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Herbs can be a great aid in helping our organs and all our body systems release accumulated waste and rebuild. It is important not to overwhelm the excretory pathways of the body with the release of  built up waste.


Consider this: Herbs are loosing and dredging up old waste matter in all parts of the body. Absorbing and escorting this sludge out of the body is essential. Sodium Bentonite Clay, taken orally, is something to research. Note the healing capabilities of this clay. The quality of clay needs to be specifically processed for internal use. Why? Because clay will absorb toxic materials that it comes in contact with during processing.

Most people, taking herbs on their own, should start with a small amount. Even though larger amounts are usually needed, it is important to start slowly. Again, unless  you are under the guidance of a ND, Herbalist, Acupuncturist, etcetera, stay with the guideline that, especially in the beginning, less is more.

Drinking fresh spring, distilled or filtered water, fresh vegetable juices and broths are needed to  help dilute impurities. Again, how do these impurities get absorbed and escorted out of the body? Consider Sodium Bentonite Clay.

A Clean simple diet helps herbs do their job more easily. Proper food combining as mentioned in past posts is a good idea to give our digestive systems a break and heal.

Colonics and enemas are a great assist. See previous blog on Colonics and Enemas.

Sodium Bentonite Clay is often included in colon cleanses. Ejuva, one reputable colon cleanse, is  worth looking into.

David Wolfe [Longevity Now] goes into great detail in the first release of his book, dvd’s and cd’s about all types of  herbs, supperfoods and  supplements to increase our life span along with quality of life.

An informative book by Rehmannia Dean Thomas about Chinese Herbal Medicine really entertains while being educational. [click here]. Healing Thresholds is the name of the book.

As a postscript: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin is truly worth investigating. I am currently doing this program. Sodium Bentonite Clay is a mainstay of her program. It is used to not only absorb toxins, but most effectively to heal the entire digestive tract  [link here].