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There are all kinds of Bodywork treatments that are often lumped under the title of Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy, as it is known today, has come to be defined by the spa industry. The words Massage Therapy often has very little to do with the  healing treatment of Bodywork. Massage in our society is pretty much implanted in the minds of Americans as a relaxation experience. For some “massage parlor” is their dated point of reference. A whole other discussion.

By the medical world, bodywork is NOT accepted or defined as a step toward healing injuries of the Musculoskeletal System. My experience is that Bodywork is one essential part of a preventing and healing injury. For many, it can be a very important component in avoiding unnecessary medications and future surgeries and other invasive procedures.

The idea that hands on treatment can help heal an injury, alleviate pain and contribute to a greater sense of personal strength and vitality is not, as I mentioned before, part of the medical approach. Understatement! A small  percentage of people realize medication does not heal pain. It  is not a long term solution. OTC or prescribed medication blocks pain and can enable further injury. This is due to not being able to feel the full impact of our actions. Tylenol and Advil are for short term relief. This is the non- treatment/ treatment plan of many doctors.  The basic reasoning is that there are always stronger drugs  for deeper numbing. There are surgeries to take care of  the damage done. Makes sense, right? In the minds of many it does. At least for the short term.


Bodywork alone is not the cure. It can be an amazing adjunct to eating well,  absorption and elimination of accumulated acids, food based supplements and other forms of healing. Bodywork can, if the injury / pain is dealt with early on, make it possible to stop an acute problem from festering and becoming chronic. Continuing to participate in an activity after serious injury sounds like a form of addiction to that activity. To turn a blind eye to pain over and over again is not healthy. The NFL  and many levels of football in this country is one primary example.


Over the counter pain medications are highly acidic, which means hard on the stomach and all other organs, bones and tissues. Worst of all, they are highly addictive. These OTC  drugs do not solve the problem and create a dependency with no long term healing outcome. They can only lead to stronger prescription drugs and surgery. Why? As I mentioned previously,  they are taken as a way to continue injurious behavior by masking pain. How sensitive each person is to these substances is an accepted unknown by the public and doctors. Concern about addiction is not on the minds of a people in dire pain.


There are many and it is best to start seeing a practitioner before you have pain and are experiencing discomfort. That is often not the case, so please check out some of my more recent and  previous blog posts about healing hip and join pain. I have written about the steps I have taken to promote healing within my body. In the meantime, here is a list of some bodywork treatments, therapies, and practitioners that you might want to look into:

Structural Integration Therapy click here. I  was fortunate to have experienced the work of  Michael Moschel. Please look at his site. He gives an accurate description of what Structural Integration Therapy can offer. His website can help educate you on what to ask a therapist where you live. If you reside in the NYC, or are willing to travel,  he is the real deal.

Shiatsu Therapy –  AOBTA  click here. The AOBTA has a  directory for therapists nationwide and outside the USA on their website. I am a long time member of this organization.

Neuromuscular Therapy click here. I found this directory site through google research. I had NMT throughout the years ago and it was a positive experience.

Chiropractic Alignment combined with bodywork with a knowledgeable DC who understands diet, whole food supplements and other forms of healing can be very helpful. Here is a  link to link to Dr. George Cromack click here. I have been successfully treated by him. I appreciate the information he provides, in his book, on how to find a competent DC  in your own backyard. Renew Yourself by George Cromack.

Rebirthing Breath Therapy click here. If you are not breathing all this other bodywork  is really not going to create long term change. Why? Breathing is a major indicator to all our  body systems, especially nervous system. Holding the breath is an indication that something is very wrong. Primarily, that we are in our heads, not in our bodies, or that something is terribly wrong.  The resistance for most people, myself included, to conscious breathing is a constant form of fascination and frustration to me. Breathing is the most simple and effective way to relax and and heal.

Acupuncture combined with bodywork can be found. Ask around your community. Heads Up: medical doctors can practice acupuncture with a minimal amount of training. As little as 200 hours. The title MD does not say much about their acupuncture knowledge. LAC’s train for 3-4 years. LAC’s must participate in Continuing Ed. studies in order to maintain thier licensing. Something to know when seeking out acupuncture treatment.


A quick fix  will not provide the rewards of better health. Short or long term. As a postscript 9/2013: Since I first wrote this post I have found The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. Ms. Pessin has an approach to healing that is straight forward. I have personally found continuous healing of my entire body from her program. Take time to check her out. The UHP has the potential to ease and eliminate pain through healing digestion and elimination issues click here. It is not a quick fix, but it does work.


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At times, yes. That feeling has truly delayed my physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I come to see that, in the past, the health practitioners I have been generally attracted to are extreme in their views and approaches. How so? Well, some practitioners see the body the way they see the world: a toxic place that we need protection from. It is easy to understand why. How we consciously or unconsciously see the world is reinforced by what we listen to, watch read. Most notably are our biological and environmental histories that deeply effect our patterns of thinking developed in childhood and over the years.


I know, first hand, the difference between using drugs and surgery vs herbs, superfoods, vitamins diet, bodywork, colonics, etcetera. However, the point of view of these two worlds has some commonality. The shared opinion, by many health care providers and the public,  is that disease is a battle that needs to be fought.


Many people who are active in the Alternative-Holistic healing communities profess, or at least dabble with the idea, that  our thoughts greatly impact our lives. However, when it comes to  the condition of the environment and the health of our citizens, their take is pretty negative. Some would argue realistic. I am  here to question what I see and how I see it.

Some things just seem so apparent to me; global warming, air pollution, the sewage laden condition of our waterways and oceans. Deep in my gut  and heart, it all feels overwhelming. My feeling of overwhelm and despair is paralyzing and clouds what and how I see the world. Facing my feeling of overwhelm has been one of the primary emotions I need to heal. It is not an energizing mindset. Approaching life with a consciously positive attitude is not easy, but being pessimistic is a drain.


More and more aware of  my perspective I recognize my conscious and unconscious beliefs and mental conditioning. I notice this wherever I go. I  very often focus on people that do not generally look well to me. Trash on the roadsides and dirty cities often provide great fodder for feeding my negativity. Could it be that it is not what I am seeing but how I am seeing it that is the real  issue? I feel this is true.


Reprogramming the neural pathways of the brain is one of the  processes I am utilizing. Here are some things that I use to consciously explore the world around and within me:

What The Bleep [link here] is a film that proves and disputes many practical and scientific theories. You can buy the theater length and extended version on the website link.

Dr. Joe Dispenza [link here] is featured in WTB. HIs very informative and entertaining video entitled “Evolve Your Brain”. His talk expands on the principles of Quantum Physics. This entails re-patterning our neural pathways to create change in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

EFT Tapping expert Stacey Vornbrock [link here] has developed tapping protocols based on her study with Dispenza. These tapping sequences  are extremely effective when repeated daily to interrupt unwanted behavior patterns.

The Tapping Solution [link here] is a website providing information about The Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a great guided or self help  therapy technique.  EFT UNIVERSE [link here] has facts and research info about EFT.

Rebirthing [link here] is a therapy that helps heal our physical and emotional body through the breath. Peace Arnold brings love, light, compassion and humor to her work with individuals and groups. I highly recommend this healing therapy.

Colon Therapy  is one way to begin to detoxify the body, clear the brain and lighten the spirit. Home units are available. Initially, getting a series from a Colon Therapist is the best. Home Colonic Units available at Dancing Cells [link here].

Laugh. Do not underestimate the power of joy and humor.


Within the Raw Food Community cleansing  is the  major alternative to going the Allopathic Medical route. The raw diet is cleansing, but what is absorbing all the toxins being unearthed? The Allopathic protocol is largely about masking symptoms with prescriptive medicine. Their next point of action is, or leads to, surgery, chemo, radiation, etcetera.

Many of the loudest voices in the Raw Food Community are men. Their approach is warrior – super hero  [Vitalis and Wolfe] and most of their followers are women.

I have done many cleanses, colonics, dietary regimes. I am grateful for the information I have learned form these men.  However, most of the cleansing and diets have some strong similarities to the philosophy of allopathic medicine. The body is a battle ground and we all need to “man up” and “go to war”.

From Macrobiotics to the Raw Food Community I often observed practitioners and clients ending up returning to Allopathic Treatment. I am sure I have found an answer in healing my GI Tract.  Please visit Unique Healing Donna Pessin. Within her program lies, what I believe, one answer to healing the digestive system and entire body. It is not a magic bullet by any means!

Is Allopathic treatment wrong? It can be a life saver in an emergency. For long term illness it can be a crutch. I would not rely on it for the long haul. This is especially true if you want to live vibrantly as years go on.


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I met Peace Arnold [link here] while investigating some questions that I had surrounding my own gestation and birth. My intuition and subsequent research was revealing that some aspects of that time were haunting me. The stressful emotional state my mother was in during her pregnancy,  and her cesarean surgery are two prime examples.

To get to the point, I felt I was constantly battling myself, often feeling unable to move forward. The idea that life as a fetus and birth, a time that most of us know very little about, sets a template  for how we perceive life and live, made complete sense. I wanted to know more. Sessions with Peace, in person and via Skype, jump started a process of loving kindness toward myself and the world around me. Rebirthing, which leads to more daily conscious breathing, is an ongoing process. Each person can eventually practice this healing breath on their own and continue the process.

Peace Arnold has more fully embraced life by her own healing through Rebirthing, and further investigation of  many different types of breath work. A student and colleague of Leonard Orr [the developer of rebirthing], Peace runs regular Rebirthing Training Programs in Virginia and New York City. Through her kindness, sense of humor, and great patience Peace helps many people heal themselves through the Rebirthing process.

If you are sick and tired of talking about what is wrong with your life and want to learn some tools to create grass roots change, then Rebirthing is something to check out.

As a postscript 11/2013: Peace hosts breath workshops with Dan Brule  in New York City. His newsletters are worth checking out. She also has a one year, one day a month Rebirthing Training Program. If I was still in NYC I would be there in a flash.