I have had an inflamed condition in my digestive system that has shown up in my right hip. How this all began and my quest for better health has been discussed in past posts. I will go into more detail in future ones about joint pain. I have felt, for about 15 years, that the way to heal my hip pain was to heal my digestive system and create a healthy bowel. Since the beginning of The Unique Healing Program I have had an improvement with my gut by having daily regular formed bowel movements. Ongoing constipation has been part of my life since I was a child. To have my gut show some positive response to the Sodium Bentonite Clay and other supplements that are part of  The UHP was really a huge green flag for me. This Unique Healing Program brought me a result that no other did. As you can read in many of my other posts on this site, I am a veteran of a many decade search for better digestive health. This was not something I consciously wanted as a life mission. With so many others suffering [commercial advertisements directed at all age groups] I know I am not alone and am pretty, pretty sure I have something others are interested in hearing about. How to heal, rejoin the world and experience life differently.

Healing pain and managing pain are two very different things. Many programs of all different kinds talk about managing pain. They often do not talk about finding the root cause and healing the problem on the physical and emotional realm . I have done years of emotional healing work including EFT [Emotional Freedom Technique] that can help alleviate and understand the emotional roots of pain. EFT can often bring long or short term relief to some people. In order for deep healing to come about it helps to really believe pain can actually be eradicated. Why? Well, my belief  that it can be healed  has kept me on my quest for a solution without relying on daily quick fixes from Western Medicine. So, how do you heal pain? Well, this is one of the reasons I have been so reluctant to write about my experience with my hip pain-injury.My reluctance comes from not having an answer that would be easy to put into words. An answer that might make sense to readers, and be at all palatable. So, I  have decided to write about it in several parts and hope that these parts make up something that translates well on paper. Something that people can identify with.

This is a introductory post on my pain healing experience onThe Unique Healing Program. Here are three things I can share in all honesty that may help those looking for an answer. Those who have any kind of pain, and are looking for a long term source of relief and deep healing:

Number 1: I have, without a doubt, felt the deep connection between my bowel being more or less healthy and my pain becoming less to more pronounced. Consistent improvement has not come quickly for me on The UHP, but I did not expect it to. Prior to my finding The Unique Healing Program I spent at least 12 years seeking an answer to heal pain and inflammation in my right hip and lower back. I did this through entirely natural means. My constipation issues go back to childhood and had me looking for an answer since my teens. So, we are talking decades on a quest to feel better at many different levels. There was no internet when I started this journey. It is so much easier now and the resources are so much greater. A real understatement.

Number 2: An inflamed joint means an inflamed digestive system. A better quality diet based on healing principles does not guarantee better health for everyone or anyone across the board. I have written a great deal about this on this blog site. My need to seek another way to heal became clear to me due to a hip injury, and pain that lingered afterwards. When I started to have pain I was in deep denial. This denial come from believing my diet, cleansing, colonics, bodywork, yoga, etcetera would protect me and eventually I would attain gut health. My pain won out and I began to look elsewhere. That search finally brought me to The Unique Healing Program.

Number 3: Pain, especially long term pain, will take time to heal. The digestive / eliminative system will, in most situations, completely heal in gradations. How long this will take is hard to say. Patience is not usually an attribute of someone who has pain. You are a candidate for joint / body pain if you are often constipated, have unformed stools, have indigestion, feel agitated, annoyed with people easily, can not sleep well, find the world a frightening place [I know the media says that is ALL the world is], need coffee and other stimulants to keep going, can not / have trouble loosing weight, can not gain weight, have OCD of any level, depressed, unable to maintain relationships or they are a burden of sorts, hormonal issues, eating disorders, reproductive problems, all kinds of addictions, and so much more. Why? Because these are all results of inflamed conditions and sooner or later you will, to some degree, feel it in your joints. This will most likely first happen if you have an injury. And yes, all those around you will call it normal,”old age”, and probably give it a fancy medical name. You will then be offered the “glamorized drugs” that Pharmaceutical Companies dole out like candy to any doctor or licensed medical practitioner who is willing, and or able to offer them to patients.

I have a whole lot to say about pain. I wish I did not have so much observation time. What I have observed is something that you may or may not relate to. I hope some of what I write in the coming posts is helpful. Maybe some of what I have written on this blog site will direct you to answers for your pain. I think when looking at a program like The Unique Healing Program it helps to find someone who is willing to honestly write about their experience. So, before I close this post I will tell you that I was in deep pain when I found The UHP and I am now in less pain. Also, many other of my symptoms related to poor gut health have greatly improved. To get here, things often got more intensely painful at certain points. I have also found intermittent  to longer periods of alleviation of pain. Now, 18 moths into The Unique Healing Program, I can say I am feeling a pattern of  joint healing What kept me going all this time? It  was my being able to link my gut healing to my joint pain healing. My gut sickness to my joint inflammation. I am sure of that without any doubt in my mind. I say that with complete confidence. Not an easy resolution, but I am sure it is a true one.

More to come.




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At times, yes. That feeling has truly delayed my physical, emotional and spiritual healing. I come to see that, in the past, the health practitioners I have been generally attracted to are extreme in their views and approaches. How so? Well, some practitioners see the body the way they see the world: a toxic place that we need protection from. It is easy to understand why. How we consciously or unconsciously see the world is reinforced by what we listen to, watch read. Most notably are our biological and environmental histories that deeply effect our patterns of thinking developed in childhood and over the years.


I know, first hand, the difference between using drugs and surgery vs herbs, superfoods, vitamins diet, bodywork, colonics, etcetera. However, the point of view of these two worlds has some commonality. The shared opinion, by many health care providers and the public,  is that disease is a battle that needs to be fought.


Many people who are active in the Alternative-Holistic healing communities profess, or at least dabble with the idea, that  our thoughts greatly impact our lives. However, when it comes to  the condition of the environment and the health of our citizens, their take is pretty negative. Some would argue realistic. I am  here to question what I see and how I see it.

Some things just seem so apparent to me; global warming, air pollution, the sewage laden condition of our waterways and oceans. Deep in my gut  and heart, it all feels overwhelming. My feeling of overwhelm and despair is paralyzing and clouds what and how I see the world. Facing my feeling of overwhelm has been one of the primary emotions I need to heal. It is not an energizing mindset. Approaching life with a consciously positive attitude is not easy, but being pessimistic is a drain.


More and more aware of  my perspective I recognize my conscious and unconscious beliefs and mental conditioning. I notice this wherever I go. I  very often focus on people that do not generally look well to me. Trash on the roadsides and dirty cities often provide great fodder for feeding my negativity. Could it be that it is not what I am seeing but how I am seeing it that is the real  issue? I feel this is true.


Reprogramming the neural pathways of the brain is one of the  processes I am utilizing. Here are some things that I use to consciously explore the world around and within me:

What The Bleep [link here] is a film that proves and disputes many practical and scientific theories. You can buy the theater length and extended version on the website link.

Dr. Joe Dispenza [link here] is featured in WTB. HIs very informative and entertaining video entitled “Evolve Your Brain”. His talk expands on the principles of Quantum Physics. This entails re-patterning our neural pathways to create change in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

EFT Tapping expert Stacey Vornbrock [link here] has developed tapping protocols based on her study with Dispenza. These tapping sequences  are extremely effective when repeated daily to interrupt unwanted behavior patterns.

The Tapping Solution [link here] is a website providing information about The Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT is a great guided or self help  therapy technique.  EFT UNIVERSE [link here] has facts and research info about EFT.

Rebirthing [link here] is a therapy that helps heal our physical and emotional body through the breath. Peace Arnold brings love, light, compassion and humor to her work with individuals and groups. I highly recommend this healing therapy.

Colon Therapy  is one way to begin to detoxify the body, clear the brain and lighten the spirit. Home units are available. Initially, getting a series from a Colon Therapist is the best. Home Colonic Units available at Dancing Cells [link here].

Laugh. Do not underestimate the power of joy and humor.


Within the Raw Food Community cleansing  is the  major alternative to going the Allopathic Medical route. The raw diet is cleansing, but what is absorbing all the toxins being unearthed? The Allopathic protocol is largely about masking symptoms with prescriptive medicine. Their next point of action is, or leads to, surgery, chemo, radiation, etcetera.

Many of the loudest voices in the Raw Food Community are men. Their approach is warrior – super hero  [Vitalis and Wolfe] and most of their followers are women.

I have done many cleanses, colonics, dietary regimes. I am grateful for the information I have learned form these men.  However, most of the cleansing and diets have some strong similarities to the philosophy of allopathic medicine. The body is a battle ground and we all need to “man up” and “go to war”.

From Macrobiotics to the Raw Food Community I often observed practitioners and clients ending up returning to Allopathic Treatment. I am sure I have found an answer in healing my GI Tract.  Please visit Unique Healing Donna Pessin. Within her program lies, what I believe, one answer to healing the digestive system and entire body. It is not a magic bullet by any means!

Is Allopathic treatment wrong? It can be a life saver in an emergency. For long term illness it can be a crutch. I would not rely on it for the long haul. This is especially true if you want to live vibrantly as years go on.


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Emotional Freedom Technique [link here] can be a great way to express feelings, move energy and feel lighter. Most importantly, it is a great way to gain personal insight. Many people often feel confused as to what to say or how to do it correctly. I tap while I imagine I am talking to a friend or therapist about how I am feeling. This has brought me consistent results. I often have an amazing emotional purge, memories arise, clarity comes to me concerning situations. Anger and frustrations become less and less  intense. It is a straight forward way to use EFT. You are creating your own tapping script.

Emotional Freedom Technique can only work only if you make the time to do it. The more often the better the results.  Here are some links to EFT Websites that may be helpful to you:

Intuitive Mentoring with Rue Hass [link here]. Rue is extremely creative and insightful. She uses EFT in a way that is so very unique. I have to admit that her style is my favorite.

Margaret M. Lynch [link here] is a down to earth EFT practitioner with online programs and free videos that have the potential to open mind and heart.

Stacey Vornbrock, MS [link here] is a generous teacher and EFT practitioner who specializes in pain relief. She is well known for her work with athletes.

EFT Universe and Dr. Dawson Church, PHD  [link here] is a website that provides information about EFT and documented research on the effects of the therapy. The site has links to EFT practitioners all over the world.

Gary Craig is the founder of EFT [link here]. Now semi-retired, it is  well worth renting some of the videos he created. This can be done at the EFT Universe Website.

EFT Tapping Summits [link here] is a broad array of tapping experts presented in a creative and helpful way. Check it out.


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Did you know that the emotion of anger greatly effects the liver? [link here]. Has it ever crossed your mind, that how we carry out  the most simplest tasks can effect the health and function of our liver? Does feeling that anger is wrong and  bad effect our liver in a negative way? I am very sure that the answer is YES!


Anger is seen by some  as  the Pitbull of the emotional world. The reaction to the word anger is, most often, that it is bad. Like the Pitbull anger is greatly misunderstood and misused. The problem with anger is not the emotion itself, but how it is interpreted, unconsciously expressed and repressed. It often gets pushed away and buried down deep.


Stacey Vornbrock, a therapist and EFT practitioner [link here] really opened my eyes to the different ways we see anger and what is really behind it. In summary, what I gleaned from my understanding of Stacey’s work is that behind anger is often unexpressed or unrecognized hurt or fear. It may be seen as weak to admit that we are hurt by someone as opposed to just being pissed off. Something to consider in terms of anger held for a long time toward an ex partner, parent, sibling, etcetera. Behind anger is often a whole lot of tears that go unshed.


In my early life, I saw anger be dealt with in two ways. One was through either some kind of verbal or physical unconscious expression. Two that come to mind are verbal abuse or slamming a door. The other was stuffing it down with food. This could make anger something to be afraid of, ignore or contribute to some very unhealthy eating patterns. The judgements I have had about anger all come from those formative childhood years.


Making anger “the negative emotion” comes from not having a role model for  a healthy expression. Anger, I have come to understand, is the body and mind telling us that something needs to change. It is an indicator that needs to be acknowledged. Thank you Stacey Vornbrock and Margaret Lynch.[link here].

DYSFUNCTIONAL EXPRESSIONS OF ANGER are verbal or physical abuse towards ourselves or others. A HEALTHY EXPRESSION OF ANGER would be to identify the emotion and, depending on the circumstances, take action to create change. Also, to communicate the anger constructively, channeling the anger through exercise, screaming into pillows, creating art, music, etcetera.


In brief, anger has always been something to vent or fume about, but until recently, I did not see it as a helping messenger. It is saying take action and create change. Anger would often eventually bring change, but after long periods of frustration. Many people in my life defined anger as a negative emotion. I have witnessed the burying of anger with food, alcohol, shopping indulgences. Often anger is accepted as something to endure until enough possessions, money, and or power are amassed to justify it. I never knew anger could be used as a positive motivator. It is not something to feel ashamed of and can be channeled in so many positive ways.

Some of the greatest works of art, plays, films and movements for change have been fueled by feelings of anger and frustration.

The Unique Healing Program  Donna Pessin is something to investigate if you feel toxic, angry and have surmised that consistent feelings of  anger and poor health go hand in hand.