


Eating, digesting and processing food expends cellular energy. The more the body can use that energy for regeneration, daily functioning and cleansing the better. Cleansing can lead to healing. When we stop eating solids or limit our intake the entire body starts to release toxins. Absorption and a  timely exit of these toxins is essential. Why? So they do not become reabsorbed. Ingesting an edible clay, enemas or colonics are essential. Sodium Bentonite Clay is an excellent choice for this purpose.


Juice Feasting can be a great alternative to juice fasting.  If these two options are somewhat daunting, there are simple Macrobiotic Diet plans that are very effective. Why is that? Just cutting out flours, fats, refined sugars, alcohol, caffeine, etcetera give all our systems a rest. Also, Ayurveda has many cleansing approaches that work well.

The paraphrased qoute by Dr. Schulze can be applied to many situations in life. Do something! In order to create change action is involved. Change comes from believing we can and do make a difference with our decisions and  actions.

Here is the something to consider: Do I want to enter the current predominate consciousness about aging?  The consciousness that says our bodies belong to doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies. Sadly, for many people today, nursing homes and assisted living are the accepted end points for their lives. I encourage people of all ages to question this way of thinking, living and treatment of ourselves and others.

As a postscript 11/2013: Since writing this post I have found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin, Healing the gut and digestive woes is the key to health. This program is not a magic bullet, but I do know it can work. You just have to do it! Do something.

Dr. Richard Schulze link here . Ron Strauss link here.

Macrobiotic Diet and Lifestyle link here. William Spear Macrobiotic Counselor link here

Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle link here. A concise article that explains some Ayurvedic precepts.

Juice Feasting a great way to experience many of the benefits of fasting [link here] and still be able to function in your daily life. You can Juice Feast for a day or for much longer periods of time.

If you are new to all of this, then begin by simplifying your diet, eliminating refined carbs and sugar to start. Increase the amount of steamed leafy greens and low sugar fruits, such as berries and Granny Smith apples. Check out the Macrobiotic route and Donna Pessin’s Unique Healing Program.


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There are some excellent cleansing products from the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay. I use their clay and it is powerful! Be warned that it is  important to follow their directions. Thorough instructions comes with the clay and a video is available for purchase.  Their website has lots of informative, and  is well worth investigating.

Click here for more information about LL’s Magnetic Clay. Other ideas for heavy metal detox, aside from the clay, are at this site.

As a postscript 11/2013: I have found a program that uses sodium bentonite clay internally: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. [link here]. I can personally attest to the value of her information and program. The Unique Healing Program is the most valuable tool for completely healing the GI tract, and entire body, that I have ever come across.


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Just a brief post to share a product that is worth doing some research about, and that is LL’s Magnetic Clay.[link here] This is an excellent product to help rid the body of Heavy Metal Toxicity. Depending on your present financial situation and outlook on money,it is relatively inexpensive for what it does.


Remember the Mad Hatter? [link here] Hatter’s went mad due to Mercury Poisoning. Understanding what mercury poison means is important. It is important to educate ourselves about Heavy Metals and their effects on humans, animals and all that sustains life on this planet.


If you are new to the idea of Heavy Metal poisoning, Mercury is one of many Heavy Metals that are effecting the health of all life on our planet today. link here. I am not  familiar with the linked websites products, but their list of Heavy Metal Symptoms is direct and to the point.


If you have not seen the film, What The Bleep Do We Know, [link here] it  is worth while. The film explores and questions not just what we see, but how we see it from several points of view that include; Science, Physics, Theology, Spirituality and many other perspectives. All were brought together to purposely show how we cross paths whether we are aware of it or not.

Ingesting sodium bentonite clay to absorb toxins, heavy metals and other long standing acids in the body is something to deeply consider. Click here for more info.

As a postscript: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is, from my personal experience, the most comprehensive way to detoxify the body. [click here]. I still use the LL’s Magnetic Clay and do highly recommend it.