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Before reading any further, I invite you to imagine yourself walking. Walking in a way that engages both your upper and lower body. Shoulders, Arms, Hips and Legs. A Gait that has an alternating motion of shoulders and hips. A Gait  that looks easy going, that has a natural, understated swagger. This IS a Gait that is ageless. A Gait that is driven by confidence and  curiosity. A Gait that is NOT driven by fear and pain. Fear, when it is an everyday response to life, not spurred on by any real circumstance, needs to be recognized a a precursor, or outcome of poor health. This kind of behavior is often mistaken as a attribute of old age. It is really an attribute of declining health, and can occur at any age.


Are you a person that has had a dalliance with digestive ills, joint pain, depression – lack of excitement about life, skin rashes, migraines, just feeling tired all the time? The list of symptoms is very long all encompassing. Maybe you would consider that chances are you walk without a whole lot of elegance. Otherwise known as loosing your MOJO. Maybe you never thought about how you and others walk, get up out of a chair, have restrictions in joint range of motion.  A less than fluid Gait often goes undressed because it is masked by youth and lack of awareness. An awkward Gait can eventually evolve into a Limp.

Do some observing and you will notice how many people walk in a stiff and uncomfortable looking way. Also, you do not need to be over 50 to have this issue. However, Posture and Gait do create a vibe of  premature aging. How we walk is a unsolicited and unconscious comment we make about ourselves. A comment that needs no words. Actions, especially in the case of walking, do speak louder.


I  would begin by researching the causes of inflammation and how to deal with pain without the use of numbing drugs, injections and surgery. In my view medications open the door for further inflammation and structural damage to those taking them. Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD has an approach that may work for people who have an open mind. Her use of Turpentine – Pine Oil  and Vitality Capsules, in my opinion, are the lynch pins that make everything else she recommends work. Many of her other recommendations may not be new to some. Her approach does have a deeper impact due to her Candida Cleaner Protocol. Dr. Daniels understanding of the use of Pine Oil / Turpentine joined with her clinical experience is undeniable. All of this accompanied by her own personal healing process, that seems to be constantly evolving, deepens her success with her patients.


Over the past decades I have observed the Walking Movement / Gait of my clients and people in general. Back when living in NYC, I personally worked with a Structural Integration Therapist on my own Gait Retraining. Due to the influence of Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies on Medical Education on all levels, many PT’s have low expectations for most people, especially those over 50. Even lower ones for those with diagnosed “Degenerative” Illnesses. With that information stated, one thing that I can generally recommend is to begin walking in a way that engages the upper and lower body. This means synchronizing the movement of the upper body [shoulders  and arms ]with the hips and legs. This is  an approach to walking that takes conscious effort. The benefits are many

To summarize, the upper body needs to move in opposition to the lower body when walking. When the upper and lower torso are held in a rigid way it does NOT transmit a feeling of confidence. A confidence that is most deeply connected to a strong Immune System. A walking pattern that lacks fluidity puts a great strain on the entire nervous system – spine. It looks robotic. A robotic Gait is not attractive. The age of the person, under these circumstances is almost inconsequential. However, one thing  reasonable people may agree upon is that moving in a rigid way contributes to appearing  less than confident. How we think and move often reflect one another. Are there exceptions? The spirit of an individual is powerful and can override what is lacking physically. This is becoming less and less in this world of exposure to environmental toxins, and other factors that compromise the health of each one of us.

In the past few years I have shared my experience with The Unique Healing Program / Donna Pessin and The Kalcker Parasite Protocol, and a long history before that.  Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD is a practitioner who has provided a great deal of information that is well worth checking out. I have found further help from her Vitality Capsules Site after hitting a wall with the long time use of CD / MMS. Maybe you  will, too.





The Klinghardt Mercury Detox Protocol, as described in this link, succinctly spells out the steps for Mercury Detox. If you are feeling overwhelmed, reading this protocol can help reduce that feeling. Overwhelm is the feeling associated with one more thing to do, often when a person is not in good health. The lightening of this feeling may not happen the first time you read it. The second on third going over will unveil The Klinghardt simplicity. Also, more and more people are realizing that creating better health is a lifetime process. With that acknowledged, the steps in the Klinghardt Protocol have definitley helped me feel less overwhelmed.  Some of the ingredients involved in this Mercury Detox Protocol may be familiar. It is the quality and amounts of the prescribed ingredients that make a difference. All one can do is experiment. The other option is to confer with a Klinghardt Practitioner. Ultimately, we are pretty much on our own, no matter what kind of healthcare or sick-care we choose. If you trust your intuition you are never really alone in any decision making process. I have to remind myself of this often. Anyway, as of right now I am using the Chlorella, Cilantro and Omega 3 aspects of the Klinghardt Program.


I have been aware of using Chlorella and Cilantro for years. I like Cilantro, but I always disliked the taste of  Chlorella. My experience tells me we often do not like what we need, especially in a therapeutic situation. Other programs that I have been involved with do discuss Heavy Metal Detoxification. The Longevity Now Program by David Wolfe centers around it. Some others are the Body Ecology Diet, Andreas Moritz’s Liver Flushes, Dr. David Jubb and Dr Fred Bisci,  and The Unique Healing Program. The Program I am presently involved in is The Kalcker Parasite Protocol. The Kalcker Protocol is presented by Kerri Rivera in her book CD: Austism. As a current participant in the Kalcker Parasite Protocol Program, I am finding that the Kalcker Program has helped enhance the ingredients used in the Klinghardt Mercury Detox Program. I feel less turned off by the use of Chlorella.  Also, the Liver / Gallbladder flushes have never been as effective for me since doing the Kalcker Parasite Protocol. For me it is about 5 months of doing the Kalcker Program as presented in Kerri Rivera’s book. I have done many Liver – GB Flushes beginning back in 1999.


My deduction is that parasites, bacteria, viruses hang out in the Gallbladder and Liver. How do they end up there? The Liver can be described as #The Buck Stops Here Organ. The Liver is a filter for toxins, and it is a protector for the rest of the body. Until those pathogens exit in a way that does not compromise overall health, the “unwanted guests” will remain congesting the Gallbladder and Liver. These stored Gallbladder / Liver toxins will make it hard for other Detox Programs to  be of any real help. These other cleansing modalities may be effective in the beginning, but then that often wanes or comes to a dead halt. Please read about the Kalcker Protocol [CD : Austism]  to understand what is involved.


Biopure and Health Force, from my experience and research, sell a very clean Chlorella. Biopure Cilantro also looks like it is top notch. I am using Herb Pharm Cilantro Tincture. I would greatly question the Chlorella that Mike Adams gushes over. From his website it looks like he is selling it and that could greatly corrupt his opinion. Judge for yourself.

Directions to apply the Cilantro tincture to the wrists, ankles and groin should NOT be discounted. I think it can have a positive detoxing effect. Applying the Cilantro on these areas is part of the Klinghardt recommendations.

A Zeolite Product is often recommended as an absorber of Heavy Metal toxicity. I am using Health Force Drawing Formula. Health Force has a Zeolite Powder, as well. BioPure does, too.

It is easy to discount the power of Chlorella and Cilantro. I have cut my dosage in half, still three times a day. Sometimes only two depending on the day. I did that because I felt the cleansing reation was picking up. A slight metallic taste in my mouth at times. The Chlorella and Cilantro have added to a slight decrease in appetite. This seems to be improving the longer I use Cilantro Tincture and Chlorella Tablets. As I mentioned before, I am presently using Herb Pharm Cilantro.  Health Force Chlorella Tablets is my present choice.

Environmedica [once LL’s Magnetic Clay] has a Mercury Detox Clay that I use and find helpful. How? I feel lighter, more energy, can think more clearly. Do some research on their site to understand what is involved in using their effective products.

Mercury and other Heavy Metals are substances that we are all constantly coming into contact with through our earth, water, and air. Taking action is imperative for better health, for healing. Is the Klinghardt Program the only way to go? No, but aspects of it are time honored with many testimonials. Do some research and find out for yourself.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but no one is going to spoon feed us what to do. It is easy to not fully understand this because if the unhealthy relationship that has been encouraged with “The Doctor”. There is no one to tell us what and when to do things exactly the right way to regain or improve our health. Again, isn’t that what the Western Medical Paradigm claims to do? That was part of the sales pitch for The Unique Healing Program. The UHP had many contradictions. Everything will be just fine if you just follow the instructions was one of them. Even if it takes 5 years of drinking copious amounts of clay.

There are many notyourrawmama posts that discuss The UHP. I have written from my point of view, and from what I have heard from other participants of The UHP.



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Through my personal experience with pain, and with others clinically, I have learned that most people believe that where they feel pain is where treatment is needed. This is not the complete long or short term reality. Immediate treatment on an injured area is necessary and makes sense. Stepping on glass, an oven burn, bitten my an insect, or worse. Still, those situations involve much deeper nerve responses linked to Axions, Dendrites and much more. The smartest people I know do not seem to understand this concept of the origin of physical pain. “Mommy, make the pain go away” ain’t just for children. It takes an adult in pretty bad straights to call out loud for their Mother. War is one example. Advertisers, Big Pharma, and the AMA really understand this. They know our weaknesses better than we do. They know deep down most everyone wants  to be mothered, whatever that means to the individual. Please, just make the pain go away.


Welcome to the world of drugs, also known as Medications. Here in the USA Oxycontin was just approved to be okay to prescribe to children as young as 11 years of age by the FDA. No comment on the FDA from me. They sadly speak for themselves. Okay, incredulous is what I am feeling.

BTW, Pharmacies are often called Drug Stores in the USA. You have to have a sense of humor.

If you have been following some kind of Parasite or Bowel Cleansing Protocol and have intuitive concerns about detoxing Heavy Metals, you may find the Klinghardt Mercury Detox Protocol of great interest. I received this information about this protocol from someone involved with the creation of the Austism CD Program. Some of the ingredients may be familiar to you, and some may not. DO NOT DISCOUNT THE SIMPLICITY OF THESE INGREDIENTS. Especially in conjunction with the CD Austism Parasite Protocol, any other Parasite Protocol, or Bowel Cleansing. The effects of this Klinghardt Protocol can be powerful.


Clay is not THE primary Heavy Metal Detox agent. Other ingredients are necessary for detox. This is especially the case for people who can not tolerate clay, and for those who can. So what does that mean exactly? Well, I am not only referring to those who presently have Mercury / Amalgam fillings remaining in their mouths. This goes for those who have had them removed with the proper safeguards, and those that were not removed with those safeguards. Why? Because most people do not follow, or are not advised to take short and long term steps to detox from toxic substance that enter the bloodstream after the removal of these fillings. These toxic substances are released into our blood, cells, tissues, etcetera during the removal of the Mercury/Amalgam fillings, no matter how well the job was done. Toxins that leach out run the gamut. This, of course, includes bacteria surrounding the Amalgam filings. We can also be effected by other dental work materials (other than Mercury) remaining in our mouths. Just in case you may not know this, chewing, eating hot foods and other ingredients that enter our mouths often cause toxic materials to leach. This means that there is a constant exposure to these toxic materials daily. The real story is that we are all being exposed, on a daily basis, to Mercury and other Heavy Metals within our environment. With this information it would seem that everyone would benefit from some kind of Heavy Metal Detox. I am soft pedaling this warning.

There is so much more to say on this subject. It is complex for a myriad of reasons. One of those reasons is because parasites seem to be drawn to places in the body where fat is located. An example would be the Myelin Sheath surrounding our nerves. When a person does a Parasite Protocol they can often feel more nerve pain. The reason being that the parasites, virus, infectious material is drawn away from where the fatty Myelin Sheath is, or should be. Exposed sensitive tissue is what is left after the infections material is gone, or in the process of leaving. So, often what is left is partially or completely exposed nerve endings where the Myelin Sheath once was, or is in decline. A person may feel edgy, grumpy, easily startled, sharp pain, shooting pain, kind of dull – toothache, numb pain in extremities, etcetera.


Companies such as Remedy Link that make EDTA Suppositories, LL’s Magnetic Clay [ now called EnvironMedica] recommend taking some kind of Calcium Supplement when detoxing from Heavy Metals while using their products. I know there are people who do not look favorably upon taking Calcium Citrate and other inorganic minerals. For decades I was one of these people. Taking them while detoxing from Heavy Metals is a different story. I learned this first hand. This is one of the areas where Donna Pessin and her Unique Healing Program  had some helpful information. Donna has a direct clinical understanding of how Calcium Citrate can work while healing. Donna Pessin understands that Cal Cit and other inorganic minerals do not have to be life long companions to people. For those that it works for, Cal Cit and some of the other “Crutches” Donna Pessin talks about, are way better than using anti inflammatory prescribed and over the counter medications. N’est pas? Let me know.


Eating Sardines, Dulse, Using Sea Mineral, Sea Water, Celtic Sea Salt, Superfood Powders, homeopathics, Blended Salads, etcetera help replenish minerals. Taking HCL with Pepsin for better digestion is very helpful to improve digestion and nutrient absorption. These are  just a few things a person can do to rebuild and remineralize while detoxing.






I am not sure anything specific “went” wrong.  A Major Red Flag was zero testimonials from people that have finished The Unique Healing Program. A Red Flag that I brushed aside. As far as I know there is no one who has completed The Unique Healing Program. At the time after finding UHP I did not care enough to pursue a search for anyone. Some others have and came up with zippo. All I knew was that the basic elements of UHP made sense to me on many levels. Both clinically and personally. The premise was not unfamiliar and very similar to other cleansing programs I have done. The amount of clay and herbs on UHP were much larger. I was willing to give it a gamble, especially since I had done similar things and had experienced positive results. It made sense to me that maybe the amounts of sodium bentonite clay and herbs were not strong enough in these other programs. The other programs were for  much shorter lengths of time.


So where are the people who have finished UHP? Well, Donna Pessin avoids answering questions about any of that. Another ignored Red Flag. A few other people got the same run around. More raised doubts of the long term value of The UHP. So, the bottom line question is this: Was The UHP worth doing for the two years I invested? For me the answer is yes. First off, I had immediate relief from constipation. Second, through my constipation relief I was able to be more stable in all aspects of my life. Thirdly, if I had not found UHP I would not have recognized the value of Kerri Rivera’s Program. I would not personally understand the value of clay. Would I suggest that anyone do The UHP? I would have to say NO at this point. A large part is because Donna Pessin does not have a staff to do what she is unable to.  What is that? Answer basic questions, help with product questions. Donna Pessin needs to be self reflective about what The Unique Healing Program is missing and fix it! BTW, last time I checked she is not receptive to feedback or suggestions. From what I can glean from her mass emails and limited past personal correspondences with me, correspondence with others relayed to me is this: Donna Pessin is NOT interested in being aware of the limitations of her program as it presently exists. Understatement!


The Unique Healing Program videos have made a great deal of sense to some people. These videos fuel UHP product sales. They feature Donna Pessin marching out in front of her video recorder and delivering her message. Very bare bones and straightforward. So what happened? How could something seemingly so simple and direct go so wrong? Primarily, it is a big mistake to tell people to ingest large amounts of Sodium Bentonite Clay when their livers are sluggish. People do UHP because their livers are biting back anyway. Some do okay with it, for awhile anyway. Others do not and feel nauseated from the get go, or very early on. My solution to the liver sluggishness was doing colonics while on The UHP. I had a few other tricks, too. Donna Pessin insisted that colonics were not necessary. Okay, they were for me. My bowels were moving without the colonics. However, I needed help in  dealing with cleansing symptoms that all her “Crutches” could not alleviate. Colonics saved me. More clay is not an answer long term, although on paper it seems to make sense in absorbing toxins. Obviously, it makes sense to Donna Pessin. More clay adds up to large clay sales. I am hesitant to think that money is her main motivation. Through my dealings with her I do not think it is a consciously motivated money making decision. This is harder and harder for some to believe. I may be joining them.


I started writing about The Unique Healing Program because it initially helped me. Where UHP was failing me, I met others, through this blog and FB Support Group, that UHP seemed to be working for. Because of all I just mentioned I continued to write about The Unique Healing Program. I understood that decades of exposure to toxins could take a few years to see a complete healing. All this made sense until I had a solid block of time where I felt my immune system was constantly under siege with no improvement in sight. I began using Chlorine Dioxide / MMS while on The UHP. Chlorine Dioxide – MMS immediately helped with my symptoms. What was lacking in The Unique Healing Program, besides a leader, and taker of her own advice? Yes, I am talking about Donna Pessin. One thing is a strong enough Antifungal agent. Colloidal Silver just does not cut it. I have covered this subject in other blog posts. There is a search box above where you can find them.


Crazy as it may sound the weakest link in The Unique Healing Program is Donna Pessin. For me, her explanation of her own program, in her videos and book, was the initial selling point. Early on in her program it became clear to me, during private consults, that there was little room for change in her approach to problems I was having. Through correspondence with others I learned I was not alone! Anything that more clay, herbs or CS could not take care of was of no to little interest to her.  This behavior created lots of stress for the Client and the Practitioner. No wonder Donna Pessin finally cracked and had to take a “sabbatical” that seems to have no end. She is presently on another “time out”. This one, as of now, may be permanent. We all have problems to face and solutions to create in life. Sadly, Donna Pessin has hit some major rough spots. How she handled these difficulties, as I have said in other posts, is flat out totally unprofessional. The worst is that  I don’t think she cares, or  is aware of what others think about her behavior. Hard to believe, but seems to be true. The  only thing that will change all this is if she feels it in her wallet. With the internet giving Donna Pessin a constant base of new orders I am not sure when, or if  monetary loss will happen. Maybe by the time you read this things will have improved with her and her handling of matters. If that is the case, read some other of my past posts about The Unique Healing Program, there are many. I am sure these posts could be helpful to you in navigating your way through the process of healing. A process that may or may not involve the approaches of Donna Pessin or Kerri Rivera.





At this point in time Donna Pessin has announced that she is not taking on any new clients, or doing any one on one consultations. Her advice is to watch her videos and read her books. Is that really enough guidance and support for The Unique Healing Program? If you have a medical diagnosis and feel quite ill, the answer is no. If you are searching for a  way to improve your health, the absence of her personal guidance could be a positive. Why? Because if a person is really determined to get well they will be diligent in doing their research. A person needs to be diligent on The Unique Healing Program, with or without Donna Pessin. One needs to be diligent with any health protocol, whether the treatment is western medical or not. How often does that kind of patient involvement and scrutiny happen? Not very often.


People rely on someone to guide them, or just plain tell them what to do. Sometimes this is laziness, but for most it is that they are just too sick and deeply need that guidance. The crazy part of all this is that many people doing a medical protocol have NO idea what they are being given, what they are taking. This is an everyday, accepted reality. Ever heard the expression – The doctor “put me on” this drug or that treatment. Blindly taking whatever is given them without any real understanding of what is in it, or what the effects are. That is the normal way to behave! In fact,  you are often labeled a trouble maker, by some medical staff, if you do ask too many questions. The irony is that many of these same people give a non- traditional approach, like The Unique Healing Program, the third degree and expect a person, such as Donna Pessin, to be their everything. Everything they never got from a western medical professional, their best friend, mother or shrink. Oh yeah, and the health “guru” needs to be totally sane and predictable. Good Luck! I would settle for acknowledging the crazy side and an apology. Some of you may know what I am talking about.


Whether you are interested in speaking to Donna Pessin for the first time or ever again, what I am about to say here may or may not make sense to you. Here it is: At some point a person has to go with their gut on what route to take for healing. If your gut is not very healthy and it is effecting your brain in a way that makes it hard for you to trust, then you may have a big dilemma. Recognizing that as a dilemma, and cultivating an instinct that is able to override your inability to trust is all I got for ya. There is so much information on the internet. It is sooooo easy to find a list of reasons not to do any program, such as The UHP, written by the mind of someone who is as unhealthy as many of us are today. Often way worse. And what does that look like? Well, I call it functional paranoia and it can keep you dabbling and never committing to any non-medical healing program that does not have an MD’s name attached to it. Forget the MD part, a program that challenges your beliefs of what is possible, or is not a quick fix. The UHP is NOT a quick fix.


It looks something like this: If you can not resist clicking on  the heading – Donna Pessin is a quack, reading all the things that are wrong with ingesting Sodium Bentonite clay, the possibility of your skin turning blue from Colloidal Silver, and the possible harm from sustained intake of Berberine Sulphate Herbs, you can easily become paralyzed by fear. If your taking action is often nullified by fear and suspicion, you will probably end up in the care of a traditional medical doctor, and that just may be what you need to do. I hope you find a good one. Having a medical diagnosis can make it somewhat understandably harder to trust a program like The Unique Healing Program. This is especially true now with Donna Pessin, not presently at the helm. You may want and need precise directions. Assuming you will get that form a doctor, a doctor is what you may bloody well need. Channeling my British grandmother there.


Is it possible? I do not feel comfortable personally directing people I know to do The Unique Healing Program. I certainly do not feel comfortable directing people with diagnosed, chronic illness. What I am comfortable doing, I do through this blog. I could say take a look at this program to people I know, but even that is more than I am willing to do.  The reasons are not complex. I just don’t have the energy to listen to someone complain to me while I am in the throws of healing myself. Listening to them complain about something they have not given any real time to. I am glad I found The Unique Healing Program and decided to pursue it. I did this partly because of the balls Donna Pessin has had. She has put herself out there and states with confidence that she has found a protocol of healing for a sick body and bowel. Whether this is true for you is something you will only know if you try it by following the instructions she has given in her books and videos. Is that enough to have as guidance for everyone? If that was all that was available to me when I stared The Unique Healing Program, the answer would most probably be a no. Don’t let what I say stop you!

There is presently support on social media for The UHP. Do some research, or write me here.






Some people think of Spring and Summer as the time to cleanse their bodies by eating lighter, eating more fruit, eating primarily or only raw foods, drinking freshly made juices, juice fasting, juice feasting, taking herbal concoctions. I have done all of these things and more over the past twenty five plus years. It just made sense. I really felt the need. What I did not realize was that the body is already in a stronger cleansing mode during Spring and Summer. I did not realize I was putting more pressure on my body by increasing the consumption of  fruits,  juicing fruits and vegetables and eating raw foods. Eating this way just made sense. I now realize it is more important to simplify and not add more burden to our bodies organs of elimination. What seemed like lightening up was actually creating a cascade of toxin pouring out of organs and tissues into my blood stream and  my already unhealthy gut. This is where the genius of taking the right amounts of Clay and certain types of  herbs is important for long term success in healing.

The Macrobiotic Approach of not eating raw fruits and vegetables daily in significant quantities, because they are  too cleansing and hard to digest, does make sense for many. This is especially true for those who are highly symptomatic. Unfortunately, most people misinterpret the Macro Diet as an invitation to amp up their complex carbs. In transitioning from The Standard American Diet to Macro it is understandable that people over eat better quality carbs to replace the refined ones to deal with their cravings. Hands down, no matter how you go about Macro, it is far healthier than The Standard American Diet, just by what it excludes.


Important point here: At this time in the world diet upgrades alone are not capable of creating deep healing for most anybody. I experience this is as being true for myself as an individual and practitioner. The old time cleansing in Spring and Summer, with the protocols I mentioned before, may have or may not have healed some cases of deep illness in centuries or decades past. In this present time, when our environment is constantly being barraged with toxins, and is barraging us with elements our bodies can not process, it is truly evident that healing with diet, as the primary protocol, does not work. A primary example being that people go on a juice feast, juice fast or smoothie cleanse and end up on antibiotics soon after because they became sick or highly symptomatic. The Macro Approach needs some help in addressing deeper cleansing. Clay, herbs and a natural antibiotic substance [Colloidal Silver is one] are answers that I can personally say yields results. What results? A better functioning gut to assure better assured cellular cleansing.  Healing plays out differently for every single person who partakes on The Unique Healing Program. That is all I got. You have to try The UHP for yourself.


In summary, what seems intuitively correct for many, in my experience with myself and others, is not the way to cure illness and heal the deepest recesses of our cells, organs, tissues and blood. Check out The Unique Healing Program Donna Pessin. The UHP may challenge your every impression and belief about what healing is and can be. I hope it does. I hope you take the time to give The Unique Healing Program a chance. It is worth it, but you need to trust and have faith in your decision to do it. Through this process you will begin to understand your own instincts and experiences. This program will question all of what you think you know about many things. I can tell you one thing for sure, and that is that  it takes time and experience on The UHP to truly understand how it works. It is not an easy process, but I don’t think anything we learn from is an initial slam dunk.







This is the most problematic of all the aspects of the dietary regime spoken or unspoken  The Unique Healing Program books and videos. Why? I you are already eating a whole lot of carbs it may not be so easy stop while drinking clay and taking the rest of these supplements – “crutches”. It is like giving up the binky for a toddler. If you have eaten a low carb diet previously you may have some improvement in symptoms from taking the clay, etcetera. It is easy, when this happens on the program to add too many carbs. I did this and it was not a disaster, but I had to cut the carbs back. Way back a few times. When feeling better, I was amazed at how I could eat more complex, healthy carbs and not have an increase of symptoms. What carbs? Sprouted whole grain bread, some yogurt, low glycemic fruit like strawberries and blueberries. It was pretty limited, but gave me more variety. Soon I started experimenting with whole grain non-sprotued bread, a croissant, a bit of coffee [organic 1/2 cup with milk] on weekends, salsa and who knows what else. Skin rashes and other symptoms yelled back and I got the message. There was not enough clay I could ingest to sop that all up. There was enough acidity caged up inside my cells already. Wasn’t worth the discomfort. At that point I was ingesting 16- 18 tbs of UHP Body Bentonite Clay.

In summary, don’t expect the clay to do instant miracles. It is doing miracles and that is saving you from future serious illness. I do believe that about clay and so have many other healers throughout the ages. Donna Pessin gives credit to Beranard Jensen and other teachers who helped her through her journey to health and design of The Unique Healing Program. So, remember that vegetables are more alkaline and accompany all your meals with something green and more alkaline forming. I can not stress this enough. Small amounts are fine. Green Powders and Liquid Chlorophyll are all good.

More about Bernard Jensen here.

Watch the video and listen for when Donna Pessin says that it will take 6 to 18 months on her program to introduce more carbs and feel and look good doing so. I swear she says this.


This tip alone deserves a post of its own and I have written one about patience in the past.

Here is one important point that she makes and that is that patience now, will pay off down the line. So, DON’T COMPLETELY BAIL ON THE PROGRAM. Do it at whatever level you can. If you feel like you have had enough already, then take a complete break, use less clay and products for awhile, or eat more widely and do the program on whatever level you can. Our bodies will tell us what to do. Aside from this program I can not suggest anything else that does not need clay and the UHP herbs to be of major assistance. Yes, people taking meds benefit from this program. You do need to know when and how to take clay and herbs when using meds. An appointment with Donna Pessin is what I would recommend.

Also, other programs rely on diet and diet manipulation to produce results short and long term. Why? Because they do not heal serious long term gut dysfunction. That does not mean that eating simple and clean will not help you feel better as you heal. Also, Donna Pessin specifically mentions that food craving will decrease, but this will take time. She stresses this in the video.

Watch the bloody video. You will probably need to watch it again and again. It took decades to get us all into the state we are in. This is a global issue. You are not alone. Somewhere in this journey I am sure you will have more days you are rejoicing you found The Unique Healing Program and less days cursing it. This is my experience.