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If you are having diarrhea, loose stools or other discomfort that is triggered by eating raw or cooked vegetables, here is an idea for a relatively low fiber salad. The blender breaks the fiber down making it easier to digest and less time consuming than chewing each mouthful until it is liquid. I also make this with steamed vegetables [hot soup] and will post a recipe for that when I have a chance. Not hard to figure out what to do, but glad to spell it out.

Combine in a high powered blender or whatever you have on hand:

Romaine lettuce 4-5 large leaves or less to scope out what you can tolerate, a bit of scallion, tiny bit of garlic, a bit of cilantro [herbs] for some extra flavor, salt, maybe some black pepper, olive oil, a bit of something acid – lemon or apple cider vinegar. I put in a few drops of stevia to taste. To thicken add one quarter to one half of an avocado. Add in 1/4 cup of purified water. Blend and taste to add more seasoning or water. You can add tomato and other things if you can eat them now without having a reaction. Blended salads and smoothies can be way more adventuress, but this is a simple recipe.

The idea is that blending predigests roughage and  some other foods. Still chew each mouthful a few times to mix the ingredients with the chyme in your mouth. DO NOT CHUG THIS. Had to say it. Sure you are probably past that if you are on UHP.

I use a digestive enzyme before eating. I ran that by Donna Pessin when starting the program and she concurred I should continue. I have to say, if she had disagreed I would have continued anyway. I have tried many enzymes over the years. Here are two I am currently using:

Doctor’s Best and HCL by Solaray. These two are relatively inexpensive and they work for me. I have purchased many brands of Systemic and all other kinds of enzymes before finding UHP. If you have suggestions I would be glad to hear and share.





3/2014: I originally wrote this post in October of 2013. It may seem out of sync with some other more recent things I have shared.

Here is a incomplete list of some of the other healing therapies I have researched explored, and tried [most] before finding The Unique Healing Program:

Dietary upgrades [the basics], complete dietary turnarounds, whole food supplements, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, probiotics, herbal elixirs, herbal formulas, digestive enzymes, systemic enzymes, colon cleanses, juice fasts, Juice Feasting, water fasting, urine therapy, enemas, coffee enemas, colonics, EDTA suppositories, raw food diet, macrobiotic diet, being a vegan, grounding technology, zappers, parasite cleanses, DNA telomere therapy, acupuncture, gallbladder flushes, natural hygiene diet. chiropractic adjustment, structural integration therapy, rolfing. Wow, this is a long list of therapies and I hardly made a dent!


Only if healthy digestion is restored. They may work depending on the condition of the person using them. The more depleted the digestion and elimination process in an individual the less likely  any of these other therapies are to contribute to a complete restoration of health. Most do not center around restoring gut health.


Many people who seek healing are ill, sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, have not received healing from traditional medicine, have friends and family that are ill, just have an intuition to look outside the box of allopathic – western medicine. The bar is pretty low for determining what health is today. Normal is not a good guideline. Just look around. Today’s normal is not for me.

Sodium Bentonite Clay ingested is one very specific way to sop up, draw out and revitalize the tissues, organs and blood of our body. Changing diet and some of the before mentioned  therapies will usually temporarily lighted the toxic load, buffer the toxic condition, or unintentionally make it worse for those with really weak digestive health. Why? Because they are cleansing and when digestion is weak the toxins overwhelm the immune system and get reabsorbed. A simplified answer. That is where the Sodium Bentonite Clay is deeply needed.

Many of the listed therapies may, in conjunction with one another, work to reverse illness depending on the individuals exposure to environmental toxins, dietary history, ancestral health history, sexual history and other specifics. Still I think they are lacking the one lynch pin, which is healing the gut.

Healing the gut results in not being afraid of our environment and all that that means. There is so much paranoia in the raw food and other communties. It does not speak well of the communities overall health.

The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin brilliantly uses Sodium Bentonite Clay with a few other specifically designed products to detoxify the body and restore digestion and dietary health and freedom. Check it out.