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I recently purchased EDTA suppositories and began using about two weeks ago. Some reason for trying them involves my exposure to mold in the home I grew up in, past dental work and exposure to amalgam fillings and living in New York City [poor air quality] for many years. All people on this planet are exposed to heavy metals [ lead, cadmium, mercury, etc ] and other toxic materials.

If you know very little about EDTA and want to know more I can recommend a website that will give you some information on an array of products Peak Health Now. This site may be overwhelming to someone new to EDTA. Take it one step at a time. Products can be purchased at this site.

Remedy Link / Balanced Health Today are the distributors of the products and also have very good information on their site. Simpler display of information, articles and audio tapes that they may send to you. You can buy products from them directly.

Since I have just begun using EDTA I do not have that much to say about the products at this time, except that I do feel their effects and it is positive.  It is important to use sodium bentonite clay internally, enemas, colonics to escort out the toxins that the EDTA gathers up and encapsulates. The small intestines and entire body needs to be address with some kind of clay. A salt water flush is another option. Also eating mineral rich foods and supplements is a must. The Peak Health website is very helpful with many of these details.

The first Longevity Now Book, recordings and DVD with David Wolfe has a great deal of information about EDTA and other ways to continuously rid the body of heavy metal toxicity. The entire premise of this material revolves around the importance of improving circulations by breaking  down calcifications and safely removing them from the body.

As a postscript 12/2013: Since writing this post I discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. I can vouch for this program and recommend it highly. It is way more comprehensive, in my experience, than EDTA suppositories. Read her information and learn why.


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According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, MD, the body eliminates  a very large percentage of heavy metals through the colon. If you are not having two or three large bowel movements a day it is not possible to excrete all that the body is acquiring daily. What about all the toxic substances loosened up with cleansing diets, juicing, herbs, superfoods, etc. Some kind of extra help is needed. This is true no matter how many times a day an individuals bowels move, especially when detoxing.

What can we ingest that will help absorb all the toxins that we are exposed to in this world? Sodium bentonite clay and Zeolite clay are two ideas.

As a postscript 11/2013: I have provided a link at the end of this post to a program I highly recommend checking out that utilizes sodium bentonite clay brilliantly.

To read more about Dr. Mercola on Mercury and  Heavy Metal Detox Protocol click here. I chose a  link Dr. Mercola because many people  need a doctors opinion as a green light that something is safe. That simple.

Colonics click here to find some information on colon hydrotherapy and how to find a Colon therapist.

Colon therapist in New York City: Janice Zwail 212-727-1012. She is also an experienced Shamanic Healer [click here].

Home colonic units click here. Ilana Kopaz is a Colon Therapist in Palm Springs, Ca. She gives colonics and sells and ships home colonic units

For an Enema Protocol that is very thorough click here. Great resource for buying enema equipment.

As a postscript 11/2013: Since first writing this poste, I have discovered The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. The use of sodium bentonite clay, in varying doses, is one of the main ingredients of this program. Healing our gut is the only way to achieve immune strength and the best of health. [link].


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There are some excellent cleansing products from the people at LL’s Magnetic Clay. I use their clay and it is powerful! Be warned that it is  important to follow their directions. Thorough instructions comes with the clay and a video is available for purchase.  Their website has lots of informative, and  is well worth investigating.

Click here for more information about LL’s Magnetic Clay. Other ideas for heavy metal detox, aside from the clay, are at this site.

As a postscript 11/2013: I have found a program that uses sodium bentonite clay internally: The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. [link here]. I can personally attest to the value of her information and program. The Unique Healing Program is the most valuable tool for completely healing the GI tract, and entire body, that I have ever come across.